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T-Storms Dump Heavy Rain Overnight.

Selected Local Rainfall Totals As Of 8:00 AM MDT Chaves County 0.3 SSW Downtown Roswell .81" 10.0 W Downtown Roswell .59" 3.5 WNW Downtown Roswell .45" 8-Mile Draw Raws .43" 7.6 NNW Downtown Roswell .42" Roswell Airport .39" Eddy/Lea/Otero/Culberson Counties Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 2.61" Carlsbad Caverns Climate 2.55" 0.6 S Pinon 1.55" Dog Canyon Cliamate 1.53" 33.3 WSW Carlsbad - Queen 1.50" Dog Canyon Raws (Otero Co) 1.41" 0.9 NE Lakewood 1.10" Bowl Raws - 1/2 N Guadalupe Pk 1.07" Queen Raws 1.05" 3.1 SSE Carlsbad .93" 2.0 N Downtown Carlsbad .90" 2.2 N Downtown Carlsbad .89" Dunken Raws - 45 W Artesia .88" Hope Climate .86" IBGP - 20 WNW Carlsbad .86" McKittrick Canyon Raws .84" Downtown Carlsbad - OEM BLdg .81" 3.4 N Downtown Carlsbad .78" Pinery Raws - Pine Springs .77" Guadalupe Pass .76" South Artesia .75" 4.8 SSE Ar

Coolest Morning Of The Season.

Low Temps This Morning. Chaves Co Elk Climate 39 Dunken Raws 45 Miles West of Artesia 47 8-Mile Draw Raws NE of Roswell 49 Roswell Climate 51 Eddy Co Artesia Climate 48 Hope Climate 51 Carlsbad Airport 51 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 53 Carlsbad Climate 54 Queen Raws 54 Caprock Raws 56 Carlsbad Caverns Climate 58 Lea Co Tatum Climate 43 Hobbs Airport 50 NW Hobbs-KM5BS 51 Paduca Raws 55 Lincoln Co Fort Stanton Raws 33 Midtown - Ruidoso 39 Smokey Bear Raws Near Ruidoso 41 Ruidoso Climate 42 Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 48 Nogal 49 Otero Co Cloudcroft Climate 34 Dry Canyon - Near Cloudcroft 34 Cloudcroft Fire Station 36 Mayhill Raws 41 DRO - Near Weed 42 Mescal Raws - Near Mescalero 43 Cosmic Raws - Sunspot 45 Temperature Data Courtesy Of- NWS Midland NWS Albuquerque MesoWest Weather Weather Underground NM NWS Rosa Reports The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

A Taste Of Fall Weather But Not For Long.

Raindrops in Carlsbad, NM Yesterday. Pleasant Weather Today & Tomorrow. I enjoyed yesterdays overcast skies, thunderstorms, and much cooler temps. That literally was a welcome breath of fresh air, courtesy of the cold front. Mild weather will occur today and Thursday. Our afternoon highs will be in the mid 80's, with our overnight lows once again in the 50's tomorrow morning. We will return to the low-mid 90's by Friday and into the weekend. The models are still not real clear on whether or not we will see any of Hurricane Frank's remnant moisture, pulled northward from the Baja, California area early next week. More on that in a day or so. Selected Overnight Low Temps Sierra Blanca Snotel (10, 280') West of Ruidoso 36 Dry Canyon Near Cloudcroft 39 Cloudcroft Fire Station 41 Eagle Creek Near Ruidoso 42 Midtown Ruidoso 44 Sunspot South of Cloudcroft 44 Smokey Bear Raws Near Ruidoso 45 Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 46 Mayhill Raws 46 DRO at Weed 46 Tat

Cold Front Brings Much Cooler Wx To SE NM!

T-Storms West Of Carlsbad, NM Yesterday Afternoon. Relief Courtesy Of An Unseasonably Strong Cold Front. I have spent the better part of the morning fixing my web page. Something went wrong with blogger, and some of my links, and a few of my pages were dropped from my web page. Everything is back to normal now, except for my twitter feed...and I think that may be a twitter issue. I apologize for the problems folks, this was totally out of my control. A strong cold front arrived in SE NM early this morning, about 12 hours ahead of schedule. What a welcome relief. It has brought overcast skies; cooler temps (60's & 70's) as of noon, with scattered rain showers, and a few thunderstorms dotting the landscape. A few strong to isolated severe thunderstorms will be possible over the area this afternoon and evening. Locally heavy rain, strong wind gusts, and frequent deadly cloud to ground lightning will be the main threats. Our afternoon high temps should only be around 80

Continued Hot - Near 100 Through The Weekend

T-Storm Rumbles Just E-SE Of Carlsbad, NM At 6:09 PM. Downtown Carlsbad High Today 105 My High Temp Today 104 Carlsbad Airport 103 NW Hobbs 101 Roswell Airport 100 Artesia Airport 99 The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Thunderstorms Fire Along A Cold Front In E/SE NM.

Roswell, NM This Morning. Photos Courtesy of Chaves Co Skywarn Spotter Jim Tucker. A large cluster of thunderstorms covers much of Eastern New Mexico early Monday morning. These thunderstorms formed along and behind a slow moving cold front. The highest/coldest tops can be seen in the Infrared Satellite photo...the red colors. Early Rainfall Totals As Of 7 AM MDT- Roswell Climate Coop Station 2.37" 0.3 SSW Roswell 2.32" 7.6 NW Roswell 2.17" 10.0 W Roswell 2.11" 4.1 NNE Roswell 2.05" 3.2 W Portales 2.02" Melrose Bombing Range-West of Clovis 2.00" Portales CW8099 1.77" 8-Mile Draw Raws-18 Miles NE of Roswell 1.64" Cannon AFB-Clovis 1.30" Roswell Airport .22" Additional Rainfall Reports From Roswell, NM Courtesy of Don Niccum Operations Manager - KCKN News Near East Grand Plains .90" Also Near East Grand Plains 1.20" West Roswell 1.70" 2600 Block of South Sunset 3.00" Blue Mountain Rd Off North Main Near Sam


Click On The Picture To Enlarge It. T-Storms Have Been The Theme Of The Summer In SE NM. This One Produced Locally Heavy Rain Over Lakewood Just Before Sunset. It will be hot again today, and hotter still for the next several days, with our afternoon highs ranging from near 100 - 105 . This is courtesy of an upper level ridge of high pressure the will be centered over the region into the first of next week. A cold front will try to sneak into the area by around Sunday or Monday...and may boost our chances for T-Storms. On August 12, 1977 Artesia Recorded 2.30" of Rain. On August 12, 1989 Ruidoso Recorded 2.12" of Rain. Please click on the NWS Watch/Warning map above for all of the latest NWS Advisories, Watches, Warnings, and Special Weather Statements for our local area.

Heavy Rains Aug 7th - 14th, 1984

Flash Flooding On Four Mile Arroyo 2 Miles North Of Lakewood, NM On August 11, 1984. The Water Was About 10' Deep Over The Road. Click On The Picture To Enlarge It. Selected SE NM Rainfall Totals (Aug 7th - 14th, 1984) Artesia Climate 6 S 8/7/1984 .07" 8/8/1984 .59" 8/9/1984 .64" 8/10/1984 1.25" 8/11/1984 1.46" 8/12/1984 .09" 8/14/1984 .41" Total 4.51" 0.9 NE Lakewood 8/7/1984 .77" 8/8/1984 .70" 8/9/1984 .83" 8/10/1984 1.63" 8/11/1984 .06" 8/12/1984 Trace 8/13/1984 .13" Total 4.12" Carlsbad Climate 8/9/1984 .82" 8/10/1984 1.90" 8/11/1984 2.35" 8/12/1984 2.35" Total 7.42" Carlsbad Airport 8/8/1984 .95" 8/9/1984 1.12" 8/10/1984 3.21" 8/11/1984 .51" 8/14/1984 .29" Total 6.08" Sometimes when it rains in SE pours, as noted above during the week of August 7th - 14th, 1984. Elk, which is located between Dunken and Mayhill, recorded 3.21" of

More Rumbles Of Thunder & Hot.

Still Shots Of The Lightning Video I Shot On 7-28-2010. See The Videos Below - Click On The Images To Enlarge Them. Thunderstorms returned to SE NM yesterday afternoon and evening. Today's weather, as well as Tuesday's, should see a repeat of Sunday's weather. Scattered T-Storms should pop up by around noontime, and continue until around midnight. It will continue to be hot all week, with afternoon highs hovering around 100 today and tomorrow, with 100-105 for the rest of the week. A Few Of The Heavier 24 Hour Rainfall Totals- Queen Raws .41" 0.6 S Pinon .38" 2.0 N Downtown Carlsbad .35" Bat Draw Raws-3 Miles E of Queen .25" Caprock Raws .21" McKittrick Canyon Raws .20" Paduca Raws .16" Dog Canyon Raws .15" Downtown Carlsbad .10" August 9, 1916 In Roswell, NM The Roswell Climate Coop Station recorded 4.57" of rain. August 9, 1984 In Hobbs, NM The Hobbs Climate Coop Station recorded 4.45" of rain. August 9, 1987

Greatest 24 Hr Rainfall Total In Carlsbad 8-8-16

Outflow Winds From This T-Storm, Kicked Up Blowing Dust Just East Of Carlsbad, NM. Scud Clouds Just Above The Blowing Dust, May Have Fooled Some Into Believing That This Was A Tornado. It Was Not. The Scud Cloud Wasn't Attached To The Base Of The T-Storm. Click On The Picture To Enlarge It. T-Storms Return - Continued Hot. A weak upper level short wave in the mid levels of the atmosphere, will approach SE NM from the west today and tomorrow. This will enhance our chances for T-Storms, especially tomorrow. A few of these storms will be capable of dumping heavy rain. The long-range computer forecast models agree, that the upper level ridge of high pressure will continue to hold tight over the area, through the next week to ten days. So more hot weather to come. In fact, by next Wednesday, we could be looking at high temps of around 103-105 across the SE NM Plains. August 8, 1916 In Carlsbad, NM The Carlsbad Climate Coop Station measured 5.12" of rain on this date. This is th

Dog Days Of Summer

Roadrunners are a common sight in southeastern New Mexico, therefore seeing one is nothing unusual. My wife and I were out driving around near Lakewood, when these two young birds (male and female) ran across the road in front of us. They darted across the road and into this mesquite bush. This is the first time in my life that I have ever gotten this close to a young roadrunner before. I could have literary reached out and touched them. Click on the photo to enlarge it. Dog Days Of Summer Roll On. A persistent upper level ridge of high pressure continues to dominate our local weather, keeping any thunderstorm activity confined mainly to the mountains. This will change by Monday, as an unusually strong upper level trough of low pressure digs southward along the West Coast. The flow aloft will turn southwesterly, as mid level monsoonal moisture gets pulled back over southeastern New Mexico. Thunderstorms should once again pop up across the plains of southeastern New Mexico tomorrow, an

More T-Storms Will Add To An Already Wet Year!

Selected Rainfall Totals Across SE NM (Jul) - (Aug 1st - 5th) - (Jan - Aug 5th) Chaves County, NM Roswell Airport July 2.89" Aug .05" Jan-Aug 10.38" 3 .5 WNW Downtown Roswell July 5.33" Aug .79" Jan-Aug 9.99" 0.3 SSW Downtown Roswell July 2.72" Aug M Jan-Aug 9.52" Elk Climate July 3.30" Aug .15" Jan-Aug 9.41" Dunken Raws July 5.59" Aug .00" Jan-Aug 8.78" 4.1 NNE Downtown Roswell July 2.35" Aug M Jan-Aug 8.12" 8-Mile Draw Raws July 2.79" Aug .11" Jan-Aug 7.04" 7.6 NNW Downtown Roswell July 3.03" Aug .00" Jan-Aug 6.98" Eddy County, NM 33.3 WSW Carlsbad-Queen July 10.36" Aug .25" Jan-Aug 23.36" Queen Raws-3 Miles E of Queen July 10.84" Aug .00" Jan-Aug 16.92" 0.9 NE Lakewood July 8.01" Aug .00" Jan-Aug 15.13" 3.1 SSE Downtown Carlsbad July 7.27" Aug .00" Jan-Aug 13.79" Carlsbad Cli

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