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Landspout Tornado Near Carlsbad, NM Saturday, June 29, 2013.

Blog Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

Click On The Photos To Enlarge Them.

May 1, 2013 - Uploaded by rdewaters
A great perspective of a landspout tornado located
 just outside of Lubbock in Woodrow, Texas | April 30, 2013 ...

Photo Is Courtesy Of Gail Newman Carter.
Taken near the Carlsbad Airport which is 5 miles south-southwest of town.

Photo's Are Courtesy Of Heather Chester Frazier.

Photo Is Courtesy Of Rose Mitchell.
Taken From Radio Blvd @ 5:15 PM.

Photo Is Courtesy Of Andrea Mendez-Ornelas.

Photos Are Courtesy Of Bill Johnson Of Carlsbad.

What looks like to me in the photos above is a landspout tornado that formed between about 5:15 PM and 5:30 PM MDT yesterday, between Carlsbad and the airport. Landspout tornadoes are fairly common in New Mexico. Whether all of these photos is of the same landspout, or if there were more than one, I really am not sure. I didn't see it so I can't say for sure. 
A landspout is a slang term coined by meteorologist Howard B. Bluestein in 1985 for a kind of tornado not associated with the mesocyclone of a thunderstorm.[1] The Glossary of Meteorology defines a landspout as
"Colloquial expression describing tornadoes occurring with a parent cloud in its growth stage and with its vorticity originating in the boundary layer.
The parent cloud does not contain a preexisting midlevel mesocyclone. The landspout was so named because it looks like a weak Florida Keys waterspout over land."[2]
Known officially as "dust-tube tornadoes" by the National Weather Service,[3] they form during the growth stage of convective clouds by the ingestion and tightening of boundary layer vorticity by the cumuliform tower's updraft.
 Landspouts most often occur in drier areas with high-based storms and considerable low-level instability. They generally are smaller and weaker than supercellular tornadoes, though many persist in excess of 15 minutes and some have produced F3 damage.
 They bear an appearance and generative mechanism highly similar to that of waterspouts, usually taking the form of a translucent and highly laminar helical tube. Like waterspouts, they are also technically considered tornadoes since they are defined by an intensely rotating column of air in contact with both the surface and a cumuliform cloud. Not all landspouts are visible, and many are first sighted as debris swirling at the surface before eventually filling in with condensation and dust.

Landspouts vs. tornadoes.

Click on this link for additional photos of landspout tornadoes. 

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A Couple More Days Of Hot Weather - But Much Cooler & Wetter Next Week.

Blog Updated At 1:46 PM MDT.

I shot this beautiful sunset last Saturday in Lea County. A plume of
smoke from the Silver Fire, near Kingston, New Mexico, northeast
of Silver City, to our west created the colors in this sunset.
The fire has now consumed some 100,000 acres and
was started by dry lightning on June 7th.

Yesterday was another hot one. A high of 112F was noted at the 8-Mile Draw Raws which is located northeast of Roswell. this is the highest temperature that I have seen reported in southeastern New Mexico so far this summer. Both the Roswell and Carlsbad Airports recorded highs of 108F. I reached 107F on my Davis Vantage Pro2 home weather station here in Carlsbad. Jal recorded a high of 107F and Hope 106F. Today is expected to be hot with our afternoon highs once again climbing up to around 105F.

Death Valley Could Challenge Its All-Time Record High Temp.

We can't even begin to compare our hot weather with Death Valley's weather over the next five days or so. There is a chance that they may reach or possibly even break their all-time record high temp of 134F which was set on July 10, 1913. Whether or not this happens remains to be seen but check out their current forecast highs temps for Sunday and Monday of 129F. This after a morning low Monday of 99F and Tuesday morning of 100F.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of that temperature. Click on the link to read more.

Cooling Down With Rain Chances Going Up Next Week.

Current NWS forecasts for southeastern New Mexico (Roswell, Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs) continue to indicate that we will have a couple more days of  hot weather, but then gradually cool off as we head into the weekend, and continuing into next week. Our chances for rain are also going up. In fact Carlsbad has a 40% of thunderstorms on Monday with a forecast high of only 87F

Current forecast model trends continue to indicate this as well. In fact this mornings GFS 12Z model run really ramps up the thunderstorm activity across the Sacramento mountains over the next week. Heavy rains could fall there which would undoubtedly cause some flash flooding problems should this model be correct. This may become of a concern for folks living in the mountains near and down stream of the burn scar areas from our recent forest fires. 

Check out this article in the "Ruidoso News" which discusses the impacts of flash flooding this year on the Bonito Lake Watershed. Just a quarter of an inch of rain last year raised the lake level up by 11 feet! We desperately need the rains but if they are heavy enough we may be dealing with potential flash flooding across parts of the area next week. 

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Another Hot Day Ahead - Anniversary Of Highest Temp Recorded In NM.

Click On The Graphs To Enlarge Them.

Local High Temps Reported Yesterday-

Pecos River Near Orla 115.
8-Mile Draw Raws northeast of Roswell 111.
Paduca Raws near the WIPP Site- 111.

Roswell Airport 109.
Calrsbad Airport 109.
Atoka (Alfadale) 108.
Artesia Climate 107.
Carlsbad Climate 107.
My Home in Calrsbad
Hobbs (KM5BS) 107.
Jal Climate 107.

Artesia Airport (HCN) 105.
Hope Climate 105.
Tatum Climate 105.
Hobbs Airport 104.
Bat Draw (Carlsbad Caverns) 103.
Dunken Raws 100.

Carrizozo Airport 98.
Queen Raws 98.
Mayhill Raws 97.
Weed K5TCS 97.
Smokey Bear Raws - Ruidoso 94.
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 91.
Cloudcroft EW1513 81.

Temperature Data Is Courtesy Of-

Yesterday's high temps were the highest of the year so far. Our long term average high temperatures here in the Pecos Valley for June 26th generally run in the 94F-97F range. Today's readings will be similar to yesterday's, perhaps a  couple of degrees warmer in a few spots. 

Local All-Time Maximum Temperatures-

Roswell, NM Climate.

Artesia, NM Climate.

Carlsbad, NM Climate.

Carlsbad, NM Airport.

Hobbs, NM Climate.

Tatum, NM Climate.

Capitan, NM Climate.

Ruidoso, NM Climate.

Elk, NM Climate.

Cloudcroft, NM Climate.

Temperature Data Is Courtesy Of-

Today marks the anniversary of one of the hottest days on record temperature-wise for the local area. June 27, 1994 was unbelievably hot across the area. Many new all-time high temperature records were established across the local area and the state.

 I was living at our family farm in Lakewood at the time and recorded a high temperature of 119.1F. This reading was recorded on a standard National Weather Service Mercury Maximum Thermometer, which was housed inside of a Stevenson Screen Instrument Shelter. My reading was not consider an official temperature since I was not a official National Weather Service Co-Op Station. Although at the time the Roswell and the Albuquerque National Weather Service Offices considered my reading to be legitimate. 

 However, my temperature of 119F was widely reported by the media at the time as a new all-time state record. This turned out not to be true since the WIPP reading on that day of 122F was considered official since that site is a National Weather Service Climate Co-Op Station. If you do a Google search on New Mexico's highest temperature you will find many references to the 122F temperature, which has erroneously been associated with Lakewood. Sadly this has never been corrected since that reading was recorded at the WIPP Site, and not at my location in Lakewood. 

A new all-time state high temperature record was set that eventful day at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) which is located east-southeast of Carlsbad. An incredible reading of 122F was recorded! This blew the previous all-time state high temperature record of 116F set in Artesia on June 29, 1918, and also in Orogrande, on July 14, 1934, out of the water.

WIPP NWS Co-Op Climate Record For June 1994.

Note the following high temperatures-

June 24 113.
June 25 117.
June 26 120.
June 27 122.
June 28 113.
June 29 111.
June 30 113.

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Blistering Heat To Continue.

Blog Updated At 5:17 PM.

Blistering Heat To Continue.

NAM Temp Forecast @ 4 PM MDT Wednesday.

High temps today should be around 105F for most of southeastern New Mexico. Our local National Weather Service forecasts are backing off a little on tomorrow's forecast high temps, down about five degrees or so. However I wouldn't be surprised to see a few spots get close to 110F

Better Chances For Rain Next Week?

Valid @ 6 PM MDT, Monday, July 1, 2013.

ECMWF 10-Day Total Rainfall Forecast.
Valid Today Through The 4th Of July.

Interesting change in our weather will occur if the European model is correct late this weekend into next week. This model is forecasting the mid-level of high pressure to move off to the northwest, as a mid-level trough of low pressure digs southward into the Mississippi River valley by Monday.

 This would create a northerly flow aloft over the area, thus the potential for thunderstorms to form over the mountains, and then move southward and southeastward out into the plains of the eastern half of the state. This is not the typical Monsoon flow pattern we see this time of the year but if it means rain bring it on.

GFS 16-Day Total Rainfall Forecast.
Valid Today Through Thursday, July 11, 2013.

This mornings 12Z run of the U.S. GFS computer model is really ramping up the rains over the next two weeks across most of New Mexico. We can hope!

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Saturday's Smokey Sunset.

I Shot This In Lea County New Mexico On Hwy 128.

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Carlsbad Gets Hammered By A Severe T-Storm Thursday.

Blog Updated 6:30 AM MDT.
Sunday, June 23, 2013.

Hail In Carlsbad, NM Thursday Afternoon.
Photo Is Courtesy Of Becky Baldwin & KRQE's Chris Gibson.

Carlsbad's Lakeside Golf Course Thursday Afternoon.
Photo Is Courtesy Of Jeremy Hale & KRQE's Chris Gibson.

Northeast Carlsbad (La Huerta) Thursday Afternoon.
Photo Is Courtesy Of Michelle Cary.

Northeast Carlsbad (La Huerta) Thursday Afternoon.
Photo Is Courtesy Of Michelle Cary.

Hail In Carlsbad Thursday Afternoon.

Northeast Carlsbad (La Huerta) Thursday Afternoon.
Photo Is Courtesy Of Craig Schinnerer.

Northeast Carlsbad (La Huerta) Thursday Afternoon.
Photo Is Courtesy Of Craig Schinnerer.

Courtesy Of Diane Malone.

Street flooding was observed in our neighborhood
on the northwest side of town. Water came up over
the curb and into our driveway, and ran into the 
backyard. I measured 1.49" from the storm.

Five Power Poles Snapped By A 67 Mph Thunderstorm Wind Gust
At The Intersection Of Derrick Rd & U.S. Hwy 62/180
South Of Carlsbad Thursday Afternoon.

GRLevel3_2.00 Dual Pol Radar Estimated Rainfall Totals.
Using The Midland National Weather Service Doppler Radar.

Thursday afternoon a Severe Thunderstorm hammered Carlsbad with lots of hail, high winds, and very heavy rainfall that produced flash flooding in the city. Storm reports indicate that the hail ranged from pea size all the way up to golf ball size.

 A 67 mph wind gust was measured at the Carlsbad Airport ASOS at 5:27 PM MDT. Five power poles were snapped about two feet above the ground at Derrick Rd and U.S. Hwy 62/180. Other power poles were reported by the public to have been snapped by the high winds in the La Huerta area of northeastern Carlsbad. 

I've seen a couple of reports so far of 3.00" to 4.50" of rain having fallen in the La Huerta area. Radar (images above) estimated that as much as 6.45" may have fallen just east of the city. Although I suspect that this may be somewhat high due to the hail contaminating the radar estimates of the rainfall. 

Meanwhile I was at work (50 miles east of town in Lea County) and missed out on this one.

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Haboob's & Heavy Rain Yesterday Afternoon.

Artesia got hit with another haboob this afternoon as thunderstorms to the south, and southeast, produced outflow winds that gusted up to 54 mph at the airport at 3:55 PM MDT. I shot this photo near the southern city limits, on U.S. Hwy 285 at 3:47 PM. The visibility was down to less than 1/4 of a mile.

Late yesterday afternoon a haboob moved into Tatum from the northeast. Outflow winds from a strong thunderstorm to the northeast of Tatum generated this dust cloud. Courtesy Of Tatum Weather.

This haboob was observed near Roswell yesterday afternoon.
Courtesy Of KRQE's Mark Ronchetti, and Mark Hammond.

GRLevel3_2.00 Midland Dual Pol Doppler Radar Snapshot.
Estimated Rainfall Totals As Of 4:44 PM MDT.

A Severe thunderstorm produced nickel size hail 10 miles southwest of Loving around 2:19 PM MDT yesterday afternoon. Marble size hail fell about 5 miles southwest of Loving shortly before this. Pea size hail was observed in Carlsbad a  little later. 

A Flash Flood Warning was issued for the Malaga area yesterday afternoon. The Midland National Weather Service Doppler Radar indicated that 4.50" of rain had fallen in about three hours southwest of Malaga. 

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