Easter Arrived Cold & Windy In NM This Year.

Blog Updated @ 10:10 AM MDT.

For Sure This Is What The Easter Bunny Is Thinking In NE NM & SE Colorado This Morning.

A strong southward moving cold front overspread the eastern and southeastern plains of New Mexico last night. Northerly winds gusted up to 45-60 mph along and behind the cold front. Blowing dust also plagued the area for awhile.

A much colder airmass overspread the state behind the cold front overnight. Single digit low temps have been recorded in northeastern New Mexico and the northern mountains thanks to this airmass and a fresh coating of snowfall.

• 1 N Cannon Afb - 70 mph
 • 3 NNW Texico - 61 mph
 • 13 SE Tolar - 60 mph
 • 1 SSW Clovis - 57 mph
 • 2 NNW Portair - 55 mph
 • 4 WSW Agua Fria - 54 mph
 • 4 WSW Agua Fria - 54 mph
 • 9 ESE Mesita - 48 mph
 • 5 W Estancia - 48 mph
 • 10 S Bingham - 48 mph
 • 2 SSW Fort Stanton - 47 mph
 • 16 SSE El Morro - 47 mph
 • 1 NNW Ruidoso - 46 mph
 • 3 NNE La Cienega - 46 mph
 • 22 SE Bosque Del Apache Refuge - 45 mph
 • 7 SW Duran - 44 mph
 • 10 WNW Albuquerque - 44 mph
 • 3 WSW Belen - 44 mph
 • 2 SSW Milan - 43 mph
 • 2 NE Dunken - 43 mph
 • 1 N New Laguna - 42 mph
 • 19 SSE Old Horse Springs - 42 mph
 • 1 WNW Reserve - 41 mph
 • 15 NW Carrizozo - 41 mph
 • 3 WNW Gallup - 41 mph
 • 1 N Red Hill - 41 mph
 • 14 SSE Pine Hill - 40 mph
 • 3 ESE Moriarty - 40 mph
 • 5 S Albuquerque - 36 mph

• 10 SSE Angel Fire - 7.0 in.
 • Folsom - 6.0 in.
 • Raton - 5.0 in.
 • Des Moines - 5.0 in.
 • 1 SSW Capulin - 4.0 in.
 • 11 ENE Amalia - 4.0 in.
 • Angel Fire - 3.0 in.
 • Clayton - 2.0 in.
 • 9 ENE Shady Brook - 2.0 in.
 • 7 ESE Chupadero - 2.0 in.
 • 8 SW Rociada - 2.0 in.
 • 11 ENE Red River - 2.0 in.
 • 7 SSW Yates - 2.0 in.
 • 8 SSW San Miguel - 2.0 in.
 • 1 WNW Clayton - 1.4 in.
 • 6 WNW Tererro - 1.0 in.
 • 20 NE Des Moines - 1.0 in.
 • Sapello - 1.0 in.

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A Limited Review Of Recent Historical High Wind Events & Dust Storms In SE NM.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 @ 3:29 PM MDT.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 @ 3:17 PM MDT.

Thursday, March 24, 2016 @ 3:41 PM MDT.

High winds and blowing dust made for a couple of miserable days in southeastern New Mexico and West Texas this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually dust storms like these are fairly common and normal this time of the year and there is really nothing unusual about them. We've seen far worse dust storms in the years past with higher wind gusts. 

 I stopped at the New Mexico and Texas State line along US Hwy 62/180 and took the above photos. I was looking west at the Guadalupes 15 miles to my west. 

Peak wind gusts of 72 mph and 74 mph were recorded at the Bowl Raws (located north of Guadalupe Peak) and at Guadalupe Pass Wednesday. The blowing dust dropped our visibility down to around 3-7 miles Wednesday afternoon. Carlsbad recorded a peak gust of 62 mph out of the west at 2:35 PM MDT Wednesday afternoon.

A Limited Review Of Recent Historical High Wind Events & Dust Storms In SE NM.

15 Vehicle Pile Up North Of Artesia.
( February 28, 2012).

Blowing dirt is blamed for this multi-car crash on U.S. Highway 285 north of Artesia early Tuesday afternoon, according to N.M. State Police. Officers were first called to a two-car collision at around 12:30 p.m., but a total of 15 vehicles eventually crashed into the pileup, said NMSP Sgt. Lawrence Murray. Ten people were hospitalized - eight of those transported by ambulance - but none were seriously injured, police said. Article is courtesy of the Carlsbad Current Argus. http://www.currentargus.com/ci_20066513

WSMR - Salinas Peak (Sierra County) 107 mph
WSMR - Museum 83 mph
WSMR (EMRE) - NE of San Augustine Pass 79 mph
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 74 mph
WSMR Main Post 70 mph

WSMR- Bldg 1830 69 mph
Artesia Airport AWOS 67 mph
Pine Springs - GNP 65 mph
San Augustine Pass - Organ Mtn's 63 mph
Guadalupe Pass ASOS 63 mph
Dunken Raws 60 mph

Bowl Raws - North Of Guadalupe Pk 59 mph
Tatum MesoNet 59 mph
2 SW Tatum 57 mph
Carlsbad Airport ASOS 56 mph
Dunken Raws 55 mph
Carlsbad - NMAQ 55 mph
Roswell Airport ASOS 53 mph
Hobbs Airport 53 mph
Caprock Raws 53 mph
Fort Stanton Raws 52 mph
Pinery Raws - Pine Springs 51 mph
Sacramento Peak - Sunspot 50 mph
Mescal Raws - Mescalero 50 mph

(March 12, 2006).

The Automated Weather Observing System at Artesia, New Mexico (KATS) recorded a wind gust of 84 mph. Local law enforcement reported a large tree down in town. A National Weather Service trained spotter reported that a window at the Sherwood Williams Paint Store in Artesia was blown out.

An emergency flare at a gas plant near McDonald, New Mexico started a wildfire that grew to nearly 100,000 acres. Sustained wind speeds of 35 to 45 mph with gusts to 84 mph and very low relative humidity values contributed to the rapid growth and spread of this fire. These high winds occurred as both upper-level height gradients and surface pressure gradients tightened as a strong upper-level low pressure system approached southeastern New Mexico. The fire began around 10:30am MST and was visible on satellite by 11:00am MST. The NWS first learned of the fire through a cooperative observer in Tatum, New Mexico, who submitted a storm report online at 11:42am MST. New Mexico State Road 206 was closed by the New Mexico State Police between Tatum and McDonald due to the fire. News reports in later days indicated that the final acreage of the burn area was 92,390 acres. The fire was contained Monday, March 13th after burning down the U.S. Post Office, two primary residences, four abandoned homes, three barns, and several pieces of fire equipment. Two dozen fire departments fought to put out the fire and one man suffered burns and was treated at a burn center in Lubbock, Texas. All of the destroyed properties above were taken into account for the property damage estimate above. It is not known at this time if any crops were being grown in the area of the fire.

(January 3-4, 2004).

A low amplitude longwave trough slowly propagated east across the Southern Plains late on the 3rd and into the first half of the 4th. Height gradients in the base of the trough were tight, and resulted in severe winds in the higher elevations of the Guadalupe Mountains. Gusts frequently exceeded 80 MPH during the nighttime hours. At 0200 MST, a peak gust of 102 MPH was observed at The Bowl (7,755 FT MSL). The extreme winds were generally restricted to rural areas of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Park Service rangers reported an unknown number of trees that had been blown down by the winds. Given the uninhabited nature of the area, no damage occurred to man-made structures and there were no injuries.

(April 15, 2003). 

An automated observing system at Mount Locke reported a peak wind gust of 73 MPH.

Automated observing systems at the Guadalupe Bowl and Guadalupe Pass reported peak gusts of 99 and 98 MPH respectively.

A very strong and dynamic storm system moved over the Southern Plains on the 15th. A deep surface trough and dryline swept east across the Permian Basin during the afternoon hours. Very strong winds were propagating through the base of the mid level trough, with 50+ knots indicated within 1 km above ground on the KMAF 88D VAD profiler.

These winds, along with strong subsidence behind the wave and a tight pressure gradient, resulted in strong winds across a large part of West Texas with widespread gusts in the 50 to 65 MPH range. Gusts were observed as high as 98 MPH in the Guadalupe Mountains. The most significant damage reported in West Texas was in Andrews County.

Damage reports from the city of Tatum consisted of one carport which was destroyed, minor roof damage to several structures, and downed powerpoles and trees.

Some of the most significant damage from the high wind event was in the Hobbs area. Public reports of winds near hurricane force were received, but could not be confirmed. Damage sustained in the area supported higher winds than those observed at the airport. Damage included severe roof damage to five well constructed homes. Several trailer houses were destroyed. The roof of a water storage facility which services the city with drinking water was blown off. Numerous other reports of tree, powerline and pole, and traffic sign damage were received.

A very strong and dynamic storm system moved over the Southern Plains on the 15th. A deep surface trough and dryline swept across southeast New Mexico during the afternoon hours. Very strong winds were propagating through the base of the mid level trough. These winds, along with strong subsidence and tight pressure gradients behind the wave, resulted in very strong winds across the region. Widespread wind gusts in the 50 to 65 MPH range were common. The most significant damage in southeast New Mexico was in the area around Hobbs.

Widespread damage to trees, powerpoles and lines, and signs were reported in Artesia. At least one car was struck by a falling tree in the city.

(February 2, 2003).

An intense upper level storm system which passed close to West Texas and southeast New Mexico resulted in very strong west winds in the higher elevations of the Guadalupe Mountains. An automated observing site in the Guadalupes recorded a peak wind gust of 99 MPH around 21:00 MST on the 2nd. The high winds blew a vehicle off of the north/south oriented Highway 62/180 near mile marker 6. The accident, occuring at 11:00 MST on the 2nd, resulted in one death and two injuries.

(January 17, 1996).

A wind event for the history books occurred with a peak wind gust of 128 mph at Guadalupe Pass. The sustained wind was hurricane force from about 1000 am until about 300 pm with a maximum sustained wind of 105 mph. Although the Pass is famous for wind events elderly ranchers in the area said they had never seen the wind blow so hard. The highest winds and most damage occurred in the mountainous zones, however strong to damaging winds occurred over most of the warning area.

During the late morning much of the damage occurred in the mountainous areas, with the most substantial damage near Guadalupe Pass. A list of the more significant reports follows.

At Guadalupe Mountains National Park about 20 vehicles sustained damage such as broken windows and paint being chipped off by blowing rocks. One stationary step van was overturned in a parking lot. The wind also ripped out over 100 feet of chainlink fence and threw picnic tables across campgrounds.

On U.S. Highway 62/180 a double trailer truck was overturned at 1334 MST. Across the highway at a Department of Transportation facility a roof was blown off one building. During the event a coordination call to the site found an obviously shaken gentleman in fear that the roof of his building might give way to the wind at any moment. A series of power generating wind turbines located in a north-south line south of the pass sustained damage as well.

Farther south, in southwestern Culberson County, a fatal vehicle accident occurred in the eastbound lane of I-10, 14 miles east of Van Horn at 1550 CST. the mishap was partially blamed on the low visibilities in the area. A 56 year old South Carolina man was killed when he drove his car into a parked trailer truck which had just been involved in an accident. The Department of Public Safety report stated that visibilities were ranging between 20 feet and 1/4 mile with a visibility of 50 feet being common during the clean up of the accident.

Winds recorded at 68 and 73 mph on anemometers in Carlsbad. Poles were damaged and some lines snapped. Also a vehicle sustained damage at Carlsbad Caverns.

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Strong Winds & Blowing Dust Go Away Today.

You've got 5' snowdrifts in Denver...we've got 5' tumbledrifts in Albuquerque.
Courtesy: Evelyn Dow

Courtesy Of The Lubbock NWS FaceBook Page.

Thankfully today's weather will be much calmer with our afternoon highs a little cooler than yesterday's. Not to worry we warm back up into the 80's by Friday in SE NM with the mid to upper 80's on Saturday. Enjoy.

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Another Windy & Dusty Day In Store For NM!

Another windy day is on tap for southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. A High Wind Warning is in effect for Eddy County today for southwest to west winds sustained at 30-40 gusting to 60 mph. A High Wind Warning remains in effect for the Guadalupe Mtn's of Eddy and Culberson Counties for  west winds sustained at 35-55 gusting to 75 mph today into this evening. Most of the rest of New Mexico remains under High Wind Warnings or Wind Advisories for today.

  Areas of blowing dust will likely reduce the visibility at times in many areas. Extremely Dangerous Fire Weather Conditions continue to plague the area as well so please refrain from any type of outdoor activity that involves the use of sparks or flames.

Additional Peak Wind Gusts Reported.

1140 PM MDT TUE MAR 22 2016


***********************PEAK WIND GUST***********************

LOCATION             MAX WIND     TIME/DATE   COMMENTS                   
                        GUST            OF 
                         MPH    MEASUREMENT


   SAN AUGUSTIN PASS       78   615 PM  3/22  ELEV 5902 FT WMSR       
   WSMR MAIN POST 1 SE     72  1000 PM  3/22  ELEV 4275 FT WSMR       
   WSMR MAIN POST          72   845 PM  3/22  ELEV 4242 FT WSMR       
   NORTHRUP STRIP          69   930 PM  3/22  ELEV 3907 FT WSMR       
   CONDRON FIELD           66  1020 PM  3/22  ELEV 3914 FT WSMR       
   WSMR MAIN POST 18 NE    66  1005 PM  3/22  ELEV 3951 FT WSMR       
   WSMR MAIN POST 1 SE     62   900 PM  3/22  ELEV 4190 FT WSMR       
   WSMR MAIN POST 6 ESE    58  1025 PM  3/22  ELEV 4006 FT WSMR       
   TWIN PEAKS              57   503 PM  3/22  ELEV 4774 FT CWOP       
   SAN AUGUSTIN PASS 5     56   550 PM  3/22  ELEV 5046 FT WSMR       
   LAS CRUCES 6 WSW        49   600 PM  3/22  ELEV 4199 FT NMED       
   DRIPPING SPRINGS        48   426 PM  3/22  ELEV 5885 FT RAWS       
   KLRU                    47   435 PM  3/22  ELEV 4455 FT AWOS       
   LAS CRUCES 10 NE        45   600 PM  3/22  ELEV 4450 FT NMED       
   LAS CRUCES 1 NE         45   446 PM  3/22  ELEV 3956 FT AWS        
   CHAPARRAL 2 E           45   500 PM  3/22  ELEV 4100 FT NMED       
   LAS CRUCES 5 NE         45   514 PM  3/22  ELEV 4321 FT WXUND      

   REDROCK 12 E            55   559 PM  3/22  ELEV 6965 FT RAWS       
   KSVC                    48   455 PM  3/22  ELEV 5443 FT AWOS       

   ROAD FORKS 6 NE         61   449 PM  3/22  ELEV 4148 FT NMDOT      
   ROAD FORKS 5 NE         57   409 PM  3/22  ELEV 4149 FT NMDOT      
   HACHITA 15 SSW          55   540 PM  3/22  ELEV 4291 FT RAWS       
   RODEO 3 NE              55   653 PM  3/22  ELEV 4131 FT CWOP       
   KLSB                    53   555 PM  3/22  ELEV 4288 FT AWOS       

   DEMING 2 SE             49   500 PM  3/22  ELEV 4308 FT NMED       
   KDMN                    46   513 PM  3/22  ELEV 4307 FT ASOS       

   MAYHILL 3 NW            54   420 PM  3/22  ELEV 7160 FT WXUND      
   MAYHILL 3 WNW           52   326 PM  3/22  ELEV 7275 FT CWOP       
   HIGH ROLLS 1 SW         52   907 PM  3/22  ELEV 6841 FT CWOP       
   CLOUDCROFT              51   834 PM  3/22  ELEV 8670 FT AWS        
   MESCALERO 11 NE         48   431 PM  3/22  ELEV 7189 FT AWS        
   SUNSPOT 1 S             48   644 PM  3/22  ELEV 9190 FT WXUND      
   SUNSPOT                 48   750 PM  3/22  ELEV 9255 FT WSMR       
   OROGRANDE 4 NW          47   355 PM  3/22  ELEV 4183 FT WSMR       
   TULAROSA 19 WNW         47   710 PM  3/22  ELEV 4025 FT WSMR       
   WHITE SANDS NAT MON     45   540 PM  3/22  ELEV 4063 FT WSMR       

   SALINAS PEAK            82  1115 PM  3/22  ELEV 8933 FT WSMR       
   KTCS                    54   633 PM  3/22  ELEV 4858 FT ASOS       
   NORTHRUP STRIP 16 NN    53   400 PM  3/22  ELEV 4058 FT WSMR       
   WINSTON                 52   555 PM  3/22  ELEV 6192 FT EPZWXN     
   HILLSBORO               50   534 PM  3/22  ELEV 5270 FT EPZWXN     
   TULAROSA 20 WNW         50   715 PM  3/22  ELEV 4055 FT WSMR       
   TULAROSA 22 NW          49   510 PM  3/22  ELEV 4085 FT WSMR       


   EL PASO 9 NNE           65   840 PM  3/22  TRAINED SPOTTER         
   EL PASO 13 NNE          62  1135 PM  3/22  ELEV 4055 FT AWS        
   EL PASO 10 NNE          60  1000 PM  3/22  ELEV 3958 FT TCEQ       
   EL PASO 5 NE            59   424 PM  3/22  ELEV 3996 FT AWS        
   EL PASO 6 NE            57  1122 PM  3/22  ELEV 3905 FT AWS        
   EL PASO 9 NNE           52   620 PM  3/22  TRAINED SPOTTER         
   KELP                    48   624 PM  3/22  ELEV 3918 FT ASOS       
   EL PASO 2 WNW           47   900 PM  3/22  ELEV 3799 FT TCEQ       



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Low Temps This Morning - Average Last Freeze Dates.

Low temperatures this morning the last day of the calendar winter were rather chilly. My low here at our home in northwest Carlsbad was 37°F. Tonight's are forecast to be about five degrees or so lower than this mornings therefore its likely that most of us will see a freeze in the morning. 

Farmington: May 18th
Santa Fe: May 8th
Albuquerque: April 14th
Clovis: April 17th
Roswell: April 12th
Artesia: April 14th
Carlsbad: April 3rd
Hobbs: April 5th
Alamogordo: April 3rd
Ruidoso: June 3rd
Cloudcroft: May 24th
Elk: May 5th
El Paso: March 18th

Given the recent late winter and early spring warmth many of us have been fooled into thinking that we've already experienced our last freeze of the season. Tonight's freeze might not be the last one of the season either.

GFS 500 MB Forecast.
Valid @ 6 AM MDT Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

GFS Surface Forecast.
Valid @ 6 PM MDT Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

GFS Temperature Anomaly Forecast.
Valid @ 6 PM MDT Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

GFS Temperature Forecast.
Valid @ 6 PM MDT Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

Our next upper level storm forecast to impact the area will arrive in the late Monday - Wednesday time frame. This storm looks like its taking the northern route across southern Colorado so guess what that means for us locally? You got it...our next March windstorm. Tuesday-Wednesday look to be rather windy statewide not to mention the blowing dust that may also accompany the strong southwest-northwest winds.

Our high temperatures by Monday should be flirting with the 80-degree mark and Tuesday will see the mid-upper 80's.

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Saturday's Peak Wind Gusts & High Temps.

High Temperatures Reported Saturday Afternoon.

Peak Wind Gusts Reported Saturday Afternoon.

Locally the highest reported wind gust Saturday afternoon was 78 mp recorded at the San Augustin Pass automated weather station located just east of Las Cruces, along US Hwy 70 in the Organ Mountains. Not far behind was the 69 mph gust clocked at the Bowl Raws located 1/2 of a mile north of Guadalupe Peak, and 66 mph recorded at Guadalupe Pass. Given that it is March yesterday wasn't so bad as far as the winds go...compared with some of our stronger blow downs in the past. Late yesterday afternoon and evening the skies became somewhat obscured with blowing dust.

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Of Course The Wind Is Gong To Howl Saturday - It Is March After All.

All things considered this has been a rather tame start to our meteorological spring so far in New Mexico. March came in not like a lamb but like one that is asleep. Not that I or anyone that I know is complaining. How many of you "locals" remember the past March blowdowns when the wind seemingly never stopped from late February through June? I do and trust me I don't miss them.

NAM Surface Forecast.
Valid @ 2 PM MST Saturday.

NAM 850 MB (5,000' Mean Sea Level/MSL) Forecast.
Valid @ 2 PM MST Saturday.

NAM 700 MB (10,000' Mean Sea Level/MSL) Forecast.
Valid @ 2 PM MST Saturday.

NAM 500 MB (18,000' Mean Sea Level/MSL) Forecast.
Valid @ 2 PM MST Saturday.

A quick hitting and rather small closed upper level low located near San Francisco this afternoon will dive southeastward and swing across New Mexico Saturday. As the surface pressure gradient tightens up around a surface low which will be located in southeastern Colorado by early Saturday afternoon, This combined with the strong winds aloft (from the 5,000' level up through the jet stream level around 30,000' MSL) that will begin to mix downward to the surface will combine to make for a windy day across the local area. 

Strong dry downsloping southwesterly winds will develop across eastern and southeastern New Mexico. These winds will also develop across parts of the Rio Grande Valley, southern New Mexico, and West Texas. Southwesterly winds will become sustained at around 20-40 mph with gusts to around 50-55 mph across the lower elevations Saturday afternoon.

Our high temperatures are forecast to be in the mid to upper 70's on Saturday and the upper 70's to low 80's on Sunday locally. In the Sacramento Mountains highs on Saturday and Sunday will be near 60°F across the lower elevations and in the low to mid 50's in the higher elevations such as Cloudcroft. 

A Wind Advisory has been issued for the southeastern New Mexico plains. A High Wind Watch is in effect for parts of southern New Mexico including the southern Sacramento Mountains.  A High Wind Warning is now in effect for the Guadalupe Mountains of Eddy and Culberson Counties. Southwesterly winds are forecast to increase to sustained speeds of 45-65 mph with gusts to 90 mph Saturday afternoon and evening! 

Localized areas of blowing dust may also become a hazard Saturday afternoon and evening. As always this will be especially true over and near normally dust prones areas such as freshly plowed or exposed fields, farmlands, lots, and construction sites. Sudden drops in the visibility in these areas of down to near zero will be possible with little to no advanced warning. 

Simply put Saturday afternoon and evening will not be a good time for any type of activity that involves the use of sparks or flame. 

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Polar Jet Takes Our Storm Way South Into Mexico.

Current Sentiments In New Mexico Concerning El NiƱo's Behavior For The Past 11/2 Months.

18Z/11 AM MST GFS 250 MB/34,000' MSL Polar Jet Stream.

18Z/11 AM MST GFS 500 MB Analysis.

Well isn't that special? Mother Nature just did not want to play nice with New Mexico concerning this storm that has gone to Mexico on vacation. Its simply remarkable how far south that this cutoff upper level low has sunk. Its not often that you see the Polar Jet dig this far south into Mexico!

What a missed opportunity for us...sure would have been nice to see the state's mountains get clobbered with some of that heavy snow its laying down over the mountains of Mexico. Ski Apache seems to be the big winner locally concerning new snowfall. They picked up a whopping 1.5". Oh well next time.

24-Hour Rainfall Totals As Of 5 AM MST This Morning.

2-Day Rainfall Totals As Of 5 AM MST This Morning.

2-Day Rainfall Totals As Of 5 AM MST This Morning.

7-Day Rainfall Totals As Of 5 AM MST This Morning.

24-Hour Lightning Strike Summary As Of 2:45 PM MST Today.

Oh Yea Don't Forget To "Spring Forward Sunday". 

Didn't Get A Chance To See Yesterday's Solar Eclipse?

Goodbye Old Friend - Hello New!
(Installed Today).

My 12-Year Old Davis Vantage Pro2 Home Weather Station.

Well sweetheart after 12 years together its time to tell you goodbye. I've fallen in love with another. I must say too that she is really shiny and flashy and I fell in love with her at first sight. She even has spiked hair to keep the birds away I'm told. And yes she has a fan to keep her temperature just right but not at night.
My old love you served me well and I will miss you. We've been through a lot over the past 12 years. On 2-4-2011 you caught a really bad cold and dropped down to -4°F after a high of only 11°F. Later that year you ran a really bad fever when your temp shot up to 112°F on 8-26-2011. Numerous times have you clocked gusts of over 50 mph...yes we know that they were really much stronger but all of those darn neighbors trees just got in the way.
In September 2014 you clicked off 9.86" of rain for the month. And for 2015 you totaled up 20.85". This after barley counting 5.84" in 2011. Yea I know 2011 was a hard year on you with lots of extremes. 2012 wasn't much better when you choked on lots of smoke and dust.
When I pulled your top off today I was surprised at the wear and tear that time has taken on you. Your skin has faded, its dimpled up with several really bad hail storms (twice you got beat up with tennis ball size hail). You even lost one of you cups during that last hail...just beat it right off.
Don't worry I'll keep you in the closet hid away just in case my new toy fails to come out and play some day. :)
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