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Record Cold & Snowfall In October 2019!

(Oct 1st - Nov 2nd, 2019).

Fall got off to one heck of a start as far as snowfall is concerned. Take a look at what has already fallen so far across the northern and central Rockies, and parts of the Midwest, and even as far south as northern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle.

Nine National Weather Service Climate Co-Op Stations set new daily record snowfall totals in New Mexico in October. Portales recorded an inch of snowfall which beat their previous record of a trace in 1932 as did Clovis with an inch. Eagle Nest record 5.5" which beat their previous record of 3.0" in 1935. 

Across the continental U.S. during October there were 839 new daily snowfall record totals recorded. 86 of these stations set all-time monthly snowfall totals for October.

So the question is whether or not this is a precursor or an indication of what our upcoming winter will be like? Generally I try and avoid long range forecasting. Its simply hard enough trying to figure out our weather in the short or near term much less months down the road. Not too many people get it right and then older I get the less bold I become. 

Given that I will say that there is a lot of discussion going on in the weather world about this very subject and a lot of weather folks are thinking much of the U.S. is in for a wild ride this winter. Meaning lots of cold outbreaks and snow generally where it has already fallen and east of the Rockies. Without a doubt the ongoing solar minimum is and will continue to play a role in all of this along with other factors. One of them is the current warm pool in the northwestern Pacific. When the Pacific does flip from a warm PDO to a cold phase will also be a key factor. Many other factors play a row in all of this too so for now it a wait and see game.

Speaking of the sun I'm still watching to see if in fact we have entered the beginning phase of a Grand Solar Minimum. There continues to be a lot of research and support around this idea. Many climatologists, meteorologists, and physicists believe that the planet quit warming around 1997 and has started a slow decline or cooling phase temperature-wise. If this is true and we have entered another Grand Solar Minimum like the Maunder or Dalton Minimum then we have somewhere between 30 and 100 years of global cooling ahead of us. 

For those of you who subscribe to WeatherBell meteorologist Joe D'Aleo has published an excellent update on this subject today on their web site.

 My thinking is that we will see some pretty cold temps this winter locally at times along with average to perhaps above average snowfall.

U.S. Average Temperature Anomalies.
(January 1st - November 2nd, 2019).

National Statics To Date.

Record low temperatures have so far outnumber record high temperatures this year nationally.

New October New Mexico Daily Low Maximum Temperature Records.

New October New Mexico Monthly All-Time Low Maximum Temperature Records.

New October New Mexico Daily Low Temperature Records.

New October New Mexico All-time Monthly Low Temperature Records.

A grand total of 153 new record low temperature records were set in October of this year in New Mexico. This includes new daily low maximum and all-time monthly low maximum low temperature records. It also includes new daily low temperature and all-time new monthly low temperature records. Wow! that's something to talk about but all we continue to hear from the main stream media is their global warming or climate change hype.

Nationally there were 4,136 new daily record low temperature records set in October. 609 all-time record low October low temperature record were set. With 3009 new daily low maximum temperature records set. 445 stations set all-time new record low maximum temperature records for October. 

Honestly its hard to say just because the fall has already gotten off to a record snowy and cold start (October) that the rest of the winter will follow suit. But without a doubt its something that warrants attention and if it is a precursor to our upcoming winter we are in trouble!

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