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Cold - Wet - Blustery Wednesday!

RTMA Temperatures. (Valid At 6:30 AM MDT This Morning).

Temperatures  (Valid At 7 AM MDT This Morning).

Wind Chill Temperatures. (Valid At 7 AM MDT This Morning).

Reported Low Temperatures This Morning. (Valid At 7 AM MDT).

Surface Map Analysis.
Valid At 3 AM MDT This Morning.
Surface Map Forecast.

Make no mistake about it fall is off to an early start across parts of the Western U.S. this year. Take a look at the temperature maps above and note the widespread temps in the 30's and 40's with even a few low temps reported to be in the teens and 20's across Wyoming. 
A potent cold front had entered extreme northeastern New Mexico as of 3 AM MDT this morning and will continue pushing to the south and west throughout the day. Falling temperatures along with gusty northerly to northeasterly winds in the 30-40 mph range will accompany the frontal passage. The front should arrive in southeastern New Mexico around or just before sunset this evening. Many of us may see our 24-hour high tempe…

Strong Cold Front Arrives Tuesday Night.

9-22-2018. Twilight At Sunset West Of Roswell, NM With A Rising Moon.
Jet Stream Becoming More Active.
ECMWF 200 MB/39,000' MSL Jet Stream Forecast.
Valid At 6 PM MDT Wednesday, Sept 26, 2018.
ECMWF 500 MB/18,000' MSL Forecast.
Valid At 6 PM MDT Wednesday, Sept 26, 2018.
With the arrival of fall we are seeing changes in the mid and upper level flow pattern across North America. The jet stream is becoming more active with time. Its getting stronger and dipping a little further to the south. This of course means changes in our local weather.
Surface Map Forecast.
Valid At 6 PM MDT Tuesday, Sept 25, 2018.
 As the jet stream kicks a mid-level trough of low pressure eastward across the northern plains states Tuesday and Wednesday a strong cold front is forecast to enter the local area Tuesday night. After seeing our afternoon highs in the low 90's today and Tuesday we should only be in the mid 60's for highs Wednesday. So our afternoon high temps here in Southeastern New Mexico wil…

Coolest Morning Of The Fall Season - Local YTD Rainfall Update.

Capitan Mountain WNW Of Roswell, NM At Sunset 9-22-2018.
Coolest Morning Since May 5th.
RTMA Temperatures. (Valid At 6 AM MDT Sunday, Sept 23rd, 2018).

Reported Low This Sunday Morning. (As Of 10 AM MDT).

Locally we had our coolest morning of this fall season this morning. Our lows once again dipped down into the 50's across the Southeastern Plains. The mountains saw lows in the 30's and 40's. 
A few of the colder readings reported include:
A Personal Weather Station (PWS) In Cloudcroft(8,698')  31º A Personal Weather Station (PWS) West Of Mayhill (7,241') 33º A Personal Weather Station In 16 Springs Canyon (7,376') 34º A Personal Weather Station In Timberon (7,001') 37º Smokey Bear Raws In Ruidoso (7,090') 39º
Evening Twilight Between Roswell And Ruidoso Sunday.
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad Temperature Graph.

Here at our home in northwest Carlsbad we dipped down to 52º this morning. This is the coolest low temperature since May 5th when we recorded a low of 51º. The C…

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