Dry Cold Front Arrives Wednesday Morning.

Warm Today & Even Warmer Tomorrow.

Oops, I corrected the header & arrival time of the cold front
Mostly sunny skies and light winds are forecast for the local
area today. Highs will mostly be in the upper 70's. Our afternoon
highs will climb up into the mid-upper 80's tomorrow ahead of
the approaching cold front.

Cold Front Brings Cooler Weather.

NWS HPC Forecast Position Of The Cold Front.
Valid At 6 AM MDT Wed Nov 2, 2011.

This next cold front is forecast to be dry as the upper-level
storm associated with it moves across northern New Mexico.
Strong gusty northerly winds will accompany the frontal passage
Thursday morning. Areas of blowing dust may develop along
and behind the cold front as it moves southward.

NWS HPC Forecast Low Temps Thursday Morning.
A cold morning is on tap for the local area Thursday morning.
Low temperatures will likely range from the mid 20's in
the Clovis and Portales areas, to the upper 20's to near
30 across the rest of SE NM.

NWS HPC Forecast High Temps Thursday Afternoon.
Thursday afternoon will be seasonably chilly with high
temperatures in the upper 50's to the low 60's.

NWS HPC Forecast High Temps Friday Afternoon.

A quick rebound in temperatures will occur on Friday ahead
of yet another upper-level storm, and cold front due to arrive
on Saturday. This second storm will have stronger winds aloft
associated with it, therefore Friday afternoon looks to be
windy, with the possibility of Fire Weather Concerns across
the local area. Highs temps of 80-85 are expected.

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Nothing Spooky About Our Halloween Weather.

Beautiful Halloween Weather In The Pecos Valley.

Today will be another absolutely gorgeous day weather-wise. Sunny skies are expected along with light winds and afternoon high temperatures in the upper 70's. By the time the sun sets, and the Trick-Or-Treaters are out and about, our local temperatures will be in the upper 60's to near 70 with light south to southeast winds.

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First Storm Of November Arrives Wednesday.

Valid At Noon On Wed Nov 2, 2011.
Valid At 6 PM MDT On Fri Nov 4, 2011.
Valid At 6 AM MDT Wed Nov 2, 2011.
Valid For Thursday Nov 3, 2011.

Two Storms Will Affect New Mexico This Week.

A weak cold front has pushed south of the local area this morning. The airmass associated with it is dry. Today's highs will range from the upper 60's to the low 70's. High temperatures will be a little warmer than seasonal normal's going into the first part of the week. Highs will range from 75 - 80 Monday into Wednesday.

Our first upper-level storm will arrive by Wednesday. It is currently forecast by the models to move across northern New Mexico. This northerly track should keep most of its moisture away from the local area. A cold front will drop southward into the local area Wednesday afternoon. This should knock our high temperatures back down into the 60's for Thursday.

A second and stronger upper-level storm is forecast to sweep across northern New Mexico on Friday. The winds aloft are forecast to be a little stronger with this one than they are with Wednesdays storm. Therefore, Friday's storm may produce stronger southwesterly winds ahead of it, as it approaches the local area Thursday and Friday. This storm also looks to be a dry one for SE NM.

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Frost On The Pumpkin This Morning.

Click On The Photos To Enlarge Them.

Frost On Our Grass This Morning.

Frost On Out Pumpkin & Grass This Morning.

Jaycee Park In Artesia, NM Yesterday.

First Frost/Freeze Of The Season.
(Low Temperatures)

Updated At 6:00 PM MDT.

Chaves County-

8-Mile Draw Raws 30
Roswell Climate 31
Roswell Airport ASOS 32
10 ESE Hagerman 33
Dunken Raws 33

Eddy County-

Hope Climate 32
Cottonwood 32
Alfadale - Atoka 32
Artesia Airport AWOS 32
Queen Raws 33
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 34
Carlsbad Airport ASOS 34
Carlsbad Climate 36
Caprock Raws 38
Carlsbad Caverns Climate 38
Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 41

Lea County-

Crossroads 32
2 SW Tatum 32
Jal Climate 32
Willow Wells 33
Tatum Climate 34
Paduca Raws 34
East Hobbs 35
Hobbs Airport 36
Woody Farms - 11 N Hobbs 37

Culberson County-

Dell City 32
Dog Canyon Climate 32
Pine Springs (GMN) 33
Pinery Raws 35
McKittrick Canyon Raws 35
Dog Canyon Raws 37
Bowl Raws 38

Temperature Data Is Courtesy Of-

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Chilly Fall Weather Yesterday In SE NM.

Click On The Photos To Enlarge Them.

I shot these yesterday morning in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
Overcast skies with morning rain and snow showers
 prevailed across SE NM. Can you see the fog forming 
on the river in pictures #3 & #4?

Fall Was In The Air Yesterday.

I love days like yesterday. The overcast skies, rain and snow showers, and brisk northerly winds along with high temperatures only in the 40's, was a welcome relief from this summers unrelenting heat. I built the seasons first fire in our fireplace and still have it going this morning.

Today will be seasonably chilly with highs in the upper 50's to low 60's. A gorgeous weekend is in store for the local area with highs in the 70's. Overnight lows will continue to be in the 30's and 40's.

Our next shot at inclement weather will arrive the middle of next week as another upper level storm and cold front bear down upon SE NM. 

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Snow Before Halloween.

Click On The Photos To Enlarge Them.

Cloudcroft, New Mexico.
Cloudcroft, NM (8,861') At 7:35 AM MDT This Morning.
Cloudcroft, NM (8,861') At 7:38 AM MDT This Morning.
Please Visit These Links For Live Views Of Cloudcroft
& Current Weather Conditions-

Ruidoso, New Mexico.
Ruidoso, NM (6,900') At 7:40 AM MDT This Morning.
Please Visit These Links For Live Views Of Ruidoso,
And Ski Apache, As Well As Current Weather Conditions.
Ski Apache Web Page.

Portales, New Mexico.

Portales, NM At 7:45 & 8:30 AM MDT This Morning.
Photos Are Courtesy Of Vincent Rodriquez Of Portales.
Vincent's Web Page.

Clovis, New Mexico.
Clovis, NM This Morning.
Courtesy Of Rooney/Moon Broadcasting In Clovis.

Blog Updated At 3:35 PM MDT.

Chaves & Lincoln County Snowfall Reports-
NWS Albuquerque Public Information Statement
(Courtesy Of NWS Albuquerque)

16 Miles SE of Corona 7.0"
Corona 7.0"
9 Miles SW of Corona 6.5"
3 Miles WNW of Tucumcari 4.0"
Clovis 4.0"
1 Mile NNW of Clovis 3.0"
Santa Rosa 3.0"
Vaughn 3.0"
Grady 3.0"
1 Mile NW of Alto 2.3"
1 Mile E of Melrose 2.0"
3 Miles West of Angus (North of Ruidoso) 2.0"
Capitan 1.0"
3 Miles NE of Ruidoso .8"
1 Mile E of Portales .5"
Ruidoso .5"
Roswell .2"

Otero County Snowfall Reports-
(CoCoRaHS Reports)

0.4 Miles ESE of Cloudcroft 2.3"
1.8 Miles Southwest of Cloudcroft 2.0"
4.9 MilesNortheast of Cloudcroft 2.0"
2.3 Miles South of Cloudcroft 0.9"

Most locations across eastern and southeastern New Mexico received on average between a quarter and three quarters of an inch of rainfall. Light snow mixed in with the rain at times this morning in Roswell and Hobbs. Some of the heavier totals ares listed below.

Chaves County-

3.5 Miles WNW of Roswell .74"
1.6 Miles ENE of Roswell .70"
4.1 Miles NNE of Roswell .70"
17.4 N of Roswell .62"
7.6 Miles NNW of Roswell .61"
8-Mile Draw Raws .56"
Roswell Airport ASOS .45"
10 Miles ESE of Hagerman .38"
Dunken Raws .36"

Eddy County-

Queen 33.3 Miles WSW of Carlsbad .71"
Hope Climate .58"
3.5 Miles NNE of Artesia .57"
Caprock Climate .52"
Artesia Airport AWOS .51"
17.1 Miles NW of Carlsbad .43"
15.5 Miles S of Artesia .43"
Queen Raws - 3 Miles East .43"
4.8 Miles SSE of Artesia (Atoka) .40"
9.0 Miles NNW of Carlsbad .40"
15.5 Miles NW of Carlsbad .40"
Caprock Raws .38"
Artesia Climate - 6 Miles S .37"
6.8 Miles NW of Carlsbad .37"
Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns .33"
3.4 Miles N of Carlsbad .31"
2.1 Miles NNW of Downtown Carlsbad .30"
5.0 Miles SE of Carlsbad .30"
3.1 Miles SSE of Carlsbad .29"
1.9 Miles W of Downtown Carlsbad .25"
Carlsbad Climate .21"

Lea County-

0.4 Miles NNE of Hobbs .55"
0.8 Miles S of Lovington .46"
2.1 Miles SE of Hobbs .41"
Tatum Climate .40"
8.3 Miles SSE of Hobbs .33"
0.9 Miles NNW of Lovington .31"
Paduca Raws .19"

Additional rainfall totals are available via the links below.

Midland NWS Climate Summary
CoCoRaHS Reports Ending At 7 AM MDT
MesoWest Raws Reports Ending At 9:30 AM MDT

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First Snow Of The Season.

Click On The Images To Enlarge Them.

"My SE NM Radar" Snapshot At 3:09 AM.
Rain (Green) & Orange/Red T-Storms.
Midland NWS Doppler Radar 3:09 AM MDT.
"My SE NM Radar" Snapshot At 3:09 AM.
Rain (Green) & Snow (White) Showers.
Albuquerque NWS Doppler Radar At 3:09 AM MDT.

"My SE NM Radar" Snapshot At 3:09 AM.
Rain (Green) & Orange/Red T-Storms.
Amarillo NWS Doppler Radar At 3:09 AM MDT.

"My SE NM Radar" Snapshot At 3:09 AM.
Rain (Green) & Snow (White) Showers.
Amarillo NWS Doppler Radar At 3:08 AM MDT.

"My SE NM Radar" Snapshot At 3:09 AM.
Rain (Green) & Orange/Red T-Storms.

Cannon AFB Doppler Radar At 3:08 AM MDT.
"My SE NM Radar" Snapshot At 3:09 AM.
Rain (Green) & Snow (White) Showers.
Cannon AFB Doppler Radar At 3:08 AM MDT.

"My SE NM Radar" Snapshot At 3:09 AM.
Rain (Green) & Orange/Red T-Storms.

El Paso NWS Doppler Radar At 3:09 AM MDT.
"My SE NM Radar" Snapshot At 3:09 AM.
Rain (Green) & Snow (White) Showers.

El Paso NWS Doppler Radar At 3:09 AM MDT.

My SE NM Radar Snapshots.

Rain, snow, and a few t-storms have been ongoing across eastern and southeastern New Mexico since yesterday evening. I was awake at 3 AM this morning, so I grabbed these radar snapshots of the event.

 I purchase this software every month, and these radar views are linked onto my home web page. They currently are not available on the new "Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide views of my daily blogs. 

Be sure to check the "Winterize Box" at the top of the main radar page that you are viewing this winter. This allows you to see the different types of winter precipitation that may be falling over the area you are viewing. This includes areas of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. Heavy rain and t-storms will still show up as the darker orange and red colors. 

Additional details on how to use this product are available at the bottom on the main page.

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Numerous T-Storms Tonight - Turning Colder.

New Mexico Today.

Turning Much Colder Tonight Along With T-Storms.

A strong mid-upper level storm is now diving southeastward into southern California early this morning. This potent fall storm will move across Arizona and into New Mexico by late this afternoon. The models then drag it across southeastern New Mexico by noontime tomorrow.

Heavy Snow In Parts Of Colorado.

Heavy wet snow is falling across parts of northern and northeastern Colorado early this morning. As of 5:46 AM MDT, the heaviest snowfall total reported has been 10.3" 1 mile north of Greeley. See these links for additional information on this snowstorm- Colorado Snowstorm,

Strong Cold Front Will Arrive Late This Afternoon Or Early This Evening.

A strong modified arctic cold front is draped across eastern New Mexico, and the northern Texas South Plains early this morning. This cold front is forecast to ease southward today, and should enter southeastern New Mexico by late this afternoon or early this evening.


Today will start out mostly sunny and a little on the breezy side. Clouds will start to increase this afternoon as the upper level storm to our west approaches. Forecast high temperatures today range from 60 in Clovis, 62 in Cloudcroft, 65 in Ruidoso, 68 in Lubbock, 77 in Roswell and Hobbs, 83 in Artesia, to 84 in Carlsbad.


A strong cold front will move into the local area by around sunset. Gusty north-northeast winds will accompany the frontal passage. Some of these gusts may exceed 40-50 mph. Areas of blowing dust may develop along and just behind the cold front. Visibility's could be drastically reduced in some locations by the blowing dust with little to no advanced warning. Travel could become disrupted in some areas across W TX & SE NM by the strong winds and blowing dust.

Scattered to numerous rain showers and thunderstorms are forecast to break out across southeastern New Mexico and nearby areas late this afternoon. These showers and t-storms should continue into tomorrow morning.

At this time severe t-storms are not anticipated. However, these t-storms will be capable of producing small hail, frequent deadly cloud to ground lightning, locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds. Our chances for receiving measurable rainfall have gone up to 60% - 80% for tonight. Some locations may see at least a half inch of rain or more.

A light mix of rain and snow may fall over the higher elevations of the Guadalupe Mtn's late tonight into tomorrow morning. The Sacramento and Capitan Mtn's will likely receive a dusting of snow above about 7,000' tonight into tomorrow morning. A mix of light rain and snow could also fall as far south as the Clovis and Portales areas tonight into tomorrow morning, and as far south as a Tatum, to just north of Roswell line.

Thursday & Friday-

Low clouds will dominate our skies for most of the day tomorrow. Skies should then clear by late tomorrow afternoon. High temperatures will be in the 50's. Highs on Friday are forecast to be in the 60's.

Clearing skies, along with light winds and a colder airmass in place, will allow our low temperatures to drop down at least into the mid 30's across most of SE NM Friday morning. Some of us may even experience our first freeze/frost of the season.

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Hot Today - Big Cool Down Thursday.

Today's Outlook For SE NM & W TX.

New Mexico Today.

Strong Cold Front Enters TX South Plains Wed.

Note: This Blog Updated At 9:00 AM MDT.

Hot Today Ahead Of The Cold Front.

Note: I sat down with Mike Jackson, who is the News Director for the KSVP/KTZA Radio Stations in Artesia, NM Monday morning, and we discussed the 2011 - 2012 Winter Outlook for SE NM. You can listed to that Podcast via this link- Winter Outlook.

If you like temperatures in the low 90's then you are going to like today. Most of SE NM will see high temps in the upper 80's to the low 90's today, and the mid-upper 80's tomorrow. Enjoy these temps because they are going away starting Thursday.

A strong and cold mid-upper level storm is still being forecast by the models to dive southward into the Four-Corners Region by tomorrow. Most of the models continue their trend of keeping the storm progressive and moving it eastward fairly rapidly. The European (ECMWF) continues to suggest that the upper level trough will close off and slow down. If this pans out, then there will be a greater chance for rain and snow across the local area.

A Pacific cold front will move eastward across the state tomorrow, while a modified arctic cold front drops southward down the eastern plains tomorrow afternoon. This front should enter SE NM tomorrow night. It will be accompanied by strong gusty northerly winds. A few areas of blowing dust may develop along and behind the cold front.

Clouds and scattered rain showers will be on the increase across the area tomorrow night into Thursday morning, as the mi-upper level storm approaches from the northwest. Light snow will be possible over the Sacramento and Capatin Mountains above 7,000' MSL. At this time it does not appear that significant accumulations will occur with this storm. However, should the ECMWF model turn out to be correct, then the rainfall and snowfall totals across the local area could be a little more widespread and heavier than current forecasts indicate.

Temperatures will fall behind the cold front and a cloudy, breezy, and brisk day is in store for us on Thursday with daytime highs only in the 50's. Skies will clear by Thursday night, and low temps Friday morning will be the coldest of the season. Most locations will see lows at least in the mid 30's with some of us experiencing the first freeze of the season.

A warming trend is expected to commence on Friday and continue into the weekend. Highs on Friday will be in the 60's. High temps will climb back up into the 70's by the weekend.

Normal High/Low Temps For Oct 25th.
(New 30-Year Averages 1981-2010.)

Roswell 73/43
Artesia 75/40
Carlsbad 76/44
Carlsbad Airport 75/45
Hobbs 75/47
Tatum 72/39
Ruidoso 63/33
Cloudcroft 57/31

Temperature Data Is Courtesy Of-

The Midland NWS Climate Page
The El Paso NWS Climate Page
The Albuquerque NWS Climate Page

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