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Street Flooding In Carlsbad, NM 9-22-2010.

Very Heavy Rains Produced Street Flooding In Carlsbad, NM On Sept 22nd, 2010. I Took These Photos At 6:36 PM MDT - Two Hours After The Rains Had Fallen. I Recorded .75" Of Rain At My Home In NW Carlsbad, In Ten Minutes. Additional Heavy Rainfall Feel In The City Between 7- 10:00 PM MDT, Which Produced Additional Street Flooding, As Well As Flash Flooding On Dark Canyon Arroyo. My Twenty Four Hour Total Was 2.78" At My Home.
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Dark Canyon Floods On 9-23-2010

This Is What Happens When 3.00" - 4.00"+ Of Rain Falls Over The Guadalupe Mountains Southwest And West Of Carlsbad, New Mexico. Normally Dry Dark Canyon Arroyo Flooded To A Depth Of Four Feet. Never Try To Drive Or Walk Across A Flooded Arroyo Like This. Remember - Turn Around, Don't Drown! The Photos Are Courtesy Of Joel Arnwine, The Eddy County New Mexico Emergency Manager.
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Flash Flood Watch Today!

Early Rainfall Reports As Of7 4 AM MDT. (Additional Reports Will Be Available Later Today)
16 S Whites City & 5 Miles West On Co Rd 418 4.00"+ Fort Stanton Raws 4.13"
3 W Carlsbad Arpt 3.32" Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 2.96" Dark Canyon Draw Raws 2.82"
3.4 N Downtown Carlsbad2.78" 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 2.63"
33.3 WSW Carlsbad - Queen2.60"
16 S Whites City2.50"
Queen Raws2.45"
Downtown Carlsbad - OEM Bldg2.21"
3 S Hope2.10"
2.2 N Downtown Carlsbad2.08"
2.0 N Downtown Carlsbad1.97" McKittrick Canyon Raws 1.89"
5 S Artesia - Atoka1.75" Carlsbad Arpt1.70"
Pinery Raws - Pine Springs1.60"
Indian Basin Gas Plant - 20 WNW Carlsbad1.48"
Bowl Raws1.48" Dog Canyon Raws 1.46"
4.8 SSE Artesia - Atoka1.33" 5 SE Artesia1.30"
15.5 S Artesia1.30"
3.1 SSE Carlsbad1.27"
0.9 NE Lakewood1.25"
15.5 NW Carlsbad1.16" Caprock Raws 1.14"
8-Mile Draw Raws1.07" Smokey Bear Raws - Near Ru…

Local Year To Date Rainfall Totals

Chaves Co NM Sept Year Elk Climate 2.27 15.89 3.5 WNW Downtown Roswell 1.04 13.87 0.3 SSW Downtown Roswell 0.14 13.29 Roswell Airport 0.87 13.21 7.6 NNW Downtown Roswell 0.22 10.32 Eddy Co NM Sept Year 33.3 WSW Carlsbad - Queen 2.27 28.83 0.9 NE Lakewood 0.27 17.78 3.1 SSE Carlsbad 1.92 16.93 Downtown Carlsbad 3.27 16.14 2.0 N Downtown Carlsbad 2.17

Welcome Rains Fall Across The Pecos Valley.

T-Storm Rolls Across Carlsbad, NM Thursday Afternoon. A Scud Cloud Is Forming Under The Base Of The Storm.
Selected Rainfall Totals As Of 7 AM MDT
Dark Canyon Raws 1.87"
Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns1.73"
1.9 NW Downtown Carlsbad1.65"
Downtown Carlsbad - OEM Bld1.53"
Paduca Raws1.36"
3.1 SSE Carlsbad1.16"
2.0 N Downtown Carlsbad1.15"
2.2 N Downtown Carlsbad.93"
Carlsbad Airport.92"
Dog Canyon Raws.92" Dunken Raws.83" Queen Raws .81" 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad .76"
6 S Artesia.63" 33.3 WSW Carlsbad - Queen.60" McKittrick Canyon Raws .57"
Hope Climate.56"
3.4 N Downtown Carlsbad.48'
4.8 SSE Artesia - Atoka.30" Artesia Airport .10" Roswell Airport .10"
0.9 NE Lakewood.02"
Rainfall Totals Are Courtesy Of-
CoCoRaHS NM Rosa Reports MesoWest Weather Weather Underground
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Rain Falls West Of The Caprock.

Leaden Skies Drop Rain Over The Area Monday Afternoon/Night.
Selected Rainfall Totals Across SE NM As Of 7 AM MDT Tue Sept 14, 2010.
Sunspot 0.07 N 1.35" Wimsatt Located Just East Of Cloudcroft 1.18" Sierra Blanca Snotel 1.10" 4.9 NE Cloudcroft .97" Dog Canyon Raws .90" Dark Ridge Observatory - Weed .86" Weed - K5TCS .84" Cloudcroft Fire Stn - On Hwy 82 .78" 3.5 WNW Roswell .77" Mayhill Raws .76" 1.8 SW Cloudcroft .72" Bowl Raws - 1/2 N Guadalupe Peak .70" 2.3 S Cloudcroft .69" 5.4 W Cloudcroft .65" Pinery Raws - Pine Springs .60" Smokey Bear Raws - Near Ruidoso .59" McKittrick Canyon Raws .50" 0.6 S Pinon .43" 33.3 WSW Carlsbad - Queen .35" Guadalupe Pass ASOS .34" Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns .30" Queen Raws .24" Dark Canyon Draw Raws .22" Dunken Raws - 45 W Artesia .17" Carlsbad Airport .10" 3.4 N Downtown Carlsbad .08" 3.1 SSE Carlsbad .08" Downtown Carlsbad - OEM Bldg .06&…

20% -30% Chance For A T-Storm Today.

Red Sky In The Morning - Sailors Take Warning. Maybe...That Saying Doesn't Always Apply In The Desert SW.
You May Get Wet Today.
A couple of upper level disturbances will zip overhead today in the southwesterly flow aloft, as the Western US upper level trough of low pressure, swings across northern New Mexico. Enough low level moisture, atmospheric instability, and convergence along the dryline, will kick up a few scattered thunderstorms today. Locally heavy rain, small hail, and gusty winds will be possible with the stronger of the storms.
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Falls Starts While La Nina Strengthens.

Click On The Photos/Maps To Enlarge Them. Looking SW From The Junction Of Dark Canyon Rd & St Hwy 137. I Haven't Seen The Grass This Tall & Thick In This Country In Years. The 95-100 Degree Temps We Have Seen Lately Is Turning The Grass Brown. Harmony & Thunder Romping Around In It In The Top Photo.
One Of The Wettest/Greenest Summers In A Long Time.
We went up to Queen, NM yesterday to cut firewood. I could not help but notice how lush and tall the grass is, everywhere. It's been a long time since I have seen this country look this good. This comes as no surprise given the heavy rains that have fallen this summer. The bad news is that this grass is already drying out and turning brown. With the current La Nina getting stronger with time, conditions will be ripe this fall into next spring, for unusually high fire danger conditions across the area.
The Cloudcroft Climate Coop Station has recorded 32.45" of rainfall so far this year. Cloudcroft's long term yearly …

2010 Rainfall Totals Continue To Add Up.

Selected SE NM 2010 Rainfall Totals (For Sep & Jan 1st - Sep 3rd, 2010)
Chaves County
Elk Climate Sep .18" Yr 13.80" 0.3 SSW Downtown Roswell Sep .11" Yr 13.26" Roswell Airport Sep .60" Yr 12.94" 7.6 NNW Downtown Roswell Sep .00" Yr 10.10"
Eddy County
33.3 WSW Carlsbad-Queen Sep .92" Yr 27.48" 0.9 NE Lakewood Sep .25" Yr 17.76" 3.1 SSE Carlsbad Sep .39" Yr 15.40" Downtown Carlsbad Sep 1.54" Yr 14.38" 2.0 N Downtown Carlsbad Sep .97" Yr 14.17" Carlsbad Climate Sep .37" Yr 14.17" 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad Sep .65" Yr 13.51" Carlsbad Airport Sep .85" Yr 12.94" IBGP-20 WNW Carlsbad Sep .75" Yr 12.78" Artesia Climate Sep .00" Yr 10.73"
Lea County
0.4 NNE Downtown Hobbs Sep .00" Yr 14.28" 26.6 WNW Jal Sep .00" Yr 13.93" 0.9 NNW Lovington Sep .00" Yr 12.85" 8.3 SSE Hobbs Sep .00" Yr 12.33" 1.7 SW Tatum Sep .00" Yr 10.46" Hob…

T-Storms Will End This Morning - Cooler Today.

Downtown Carlsbad Receives 1.51" Of Rain Overnight. Most Intersections Flooded With 4" - 6" of Water, Curb To Curb At 6:52 AM.
High Temperatures Yesterday-
Paduca Raws Near WIPP 104 NW Hobbs - KM5BS 102 8-Mile Draw Raws 102 Caprock Raws 101 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 101 Roswell Airport 100 2 SW Tatum 100 Carlsbad Airport 100 Artesia Airport 97 Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 94 Queen Raws 87 Smokey Bear Raws - Near Ruinous 86 Mayhill Raws 85 Cloudcroft Climate 75 Cosmic Raws - Sunspot 74
Rainfall Totals As Of 8 AM MDT-
Queen Raws 1.75" Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 1.66" McKittrick Canyon Raws 1.64" Downtown Carlsbad - OEM Bldg 1.51" 2.0 N Downtown Carlsbad .97" 33.3 WSW Carlsbad - Queen .92" Dark Canyon Rd Raws .88" Carlsbad Airport .85" 1.9 NW Downtown Carlsbad .78" Indian Basin Gas Plant - 20 WNW Carlsbad .75" 2.2 N Downtown Carlsbad .68" Pinery Raws - Pine Springs .67" 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad .65" 3.4 N Downtown Carlsbad .62&q…

Severe T-Storms Ahead Of Cold Front Today!

40% Chance For Spotter Activation Around 4 PM MDT.
Strong Cold Front Arrives Tonight.
Another hot day is on tap for the area today with our afternoon high temps forecast to reach up into the upper 90's to near 100. A strong cold front will plow southward through SE NM tonight. Much cooler temps are forecast on Friday, with most locations only seeing highs in the 70's. The 90's will return for the weekend.
Scattered T-Storms will develop this afternoon. With forecast wind shear values around 20 knots, and surface based cape values of 1000+ j/kg, some of these T-Storms will become severe. The main severe weather hazards will be large hail, damaging thunderstorm wind gusts in excess of 60 mph, and deadly frequent cloud to ground lightning.Locally heavy rainfall may also produce localized flash flooding with some of the stronger storms.
A Look Back In Local Weather History
On September 1, 1983, at 5:50 P.M.
A tornado touched down onSouth First street in Artesia, NM and causes $25…

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