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Flash Flooding Update 9-25-2014.

9-21-2014 Eagle Draw - Artesia, NM.
9-21-2014. Eagle Draw - Artesia, NM.
9-21,22-2014. Dark Canyon Arroyo. Carlsbad, New Mexico.
14-Day Rainfall Totals.

NWS AHPS 14-Day Rainfall Totals.

CoCoRaHS 14-Day Rainfall Totals.
(Sept 10 -Sept 23, 2014).

Public 14-Day Rainfall Totals.
(Sept 10 -23, 2014).

2 Miles East Malaga 25.00"
Durante Rd 1 Mile East Malaga 22.25"
Derrick Rd/Old Cavern Hwy 21.50"
Between Kincaid Ranch Rd & Rockin R Red Rd 17.70"
Kennel Rd 16.70"
South 6th St Carlsbad 16.50"

Rainfall totals are courtesy of Woods Hougton and the Eddy County Extension Service - Agriculture.
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction! 
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Rainfall Totals & Historic Flash Flooding On Dark Canyon - 9-23-2014.

9-22-2014. Callaway Drive. Carlsbad, New Mexico.
9-21-2014. Eagle Draw - US Hwy 285 Bridge In Artesia, NM.
9-22-2014. Fanning Road. Normally Dry Rio Penasco River. 9 Miles SSE Of Artesia, New Mexico.

Normally Dry Dark Canyon Arroyo.
San Jose Blvd - Carlsbad, New Mexico.
9-22-2014. Normally Dry Dark Canyon Arroyo.   San Jose Blvd, Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture any video of Dark Canyon Arroyo during at its highest flood stage, which occurred just before midnight Sunday, September 21,2014. I was at the Eddy County Emergency Operations Center assisting local official's with weather updates. 
Record/Historic Flooding On Dark Canyon.
NWS AHPS Dark Canyon Flood Gauge. 
Record/Historic flash flooding occurred in the Dark Canyon Arroyo that runs through the heart of Carlsbad, New Mexico Sunday night just before midnight. The flood gauge water depth in the arroyo peaked at 21.62 feet. This is the second highest depth ever measured in the arroyo. …

Flash Flood Update - Sunday 9-21-2014.

9-19-2014. Lakewood, New Mexico. Courtesy Of Mark Malone. Flash Flooding On Normally Dry Four Mile Arroyo
Flood Depths This Sunday Morning. (As Of 7:45 AM MDT).

7-Day Rainfall Totals.

14-Day Rainfall Totals.

Flash Flooding Eddy Co NM- 9-19-2014.

9-18/19-2014. Courtesy Of Wendell L. Malone Carlsbad, New Mexico Flash Flooding.

9-18/19-2014. Courtesy Of Diane J. Malone Carlsbad, New Mexico Flash Flooding.
9-19-2014. Flash Flooding On Four Mile Arroyo. Video Courtesy Of Owen Lyles Of Lakewood, NM. Water Depth Over The Road Here Was 20 Feet Deep!
9-19-2014. Courtesy Of Richard Aves Of Carlsbad, NM. Delaware River - US Hwy 285 South Of Malaga, NM.
NWS AHPS 7-Day Rainfall Totals.
NWS AHPS 14-Day Rainfall Totals.

NWS 4-KM 7-Day Precipitation Totals. Courtesy Of WeatherBell.

NWS 4-KM 14-Day Precipitation Totals. Courtesy Of WeatherBell.
Blog Update @ 10:40 AM MDT 9-20-2014.
• Eddy County remains under a flash flood watch with a 50% chance of rain. Whites City Road and Lakew

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