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T-Storms Produce Locally Hvy Rain Wed Aftn!

Thunderstorms returned to SE NM yesterday afternoon. One of these became severe six miles south of Seven Rivers at 4:45 PM MDT. However, to my knowledge no severe weather reports were received on this storm. It did produce some heavy rainfall and a Urban and small stream flood advisory was issued on it by the Midland National Weather Service Office at 5:11 PM MDT.

The weak upper level low that was responsible for producing this latest round of thunderstorms was located near Hobbs early this morning. This feature will drift slowly westward us another round of scattered afternoon thunderstorms across the SE NM Plains. A couple of these may produce locally heavy rainfall once again. The weekend looks hot with afternoon high temps climbing up to around 100.

Heavier Rainfall Totals From Yesterdays T-Storms-

Paduca Raws-Near The WIPP Site 1.93"
Queen Raws 1.11"
Carlsbad Airport 1.02"
Dog Canyon Raws .85"
Indian Basin Gas Plant-20 WNW Carlsbad .64"
Tatum .53"

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Rain Falls Upon The Plain.

Heavy rainfall fell across the local area the end of last week, continuing into this past weekend. This July is shaping up to go down in the history books as being one of the top ten wettest in parts of SE NM. Our chances of seeing additional heavy rainfall will increase over the area tomorrow and Wednesday. The remnants of a Tutt low now located in Texas, will move westward into New Mexico over the next couple of days, enhancing our chances for additional rainfall.

Latest Local 5 Day Rainfall Totals-
(Updated At 7:00 AM MDT Monday Morning)

4.9 NE Cloudcroft 4.80"
Cloudcroft Climate 4.31"
Roswell #1Portable Raws-NE of Fort Stanton 4.13"
Bowl Raws-1/2 Mile N Guadalupe Pk 3.97"
Pinery Raws-Pine Springs 3.72"
Mayhill Raws 3.61"
Queen Raws 3.53"
5.4 W Cloudcroft 3.42"
16 ESE Cloudcroft-Mayhill 3.41"
0.4 ESE Cloudcroft 3.32"
33.3 WSW Carlsbad-Queen 3.25"
2.3 S Cloudcroft 3.18"
Sirrea Blanca Regional Airport 3.15"
McKittrick Canyon Raws 3.05"
0.4 ESE Cloudcroft 3.32"
Mescal Raws-Near Mescalero 2.76"
Dog Canyon Raws 2.58"
Dog Canyon Climate-SW of Queen 2.46" (Updated 11:40 AM Sun)
3.5 WNW Roswell 2.17"
Capitan Climate 2.15"
Bat Draw-Carlsbad Caverns 2.12"
Smokey Bear Raws-Near Ruidoso 2.05"
Dunken Raws 1.88"
3.1 SE Carlsbad 1.66"
Dark Canyon Rd Climate-15 W Carlsbad 1.63" (Updated 11:40 AM Sun)
Ruidoso Climate 1.58"
Carlsbad Climate 1.44"
Dark Canyon Raws-6 Miles SW Carlsbad Airport 1.30"
Paduca Raws-Near The WIPP Site 1.26"
4.0 E Cloudcroft 1.24"
26.6 WNW Jal 1.18" (Updated 9:00 AM)
0.07 N Sunspot 1.18"
Carlsbad Airport 1.07"
Caprock Raws 1.05"
7.6 NNW Roswell 1.03"
1.1 NE Carlsbad-OEM Bldg Downtown .97"
Roswell Airport .90"
2.0 N Carlsbad .88"
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad .80"
0.9 NE Lakewood .66"
0.6 S Pinon .63"
1.7 SW Tatum .38"
8-Mile Draw Raws-18 NE Roswell .26"
19.8 WNW Carlsbad-Indian Basin Gas Plant .22"
4.8 SSE Artesia-Atoka .18"

Rainfall Totals Are Courtesy Of-

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It's Already Been A Wet Year!

Local Rainfall Totals So Far This July & Year.
(July 1st -27th) & (Jan 1st -July 27th)

Chaves & Eddy Co's Updated 9:00 AM Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chaves Co NM

Roswell Airport July 2.47" Year 9.91"
0.3 SSW Roswell July 2.55" Year 9.55"
3.5 WNW Roswell July 4.40" Year 9.06"
Elk Climate July 3.09" Year 9.05"
4.1 NNE Roswell July 2.17" Year 7.94"
7.6 NNW Roswell July 2.63" Year 6.58"

Long Term Rainfall Averages For (July) & (Jan-Jul)-

Roswell Airport (1920-2009) July 1.84" Jan-Jul 6.53"
Elk Climate (1895-2009) July 3.05" Jan-Jul 8.03"

Eddy Co NM

33.3 WSW Carlsbad-Queen July 9.06" Year 21.81"
0.9 NE Lakewood July 8.00" Year 15.12"
3.1 SSE Carlsbad July 6.84" Year 13.36"
Carlsbad Climate July 6.81" Year 12.25"
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad July 6.12" Year 11.90"
15.5 S Artesia July 6.56" Year 11.71"
1.1 NNE Carlsbad-Downtown OEM Bldg July 6.77" Year 11.71"
2.0 N Carlsbad July 6.82" Year 11.51"
Carlsbad Airport July 5.52" Year 11.41"
19.8 WNW Carlsbad-Indian Basin Gas Plant July 2.60" Year 10.04"
2.2 N Carlsbad July 6.14" Year 10.54"
0.9 NW Carlsbad July 6.00" Year 9.89"
3.4 N Carlsbad July 5.60" Year 9.78"
15.5 NW Carlsbad July 4.04" Year 9.77"
Artesia Climate-6 S July 3.64" Year 9.42"
4.8 SSE Artesia-Atoka July 4.17" Year 9.34"
Bat Draw Raws-Carlsbad Caverns July 6.74" Year 9.28"

Long Term Averages For (July) & (Jan-Jul)-

Artesia Climate (1905-2009) July 1.75" Jan-Jul 6.28"
Carlsbad Climate (1900-2009) July 1.82" Jan-Jul 6.50"
Carlsbad Airport (1942-2009) July 1.75" Jan-Jul 5.81"

Lea Co NM

0.4 NNE Hobbs July 6.62" Year 13.86"
8.0 SSE Hobbs July 7.14" Year 13.43"
Paduca Raws-Near The WIPP Site July 5.59" Year 12.91"
8.3 SSE Hobbs July 6.70" Year 11.38"
26.6 WSW Jal July 4.85" Year 11.11"
0.9 NNW Lovington July 4.35" Year 10.96"
East Hobbs July 3.87" Year 10.67"
11 N Hobbs July 6.13" Year 9.96"
2.1 SE Hobbs July 6.02" Year 9.59"
Hobbs Climate July 1.29" Year 9.50"
1.7 SW Tatum July 1.84" Year 8.67"

Long Term Averages For (July) & (Jan-Jul)-

Hobbs Climate (1912-2009) July 2.12" Jan-Jul 8.26"
Tatum Climate (1919-2009) July 2.48" Jan-Jul 8.81"

Lincoln Co NM

4.4 NW Ruidoso July 2.46" Year 13.77"
3.9 NNW Ruidoso July 1.79" Year 11.99"
Ruidoso Climate July 2.19" Year 9.98"

Long Term Averages For (July) & (Jan-Jul)-

Ruidoso Climate (1941-2009) July 4.01" Jan-Jul 15.27"

Otero Co NM

4.9 NE Cloudcroft July 5.48" Year 20.45"
Cloudcroft Climate July 6.31" Year 20.38"
0.5 NNW Cloudcroft July 5.79" Year 19.95"
0.4 ESE Cloudcroft July 6.22" Year 19.55"
4.0 E Cloudcroft July 6.87" Year 19.00"
2.3 S Cloudcroft July 5.08" Year 17.84"
16 ESE Cloudcroft-Mayhill July 4.42" Year 15.68"
0.07 N Sunspot July 4.30" Year 13.45"
5.4 W Cloudcroft July 3.40" Year 10.22"
0.6 S Pinon July 1.76" Year 7.87"

Long Term Averages For (July) & (Jan-Jul)-

Cloudcroft Climate (1901-2009) July 5.47" Jan-Jul 14.42"

Rainfall Totals & Averages Are Courtesy Of-

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A Look Back At June's Weather

I have been thinking about what has transpired with our local weather here in SE NM over June. True to form it has been interesting to say the least. Lets take a look back and see what has happened. June started off hot, and to be a little more exact, record hot in a lot of places.

Listed below are some of the new daily record high temperature records that were established locally.

Station Id/Lat/Long/Type/Stn Id #/New Daily Record/Old Daily Record/Years Of Record

June 4th-

CARLSBAD FAA AP, NM (KCNM)32.34-104.26ASOS291475105.0°F103.0°F197569

ELK, NM32.92-105.34COOP29286593.0°F92.0°F189659

RUIDOSO, NM33.36-105.67COOP29764990.0°F88.0°F195659

June 5th-

CARLSBAD FAA AP, NM (KCNM)32.34-104.26ASOS291475111.0°F108.0°F199069

ROSWELL INDUSTRIAL AP, NM (KROW)33.31-104.51ASOS297610110.0°F106.0°F199061

ARTESIA 6S, NM32.75-104.38COOP290600105.0°F101.0°F200699

HOBBS, NM32.73-103.13COOP294026104.0°F104.0°F199085

CARLSBAD, NM32.35-104.22COOP291469104.0°F104.0°F1996105

CARLSBAD CAVERNS, NM32.18-104.44COOP291480102.0°F99.0°F198072

ELK, NM32.92-105.34COOP29286598.0°F94.0°F200660

June 6th-

CARLSBAD, NM32.35-104.22COOP291469111.0°F107.0°F1947104

ARTESIA 6S, NM32.75-104.38COOP290600109.0°F105.0°F199699

CARLSBAD CAVERNS, NM32.18-104.44COOP291480108.0°F104.0°F198070

HOPE, NM32.81-104.73COOP294112108.0°F105.0°F199056

TATUM, NM33.24-103.36COOP298713105.0°F104.0°F198078

RUIDOSO, NM33.36-105.67COOP29764994.0°F91.0°F199659

June 8th-

BITTER LAKES WL REFUGE, NM33.46-104.40COOP290992108.0°F105.0°F198053

June 10th-

CARLSBAD FAA AP, NM (KCNM)32.34-104.26ASOS291475106.0°F104.0°F200269

ROSWELL INDUSTRIAL AP, NM (KROW)33.31-104.51ASOS297610105.0°F104.0°F200261

June 11th-

CARLSBAD CAVERNS, NM32.18-104.44COOP291480102.0°F102.0°F193972

As June comes to a close the heavens opened up and the rains fell. The remnants of Tropical Storm Alex were pulled northward into SE NM the last week of the month.

Listed below are some of the new 24 hour daily rainfall records that were established in June locally.

Station Id/Lat/Long/Type/Stn Id #/New Daily Record/Old DailyRecord/Years Of Record

June 6th-

ROSWELL INDUSTRIAL AP, NM (KROW)33.31-104.51ASOS2976101.11 in0.71 in199167

June 7th

ELK, NM32.92-105.34COOP2928651.05 in1.02 in1997115

June 21st-

TATUM, NM33.24-103.36COOP2987130.8 in0.55 in196591

June 23rd

ROSWELL INDUSTRIAL AP, NM (KROW)33.31-104.51ASOS2976101.81 in1.3 in198167

June 28th-

OCHOA, NM32.17-103.43COOP2962811.2 in1.03 in196668

June 30th-

HOBBS, NM32.73-103.13COOP2940261.5 in1.2 in195097
ROSWELL INDUSTRIAL AP, NM (KROW)33.31-104.51ASOS2976101.03 in0.52 in198267
CARLSBAD FAA AP, NM (KCNM)32.34-104.26ASOS2914750.87 in0.8 in200980

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