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Time-Lapse Altocumulus Standing Lenticular Clouds (ACSL) Carlsbad, NM 1-28-2023.

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Current NWS Watches/Warnings/Hazards - Click On The Map For Your Area Of Interest.
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Today Was Hot But The Next Couple Of Days Will Be Hotter.

Blog updated at 11:00 PM MDT.

Low Temperatures This Morning.

High Temperatures This Afternoon.

Maps Are Courtesy Of NWS Mesonet Observations.

High temperatures In SE NM Today.

Paduca Raws 105
8-Mile Draw Raws 103
West Carlsbad - NMAQ 102
10 ESE Hagerman 101
Roswell Airport 101
Carlsbad Airport 101
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 101
Caprock Raws 100
Artesia Airport 99
High Temperatures In Oklahoma Today.

NAM Model Forecast High Temperatures Wednesday.

It was hot in southeast New Mexico today but our heat was fairly mild compared to Oklahoma. Forecast high temperatures across Oklahoma for tomorrow are expected to be a few degrees warmer than today's readings. A few spots between Oklahoma City and Tulsa could exceed 115-120F. In fact the NAM model is forecasting temps of 115F or higher between Oklahoma City and Tulsa by as early as noon. That's remarkable!

Valid At 3 PM MDT Wed Aug 1, 2012.

Tonight's 00Z/6 PM MDT RAP 2 Meter Temperature Forecast model is forecasting 105 in the Pecos Valley by 3 PM Wednesday afternoon. The NAM-WRF is close behind with temps near 103. The next three days are going to be downright hot to say the least. Some of our local daily record high temps may be in danger of being tied or broken.

Beat the heat - Check the backseat. 

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HOT This Week!

Regional 3 PM MDT Temperature Map.

Local 3 PM MDT Temperatures.

Its hot out there! I do believe that the dog days of summer have arrived. A stubborn upper-level ridge of high pressure was centered over the Texas Panhandle today. For the most part this ridge will pretty much remain parked over the area into the weekend. The close proximity of the ridge has shunted our summer monsoonal flow westward into Arizona, leaving southeastern New Mexico high and dry.

  As of 3:30 PM here are some of our local afternoon high temperatures so far this afternoon:

8-Mile Draw Raws - NE of Roswell 104
Paduca Raws - Near WIPP 100
Carlsbad - NMAQ 100

10 ESE Hagerman 99
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 99
Carlsbad Airport 99
Roswell Airport 98
Artesia Airport - HCN 98
Hobbs Airport 95
Dunken Raws 93
Smokey Bear Raws - Ruidoso 90

Queen Raws 88
Weed - DRO 87
Mayhill Raws 86
Timberon 82
Cloudcroft Fire Station 80

Cloudcroft - Dry Canyon 79
Sacramento Peak - Sunspot 71

Forecast High Temperatures This Week-

The Rest Of This Week.

No relief is in sight for this week, in fact triple digit temperatures are expected for most of us right on into the weekend. Our overnight lows will be comfortable with a dry airmass in place and will range from the upper 60's to the low 70's this week. 

Take a look at the 6-10 day, and the 8-14 day long-range temperature and long-range precipitation forecast probability maps below. August looks like it is going to start off hotter than normal as well as drier than normal. 

6-10 Day Outlook.

8-14 Day Outlook.

Tropical Atlantic Becoming Active.

A weak area of low pressure  (Invest 99L) associated with a tropical wave was located 900 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands today. It is moving west at 10-15 mph. This disturbance is forecast to continue on this course for most of this week. Some slow strengthening is likely in time, but until it gets a little further north away from the weaker surface winds just north of the Equator, little significant strengthening is likely. 

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July Ends & August Begins Hot.

A few scattered thunderstorms are forecast to pop up over the mountains today and to a lesser extent tomorrow. Its possible that a few of them may also develop over parts of the southeastern plains today, but overall say goodbye to the rain for awhile. 

A stout upper-level ridge of high pressure is forecast to dominate our weather late this weekend into the end of next week. Simply state its just going to be downright hot. Our afternoon high temperatures for most of next week will likely range from 100 to 105. A few spots may even top 105.

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Friday's Rainfall Totals. 7-27-2012.

Blog updated at 1:40 PM MDT.
Blog updated at 9:10 AM MDT.

24-Hour Rainfall Totals.

Can You Spot The Rain Drops?

Strong T-Storm Developed North Of Whites City Yesterday.
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We Are Better Off Than We Were One Year Ago.

Click On The Maps To Enlarge Them.

24-Hour Rainfall Totals.

Midland NWS 44-Hour Rainfall Totals.
GRLevel3 2.00

Once again a few scattered thunderstorms broke out over the southeastern plains yesterday. Some of these storms were still ongoing over the Sacramento Mountains as of 10 PM last night. Most of the rainfall reporting stations managed once again to miss the heavier rainfall totals in southeastern New Mexico. Most of these storms have been of the pulse-type, they pop up and dissipate rather quickly. Overall storm coverage has been rather disappointing so far the past couple of days.

Current Drought Status.

Includes radar estimates and actual reported totals.

 Parts of southeastern New Mexico have received normal or slightly above normal July rainfall totals so far this month, but overall many areas are still running below normal for the month. The picture is a little more bleak when you look at the "Year To Date" rainfall totals for the area.Most of the local area continues to run below normal rainfall-wise for the year. Conditions are markedly better compared to last year, but we have a long way to go before the drought ends.

While the drought continues to spread across much of the country, here in southeastern New Mexico we have seen some improvement in the drought, as well as across other parts of the Desert Southwest. 

Typically, July-August-September are our three wettest months here in southeastern New Mexico, with the majority of our annual rainfall falling during this time. Hopefully our recent trend of gradually improving conditions will continue into the fall. Our developing El Nino is forecast to continue to strengthen this hopefully we will have a wet "fall-winter-spring" ahead of us.

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Our Best Chances For Rain For Awhile Today Into Friday.

A weak and slow moving cold front draped across the area will be the focus for thunderstorms today into Friday. The front will have little affect on our afternoon high temperatures. Our afternoon highs are forecast to be in the upper 90's today, the low-mid 90's on Friday, and the mid-upper 90's Saturday and Sunday.

Today's crop of thunderstorms will be capable of producing heavy rainfall which may lead to localized flash flooding. As has been the case so far this summer, and will continue to be the case for some time to come, the burn scar areas in the Guadalupe, Sacramento, and Capitan Mountains,  and locations below them, will be especially vulnerable to flash flooding. 

Please do not attempt to cross a flooded arroyo, flooded small streams, or other flood prone low lying areas. Most flash flood deaths in New Mexico occur in automobiles and at night. Remember..."Turn Around - Don't Drown."

Some of the stronger thunderstorms may also produce strong wind gusts (wet microbursts). 

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Average Daily High/Low Temperatures

Average Daily High/Low Temperatures

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