Happy 4th Of July America! Rain Is On The Way.

Happy 4th of July everyone. I am so thankful and grateful to be 
a citizen of this great nation. I hope everyone has a safe
 and happy holiday today. God bless America!

Maps Are Courtesy Of The Lubbock NWS Office.

GRLevel3 2.0 Estimated Rainfall Yesterday Evening.
Midland NWS Doppler Radar.

GRLevel3 2.0 Estimated Rainfall Yesterday Evening.
Holloman AFB Doppler Radar.

Old timer ranchers and farmers have always claimed that if it didn't cool down and rain by the 4th of July then the rest of the year would be dry. More often than not I have found this statement to be true over the years. Our current monsoonal surge is forecast to continue today into Friday before shifting further to the west into Arizona by the weekend.

Scattered thunderstorms will fire up once again today by around noontime. These storms will become increase in aerial coverage through the afternoon and evening. Once again the mountains and nearby areas have the best chances of seeing rain today. Southeastern New Mexico generally has a 20% - 30% chance of getting wet today into Thursday. The Ruidoso and Cloudcroft areas have a 50% - 70% chance of rain today into Thursday.

Locally heavy rainfall will be possible with any thunderstorm. This will lead to flash flooding over and below any burn scar area. Please remember "Turn Around - Don't Drown." Never attempt to walk across or drive through a flooded arroyo.

Thunderstorms broke out across the southeastern plains as well as across the Guadalupe, Sacramento, and Capitan Mountains yesterday afternoon. These storms were a little more widespread and numerous than was forecast. Some of the heavier rainfall totals are listed below.

Lazy Day Cabins - Mayhill .66"
Dog Canyon Raws .64"Cow Mountain IRaws 14 .44"
Elk Climate .43"
8 S Pinon - HADS .39"
Sierra Blanca Snotel .30"
Mayhill CW9878 .22"
Queen Raws .19"
Dark Canyon Draw Raws .18"
Smokey Bear Raws - Ruidoso .16" 
Dry Canyon - East of Cloudcroft .14" 
Cedar Creek - Ruidoso .14" 
IRaws 13 Lift-6 .13"
IRaws 15 Skyline .12" 
Carlsbad Airport .12" 
NW Hobbs - KM5BS .12"Mayhill Raws .09"
Mescal Raws .06"
Mid-Town Ruidoso .06"
Cloudcroft Climate .05"
Ruidoso Climate .05"
Dunken Raws .03"
McKittrick Canyon Raws .02"Sacramento Peak Raws .01"
Northwest side of Carlsbad Trace

Rainfall Totals Are Courtesy Of-
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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