Selected Local High Temperature Records.

Little Bear Forest Fire Near Nogal, New Mexico 6-9-2012.

Selected Local High Temperature Records.

Roswell's All Time High Temperature Of 114ºF Occurred On June 27, 1994.

Artesia's All Time High Temperature Of 116ºF Occurred On 6-29-1918.

Carlsbad's All Time High Temperature Occurred On 6-28-1994. 
(The 24 Hour High Temperature Of 114ºF Was Noted In The Daily Observation Form At The Climate Co-Op Station In Town On Stevens Street At 8 AM MDT On The 28th - But Actually Occurred On The Afternoon Of The 27th).

On The Afternoon Of June 27, 1994 The Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) Weather Observer At The Carlsbad Airport Recorded An Afternoon High Temperature Of 120ºF. He simply refused to believe that his thermometer was reading correctly even though there was no indication of it being in error. So He took his sling thermometer and hung it underneath an elm tree just east of the Flight Service Station Office, in area over bermuda grass that was being watered at the time. For his 6-hourly maximum temperature he used his hourly highest reading of 113ºF instead of the maximum temperature of 120ºF which should have been his official high temperature of the day. Thus Carlsbad's record breaking temperature of 120ºF was never recorded. I talked with him that afternoon and tried to get him to report the correct reading but he refused to do so.


Unofficially I recorded a high temperature at my home in Lakewood of 119ºF on June 27, 1994. I was using a mercury maximum thermometer housed in a Stevenson Screen. My reading was compatible with the Carlsbad Airport temperature of 120ºF (which was not reported). News media across the state carried my story and reported my temperature as a new all time high temperature record for the state. Several days later we learned that the WIPP Site had topped my reading.

On the afternoon of June 27th, 1994 the WIPP Climate Co-Op Station officially recorded a new state all time record high temperature of 122ºF. This temperature officially beat the old state record of 116ºF set in Artesia on June 29, 1918 and in Orogrande on July 14, 1934.

On the afternoon of June 28, 1994 the Ochoa Climate Co-Op Station which is located about 22 miles west-northwest of Jal,  off of State Highway 128, recorded a high temperature of 118ºF.

On the afternoon of June 27, 1994 the Maljamar Climate Co-Op Station recorded an official high temperature of 116ºF.

On the afternoons of June 26,27, 1994 the Hope Climate Co-Op Station recorded a high temperature of 115ºF.

Tatum's all time high temperature of 115ºF occurred on June 28, 1994.

Hobb's all time high temperature of 114ºF occurred on June 27, 1998.


Ruidoso's all time high temperature of 98ºF occurred on June 26, 1994.

Cloudcroft's all time high temperature of 89ºF occurred on July 4, 1957.

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