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Indian Basin Gas Plant Hail Storm - Friday, May 23, 2014.

This video was shot by Richard Rivera at the Indian Basin Gas Plant (Oxy, Inc) located 12 miles WSW of Seven Rivers, New Mexico (on Marathon Rd) last Friday, May 23, 2014. His partner Dave Rouse who is a former co-worker and friend of mine  reported that at one point the hail got up to golf ball and soft ball size The soft ball size hail shattered upon impact according to Dave. Dave said that it hailed for 30 minutes (7:05 PM MDT - 7:35 PM MDT). The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!   My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

SE NM Supercell T-Storms & Storm Chaser Videos. May 23 - 25, 2014.

My wife (Diane) and I chased this supercell thunderstorm 25 miles west-southwest of Seven Rivers, New Mexico on Friday, May 23, 2014. Many other storm chasers from across the nation, and even a few from overseas showed up to chase in our next of the woods Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Posted below are some of their videos. The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!   My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

Wet Three Days Across Some Of New Mexico.

3-Day Rainfall Totals As Of 6 AM MDT Sunday, May 25, 2014. The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!   My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

Supercell Time Lapse Video - 25 WSW Seven Rivers, NM. 5-23-2014.

My wife and I chased this supercell thunderstorm on Friday afternoon May 23, 2014. We first encountered it 25 miles west-southwest of Seven Rivers, New Mexico. It produced a couple of wall clouds with some slow rotation. As this supercell moved east it bombed the Indian Basin Gas Plant (Oxy, Inc) with golf ball to softball size hail for 30 minutes (7:05 PM MDT - 7:35 PM MDT). It also produced golf ball size hail on U.S. Hwy 285 just south of Seven Rivers, New Mexico.  While I had my head in the clouds my wife was watching a couple of baby foxes poke their heads out of their den. The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!  My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

Round Two Of Severe T-Storms Saturday, May 24, 2014.

Alan Edmonson who lives in Roswell, NM  took this photo at  8:30 PM last night...from Roswell looking north. A high water rescue occurred here yesterday morning when a motorist attempted to cross the flooded arroyo. Turn Around - Don't Drown. Flash flooding along sheep draw and Hackberry draw yesterday morning. Courtesy Of The Midland NWS FaceBook Page. Hail on U.S. Hwy 62/180 at Whites City last night. I did get one report  of at least one vehicle with its windows beat out by the hail. Yesterday's overcast skies cleared up by noontime but the atmosphere over southeastern New Mexico took awhile to recover from Friday's thunderstorm activity. Just before sunset the atmosphere became sufficiently detestable again to give us round two of severe thunderstorms. Severe Weather Reports Last Night- 8:35 PM MDT Baseball size hail 1 mile south of Seven Rivers. 8:40 PM MDT Quarter size hail Whites City. 9:01 PM MDT Golf ball si

Our First Chase Of The Season - Wall Clouds, Hail Cores, Baby Foxes, And Century Plants.

To Top The Day Off We Get This At Midnight. Golf ball to Lime size hail fell at our home and across Carlsbad, NM  for minutes or so at midnight last night. One report of Tennis Ball size hail in northwest Carlsbad. 1.24" of rain at our home. My wife (Diane) and I went storm chasing today. Although there were a couple of Tornado Warnings issued for just south of Carlsbad, New Mexico...we failed to see one. We did see several wall clouds, which at times showed some rotation. While I had my head stuck in the clouds Diane spotted two baby foxes poking their heads up out of their den. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. She also shot the beautiful picture of the New Mexico Century Plants at the Rest Stop along U.S. Hwy 62/180, just south of the NM/TX State line. Several reports of Golf Ball size hail were noted along U.S. hwy 285 between Dayton Road, south of Artesia, south to near the Brantley Lake State Park

First Round Of Severe Weather Yesterday - More On The Way Today.

Severe Thunderstorms Return To SE NM. A Severe Thunderstorm wind gust knocked this tree down onto a car in Roswell, NM yesterday afternoon. Photos are courtesy of Plains-Valley Online News . Or visit their FaceBook Page . Courtesy Of The El Paso NWS Office . A sad and sobering occurrence of blowing dust and a resultant multi-fatality accident happened yesterday afternoon on I-10 between Lordsburg and the Arizona state line. Weak shower activity was in progress and it produced very strong outflo w winds which raised dust off the Lordsburg playa. That dust significantly reduced visibility along that stretch of highway. In an instant six people lost their lives in a multi-vehicle accident which involved several cars and a semi-truck. The lesson here for the rest of us is to avoid that situation by getting off the highway when you see dust approaching. Please drive with a watchful eye for dust today. If you see dust ahead do not drive into it...assume it w

Just Like That - The Rains & Severe Weather Return.

Just like that, in typical southeastern New Mexico fashion, we go from bust to boom, from drought to heavy rains and severe weather...almost in a day's time. Thunderstorms are returning starting today and will continue into Saturday. We ar e rolling into the heart of our severe weather season which is mid May through mid June. The good news is some badly needed rains will fall...the bad news is that these may be accompanied by bouts of severe thunderstorms today into Saturday. Today's severe weather threats for the southeastern plains of New Mexico include large hail and possibly some damaging thunderstorm wind gusts in excess of 58 mph. Today's thunderstorms should be fairly isolated and I think that most of us will not see much if any rain due to this factor. Better chances for thunderstorms, some of which may be severe, and more widespread rainfall, will exists tomorrow into Saturday. Large hail, damaging thunderstorm wind gusts, locally heavy rainf

Staying Safe During Severe Weather.

Funnel Cloud Over Atoka, NM. June 13, 1984. Roswell, NM Tornado April 8, 2004.  Rotating Wall Cloud 3 Miles North Of Lakewood, NM. October 11, 1997. Our home in Carlsbad, New Mexico. My wife holding a bucket of hail. March 7, 2010. Whites City, NM Supercell Thunderstorm April 29, 2009. Good morning all. We are still on track for some important changes in our local weather here in southeastern New Mexico and west Texas this week. The good news is that we still have a decent chance of seeing some wetting rains starting Wedn esday and continuing into the weekend. However its May and this is usually our most likely time of the year to experience severe thunderstorms. Mid May through Mid June is typically the heart of our severe weather season here in southeastern New Mexico. With this thought in mind here are a couple of links to help keep you and your family safe in the event severe weather threatens your area. 1. This link is courtesy of the N

100-Degrees Temps The Next Three Days - Then Come The Rains?

GFS & ECMWF Total Precipitation Forecasts. Valid BY 6 PM MDT Sunday, May 25, 2014. Southeastern New Mexico will flirt with 100-degree temps today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. With these hot temperatures comes dry downsloping southwesterly winds and a very high fire danger for the area. Then changes will begin by Wednesday as  the models continue to hint at a cut off upper level low parking itself over the Desert Southwest by the middle to end of this week. This means a change in the wind flow at the low and mid levels of the atmosphere which will lead to an increase in moisture across the area. Which of course means slightly cooler temps and an increased chance for some widespread rainfall. Its dryline season so we may also see some severe thunderstorms possibly as early as Wednesday and then on into the weekend as the storm to our west stalls. Last nights 6 PM MDT run of the U.S. GFS model (first graphic above) gets rather excited about some heavy rainfall for us. I don&#

Will Next Week Be Wet For NM?

ECMWF/GFS 10-Day Forecasts. ECMWF 10-Day Total Precipitation Forecast. Valid Today Through Sunday May 25, 2014. GFS 10-Day Total Precipitation Forecast. Valid Today Through Sunday May 25, 2014. Ok don't hold your breath or get your hopes up too high but take a look at the European (ECMWF) and the GFS model forecasts. This is their 10-day total precipitation forecasts valid today through Sunday May 25th. Both models continue  to forecast an upper level storm over Arizona and New Mexico by the middle to the end of next week...along with the prospect of some rain. Its always risking business when looking at model forecasts a week to ten days out. But for the first time in a long time both of these models are indicating a change...and a wet one at that. It appears that our best chances for rain would be late next week. Lets hope! The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!   My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

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