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Past Week Has Been Cool & Wet.

Clouds Topping The Guadalupe's.

On my way home from work this past Tuesday I was able to capture these two shots looking west along the New Mexico/Texas State line (east of US Hwy 62/180) at clouds topping the Guadalupe Mountains. 
Wet Past 7-Days.

NWS HARP 7-Rainfall Totals.

Measured 7-Day Rainfall Totals.
New Mexico CoCoRaHS Totals. 

NWS MesoWest Totals.

Flash Flooding In Dark Canyon Monday - More Flooding Possible!

Blog Updated At 7:14 AM MDT.

24-Hour Radar Estimated Rainfall Totals. (As Of 6 AM MDT This Morning).
Midland NWS Dual Pol Doppler Radar. (Using GRLevelX Software).

NWS AHPS River Observations.

Radar estimated that 4.50" of rain fell over the Dark Canyon Arroyo 12 miles west of Whites City yesterday morning. This produced flash flooding in Dark Canyon. The Dark Canyon flood gauge located north of Whites City and southwest of Carlsbad measured a maximum water depth in the normally dry arroyo of 6.15 feet at 11:15 AM MDT Monday morning. By the time the flood waters worked their way northeastward into Carlsbad the Dark Canyon flood gauge located near the low water crossing bridge on San Jose Blvd measured a peak depth of 3.9 feet at 8:30 AM MDT yesterday. This falls way short of the flooding that was observed in September of 2014 when water depths exceeded 20 feet at the gauge in town. 
3-Day Radar Estimated Rainfall Totals.

NWS MesoWest Eddy County Weekly Rainfall Totals.

Flash Flooding In…

More Hail Damage Photos Near Washington Ranch From Saturday Evening.

Photos Are Courtesy Of Janet Mayes Of Carlsbad, NM.
More photos of of the hail damage from a couple of miles north of the NM/TX State line north of U.S. Hwy 62/180 near the Washington Ranch area Saturday around 6:15 PM MDT.

Additional photos and information on this storm can be viewed via this link-

Supercell Thunderstorms Roam The High Desert Saturday.
Quote From Janet Mayes- "Storm damage from last nights storm. Broke the windshields on every vehicle that was not under the carport. Both jeeps, AJ's work truck, and the dump truck. Broke one window in my bedroom and the sky light in the bathroom again. Broken taillights and running lights on the new camper."
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Supercell Thunderstorms Roam The High Desert Saturday.

Blog Updated At 8:10 PM MDT.

Looking Southeast From Whites City At 6:26 PM MDT Saturday, Sept 23, 2017.
My wife jumped into the truck and headed southwest to Whites City Saturday afternoon to chase this supercell thunderstorm pictured above. As impressive as this storm was when I shot this photo it was even more so on radar before we got down there. It had formed a wall cloud but we didn't notice any significant rotation when I took this photo. The storm had already begun to weaken.
GRLevel2 Radar Snapshot Of This Supercell Thunderstorm At 5:15 PM MDT.
The El Paso/Santa Teresa NWS Office had warned on it for tennis ball size hail shortly before it rolled over the top of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. At 5:20 PM MDT the Hudspeth County Sheriff reported power lines downed from the storm in Dell City.
GRLevel3_2.00 Radar Snapshot At 6:07 PM MDT,
The Midland NWS Dual Pol Doppler Radar was indicating that the hail core aloft in the storm had reached 3.50" at the time I grabbe…

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