Category 3 Hurricane Irma Barrels Down On SW & W Florida!

Blog Updated At 12:24 PM MDT.

Satellite Images Of Category 4 Hurricane Irma.

Captured At 1:12 PM EDT/11:12 AM MDT This Sunday Morning.

Captured At 1:12 PM EDT/11:12 AM MDT This Sunday Morning.

Captured At 1:16 PM EDT/11:16 AM MDT This Sunday Morning.

Captured At 1:39 PM EDT/11:39 AM MDT This Sunday Morning.

Irma Takes Aim On West & Southwest Florida.

At 2 PM EDT/Noon MDT Category 3 Hurricane Irma was located 35 miles south of Naples, Florida and was moving to the north at 12 mph. She has sustained winds of 120 mph with gusts near 160 mph. Her central pressure is 936 millibars or 27.64 inches of mercury. 

Category 4 Hurricane Irma made her first landfall in the U.S. at 9:10 AM EDT this Sunday morning at Cudjoe Key in the Florida Key Islands.She had sustained winds of 130 mph with gusts near 160 mph and a central pressure of 929 millibars or 27.43 inches of mercury. A peak wind gust of 120 mph was measured at the National Key Deer Refuge Center on Big Pine Key at 9:38 AM EDT/7:38 AM MDT this morning. 

There are great concerns as to the extent of the damage from the winds and the storm surge across the Keys this Sunday morning. Some 1.6 million people are reported to be without power in Florida this morning. The National Guard has 30,000 troops on standby to assist Florida residents. Fox News is reporting that two police offices have died in Florida overnight. 

Shortly Hurricane Irma is forecast to make a second landfall just south of the Naples Marco Island areas. There are concerns that Irma will remain just offshore as a Major Hurricane and skirt along the coastline towards the Tampa Bay area. 

Storm Surge Warnings are out for Southwestern and Western Florida for depths of water anywhere from 3 feet to 15 feet! Rainfall totals are forecast to reach 10 to 15 inches maybe more in some areas of Florida.

Once again my wife was in contact with her family in Florida this morning. We are concerned about those who live in Tanpa Bay. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with and for them.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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