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Current NWS Watches/Warnings/Hazards - Click On The Map For Your Area Of Interest.
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New Mexico

Eddy County Plains & Guadalupe Mtn's

Guadalupe Mtn's In Culberson County

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Six Inches Of Rain Falls In The Texico Area In Curry Co, NM.

(As Of 11:01 AM MDT This Morning).

A CoCoRaHS volunteer rainfall observer located 15.7 miles north of Texico, in Curry County, near the NM/TX state line, measured a 24-hour rainfall total of 6.05" as of 8 AM MDT this morning. Not far from this station (indicated on the map above by the blue 6.05" rainfall total) the Cannon AFB Dual Pol Radar estimated that a 24-hour total of 7.40" had fallen (indicated by the red dot). This total may be slightly high since it appears that the radar was over estimating rainfall totals in this area by 1.50" to 1.90". 

Heat Index Temperature Of 165°F Today In Bandar Mahsharhr, Iran.

(Max Temperature Forecast Is 126°F).

Bandar Mahsharhr, Iran recorded a temperature of 115°F (46°C) with a dew point temperature of 90°F (32°F) at 4:30 PM local time today. This produced an almost unbelievable heat index value of 165°F! 

Thunderstorms Dump Heavy Rains 7-28-2015.

Pillar Of Light.. I took this photo 45 miles southeast of Carlsbad, New Mexico. I was  looking back to the northwest as a thunderstorm was moving into the Loving and Carlsbad areas late Tuesday afternoon. 

Landspout Tornado On The Side Of Sierra Blanca Peak 7-26-2015.

Landspout Tornado On Sierra Blanca Peak West Of Ruidoso, NM
Courtesy Of Diane Megchelsen Blair Of Hobbs, NM.
2:40 PM MDT Sunday July 26, 2015.

Sunset - 7-27-2015.

Tonight's Sunset In Carlsbad, New Mexico.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Sunday's Highs Top 100°F.

Once again I recorded at high temp of 103°F here at our home in NW Carlsbad. The Carlsbad Airport checked in with 106°F. The Roswell Airport reported a high of 103°F, and the Artesia Airport 102°F.

Saturday Was Hot - Today Will Be Likewise.

Saturday was another hot one in New Mexico...especially in the southeastern plains. We topped out at 103°F at our home in NW Carlsbad. Meanwhile the Carlsbad Airport reached 104°F for the second day in a row. The Roswell Airport topped out at 103°F for the second day in a row. Similar highs are forecast for the local area once again today.

Proposal For 15 New Doppler Radar Sites?

An article appeared today in the Washington Post written by Dennis Mersereau ((Capital Weather Gang)talking about the ongoing gap in weather radar coverage across the US. We know all too well that this is a problem in New Mexico and parts of West Texas. A proposal to install 15 new radars nationwide could help us out here in southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. 

Active Day For T-Storms In NM Yesterday.

(As Of 4:53 AM MDT This Morning).

Blog Updated @ 1:28 PM MDT. 

Scattered to numerous rain showers and thunderstorms dotted the landscape of New Mexico over the past 24-hours. Heavy rains fell in some areas while most of the activity in southeastern New Mexico missed the known rainfall reporting network gauges. Another active day and night is forecast for the local area today into tonight. 

More Heat - AZ/NM July 2015 Rainfall Totals.

The Carlsbad Airport reported a max temp of 104°F yesterday, and a low temp of 75°F this morning. Here at our home in NW Carlsbad my Davis Vantage Pro2 showed 103°F yesterday afternoon and 74°F for a low this morning. Similar readings are anticipated across the local area again today.

Politics & Religion Marry For The Climate Change Agenda.

Recent poles indicate that most Americans aren't really concerned about Global Warming or Climate Change. Very few believe that this is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Like many other controversial issues facing us this one is way down on the bottom of most peoples priority list. 

Diminishing Solar Activity May Bring New Ice Age By 2030.

FLATLINING: Solar activity is so low, the sun's X-ray output barely has a pulse. NOAA forecasters estimate a 10% chance of M-class solar flares and a miniscule 1% of X-flares on July 19th.

Hot With Hit & Miss T-Storms.

My personal weather station in our backyard. Flash back to 
Christmas 2011 when we had a foot of snow on the ground.
I recorded a high temp yesterday of 102°F and a low this 
morning of 72°F

100-Degree Temps In The Pecos Valley Today into Monday.

100-degree temps or close to them are forecast for the southeastern plains of New Mexico today into the first of next week. There may at times be an isolated thunderstorm or two roaming around but overall we should remain dry. The best chances for rain will over and near the mountains. 

Unexpected T-Storms In SE NM Overnight.

(Radar Estimates & Actual Reported Totals). 

A rather unexpected complex of thunderstorms broke out over southeastern New Mexico yesterday afternoon and evening. According to radar the heaviest rains fell over southeastern Eddy County and southern Lea County, and just east of Mayhill in the Sacramento mountains.

More On The Coming Global Cooling - Little Ice Age.

I've followed David Dubyne's work for several years now. At first I didn't know what to make of him. But with time this guy is making more sense. His videos cover a lot of historical facts and include a lot of diverse information.  

Think about this. What if this guy and others are right about the coming Global Cooking and the potential for another Little Ice Age. What is being done here in the Western World to prepare for it? The short answer is nothing. Does China know something we don't...or at least our government won't tell us? Its time to start asking the hard questions. 

What if we have been lied to about Global Warming and Climate Change and something far worse has already began the process of starting? 

Take the time to watch the videos below and make up your own mind.

Heavy Rains In Parts Of NM & W TX.

Heavy Rains Yesterday & Last Night.

Several large clusters of thunderstorms (MCS's) stretching from the Chicago area southwest to eastern New Mexico lay along a strong cold front Monday evening.

Stand Up America Before Its Too Late!

Pray For America This 4th Of July!

Never before in the history of our great nation has our freedom come under so many attacks from so many angles. Leading the charge in these attacks is our very own government. Those on the Left who hate our traditional Christian foundation, and values, are charging full force ahead to fundamentally change America. If there ever was a time for all Americans to stand up and scream at the top of our lungs: "We've had enough of this and we're not taking it anymore", that time is now.

 Stand up America before its too late!

Who Got Wet & Who Will Get Wet This 4th Of July Weekend.

(As Of 7:15 AM MDT This Morning).

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