More On The Coming Global Cooling - Little Ice Age.

I've followed David Dubyne's work for several years now. At first I didn't know what to make of him. But with time this guy is making more sense. His videos cover a lot of historical facts and include a lot of diverse information.  

Think about this. What if this guy and others are right about the coming Global Cooking and the potential for another Little Ice Age. What is being done here in the Western World to prepare for it? The short answer is nothing. Does China know something we don't...or at least our government won't tell us? Its time to start asking the hard questions. 

What if we have been lied to about Global Warming and Climate Change and something far worse has already began the process of starting? 

Take the time to watch the videos below and make up your own mind.

Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 | China’s Food Production Strategy for the New Grand Solar Minimum (62).

How to Thrive in the New Solar Minimum, Rick Monday interviews David DuByne of Adapt 2030.

The Sun is Going to Sleep.

60% Reduction in Solar Activity Means a 5C Drop by 2030 | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (85).

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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