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Importing More Of Mexico's Dust Into New Mexico And West Texas Today.

MODIS Visible Satellite Images Today.

Not again, which is no doubt what many of us in Southern and Southeastern New Mexico, and West Texas, are mumbling under our breath this afternoon. Say what? A dust filled sky which in many a year gone by (in my 58 years of memory) heraldes March in the Desert Southwest. Take a look at the MODIS Visible Satellite Images above...that brown blob showing up is just exactly that, blowing dust and lots of it streaming up from Mexico in the local area. Zoom in on the third image and notice that the dust at the time of this image was just topping the ridge line of the Sacramento Mountains, and was kicking up along the east face of the Guadalupe Mountains. 
GOES16 Visible Image Confirms This.
Snapshot Captured At 5:02 PM MDT This Afternoon.
Growing up in the 60's and 70's spring dust storms were a common factor in our lives here in Southeastern New Mexico. Not that they haven't occurred in other years previous and after this time period. But whe…

New Mexico Rainfall & Snowfall Totals.

A Lennie (Lenticular) Kind Of Sunrise This Morning.
A Wet Day For Many New Mexicans.

SE New Mexico CoCoRaHS Rainfall/Snowfall Totals.
(As Of 8 AM MDT This Morning).

Chaves County.

Eddy County.

Lincoln County.

Otero County.

NWS Albuquerque Rainfall/Snowfall Totals.
(As Of 3:36 PM MDT Today).

RAIN   • 7 ENE TUCUMCARI - 1.35 in.  • 1 SW FORT SUMNER - 1.30 in.  • 13 SE TOLAR - 1.28 in.  • 3 ENE CLOVIS - 1.25 in.  • 4 NW TUCUMCARI - 1.23 in.  • 13 SE TOLAR - 1.21 in.  • 3 ENE TUCUMCARI - 1.20 in.  • 9 SW BUEYEROS - 1.17 in.  • 6 W PLEASANT HILL - 1.12 in.  • 1 NE CLOVIS - 1.12 in.

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