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Severe T-Storms In Lea County & Virga Bombs.

 Severe Thunderstorms In Lea County At 6:01 PM MST Saturday, March 11,2017. NWS Midland Dual Pol Doppler Radar Snapshot Using GRLevel3_2.0 Software.

Severe Thunderstorms In Lea County - I Get Virga Bombed In Culberson County.

Visibility Down To Less Than 100 Yards At Times This Morning.
My Day Started Off With Dense Fog In Northern Culberson County.

While leaving the Gas Plant where I am employed west of Orla in northern Culberson County of West Texas a encountered a dry thunderstorm which produced wind gusts estimated at 60 mph. These virga bombs produced pockets of blowing dust which knocked the visibility down to near zero at times. A few cloud to ground lightning strikes were noted with these and later a few rain drops splattered my dust covered windshield as I head northwest towards the Texas/New Mexico state line.

3/11/2017 4:21:39 PM) -- from Wendell Malone (via @ 23:21 UTC -- (S) Wind (60mph) --  -- Spotter is 18 miles W of RED BLUFF, TX (Austin Culberson County) [31.849/-104.224] -- A dry thunderstorm in progress at my location. Virga bombs producing wind gusts estimated to 60 mph along with blowing dust reducing the vsby to near zero at times.  

Looking back at the thunderstorm to my east (On FM Rd #652) that produced the blowing dust in the photos above. 

Looking to the west (On FM Rd #652) at more dry thunderstorms producing virga over the Guadalupe Mountain Range. 

This last shot was looking west from the Texas/New Mexico State line. The horses didn't seem to mind the storms.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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