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Unusual Warmth Into The Weekend Continues.

Another toasty day in Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. I topped out at 90ºF here at our home in Carlsbad. The record high temp for the date in Carlsbad is 92ºF set in 1908. I doubt that the Carlsbad Airport ASOS reached this since they are only reporting 88ºF so far as of 5 PM MDT. 

Unusual Warmth Continues Into The Weekend.

Average Year To Date Temperature - January 1st - March 16th.




Looking at how warm the Eastern Pacific Ocean is its not hard to understand why much of the United States has been so warm since the beginning of the year, and especially here across New Mexico and surrounding areas. Warm Oceans often mean warm land masses nearby...pretty simple. Notice too how the Pacific Northwest and Alaska is cooler than normal...thanks to that cold pocket of ocean water nearby. Its not quite that simple as there are other factors at play but you get the idea. 

All indications are that El Niño is making a comeback this spring so get ready...this often increases our severe weather threats and flash flooding threats during April, May, and June in Southeastern New Mexico.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!





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