Taking Some Time Off.

Sunday's Day Trip In The Southern Sacramento Mountains.

My wife and I enjoyed yet another beautiful fall day trip up the Penasco River Valley in the southern Sacs yesterday. And of course we stopped at Runyan Ranches and visited with Tom, Pam, and Camille. Zipper the zebra was a little agitated that my wife Diane was feeding the other animals too but she had her share of treats. 

Our mild start to the fall is doing funny things with the trees. Some have already lost their leaves, others are just starting to turn, and then there is the mixed bag of fully turned and totally brown or dropped. All in all another beautiful day topped off with a visit with our youngest daughter Kaytlyn, her husband Dylan, and our granddaughter Raeleigh Rose and grandson Bently in Alamogordo. 

Taking Some Time Off.

This will be my last blog post for awhile, maybe a couple of months. I was diagnosed with cancer recently and I'm undergoing surgery to have it removed in two days. Should all go well I'll be in the hospital for a week or two and then home for recovery for at least six weeks. My web page will remain up but with no blogs. Remember that all of the links to our local forecasts, watches, and warnings are always up to date and these links self update from our local National Weather Service Offices. 

See you see soon.

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Back To The Soup.

Our Pear Tree This Morning.

Low Clouds & Fog Return.

Captured At 5:47 AM MST This Sunday Morning.



Low clouds and fog are working their way southward into Southeastern New Mexico once again behind a cold front. Here at our home in northwest Carlsbad our sky just went overcast at 7 AM MST. 

Local Observations At 7 AM MST indicate this also with the Roswell Airport reporting a broken layer of clouds 1,400' above the ground. The Artesia Airport was reporting an overcast layer at 1,300' and the Carlsbad Airport still reporting clear skies. The Hobbs Airport was reporting an overcast layer of stratus at 400' with a visibility of 2 miles in mist. 

Today's highs are forecast to climb up into the 50's to near 60 providing the low clouds and fog dissipate later this morning. If not then we will be colder than forecast. Back into the soup for tonight into Monday forenoon too so be careful on the roads. Local visibility's could drop down below 1/4 of a mile in fog and drizzle once again this morning and more so tonight into Monday morning. 

(November 12th).

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Trapped In The Soup Bowl The Past Four Days.


Dawn broke over Southeastern New Mexico this morning with our skies once again obscured by low clouds and fog. This makes the fourth day in a day row that we have been locked in the soup bowl here in the Pecos Valley and parts of the Southeastern Plains. Visibility's especially at night and early in the mornings have been dropping down to less than a quarter of a mile at times along with areas of light drizzle. 

A cold front moved into the local area this past Tuesday and a moist low level upslope flow regime has persisted helping to produce the low clouds and fog. This is clearly seen in yesterday's MODIS satellite image of the area. Notice that the Guadalupe's, Sacramento's, and Capitan mountains are clear of the low clouds and fog as are the northern areas of the Southeastern Plains. Once again a temperature inversion and light winds aloft are responsible for keeping the Pecos Valley in the soup bowl.

It was warmer in the mountains yesterday (and previous days) than it was across the Pecos Valley and other parts of the Southeastern Plains. Note too that the Tularosa Basin was warmer with highs in the 70's. Even the Mayhill area at 6,500' reached 74ºF while the Carlsbad Airport only made it to 50ºF. Even Cloudcroft at 8,750' was warmer than Carlsbad with a high of 60ºF. The soup has kept us locked in with our high temps over the past four days remaining in the 40's and low 50's.

(November 1st - November 10th).

We Get A Short Break From The Soupy Weather.

Our skies are forecast to clear out later today allowing our afternoon temperatures to climb up into the 70's to near 80. But another cold front will slip south into the area tonight helping once again to produce more soupy weather with low clouds, fog, and areas of light drizzle into Sunday. Highs on Sunday will be in the 50's and 60's. Although our daytime highs have been some 10 to 20 degrees below normal the past four days our overnight lows (mostly in the 40's) have been averaging some 5 to 15 degrees above normal because of the cloud clover and fog.  

We are trapped in somewhat of a stagnant weather pattern with little hope for any significant changes over the next week to ten days. None of the models indicate that this is likely to change soon. I'll still stick by what I said a few days ago however. Remember that what goes up eventually comes down...its just a matter of figuring out when and where. New Mexico may be off to a rather quiet and mild start to the fall but I sill think that by around Thanksgiving hopefully we will see some changes. 

(November 11th).

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Fireplace Weather.

Temperature Change Verses 24-Hours Ago.

Regional Temperatures At 3 PM MST Today.

NWS NDFD Temperature Anomalies Wednesday.

NWS NDFD Forecast Snowfall Totals.

Yesterday's highs ranged from the upper 70's to the low 80'sand these readings were some 10º to 15º above normal for this time of the year. A strong cold front eased into the northern sections of the local area this morning and by 2 PM this afternoon it had moved south of Carlsbad as it continues to push southward and westward. A colder airmass is settling in over the area under overcast skies (mostly mid and high level clouds). 

Lows tonight behind the front will range from the mid 30's to the low 40's. Most of the local area will not get out of the 40's to near 50ºF for daytime highs on Wednesday. These readings will average some 15º to 25º below normal. 

Areas of low clouds, fog, light rain, and light drizzle are likely to develop tonight and continue most of the day tomorrow. A mix of light rain, light sleet, and light snow will be possible in the Portales and Clovis areas. Across the highest elevations of the Sacramento and Capitan Mountains some light snow may also generally above about 8,000' to 9,000'. 

Thursday will see a recovery with warmer temps with highs back into the 60's and the 70's return Friday and Saturday.

(November 7th).

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