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November Continues To Be Colder Than Normal.

November has been a colder than normal so far (as of the 13th) for most of the nation east of the Rockies including the local area.
Prism Temperatures. (November 2019).

Temperature Anomalies (Nov 1st - 14th In ºC).

New Daily, Monthly, All-Time Record Temperatures.

New New Mexico Daily Record Low Temperature Records (For November 2019).

For the second time thus far this fall we've set in daily low temperature records across New Mexico. Artesia recorded a new daily record low temperature of 14º on the 1st which surpassed the previous record low temperature of 18º set in 1991. That's pretty impressive since records in Artesia go back 114 years.
Carlsbad's Airport recorded a new daily record low temperature of 21º on the 1st which surpassed the previous record low temperature of 23º in 1991. That's equally as impressive since records at the Airport go back 89 years.
Local Daily All-Time Record Lows For November. (Highlighted In Yellow - Single Digits & Colder).

Arctic Cold Has Reached Roswell & Hobbs At 5 AM MST.

5 AM MST Temperatures.

5 AM MST Apparent Temperatures.

Regional Temperatures At 5 AM MST.

Arctic Cold Front At 3 AM MST.

A strong arctic cold front (for this time of the year) has passed through Roswell and Hobbs as of 5 AM MST this Veterans Day morning. Here at our home in Carlsbad ahead of the approaching cold front it is 68. Artesia is reporting 57, Roswell 48, and Hobbs 46. Clovis is 30 while Clayton in northeastern New Mexico is 19 with a wind chill of 1. Falling temperatures along with gusty northerly winds and will rule the day. Our daily high temperatures today will have already been reached in most locations which have occurred at or shortly after midnight. 
Tonight's low temperatures will drop down into the teens and low 20's with apparent temperatures at sunrise Tuesday morning in the single digits and teens.
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - And Sometimes It Hurts!

Winter Returns Monday.

RTMA Temperatures & Wind Chills.

At 7:30 AM MST This Sunday Morning.
RTMA Wind Chill Temperatures.

At 7:30 AM MST This Sunday Morning.
24-Hour Temperature Change.
At 7:30 AM MST This Sunday Morning.
Canadian Reported Low Temperatures This Morning.
As Of 7:30 AM MST This Sunday Morning.
Surface Map Analysis.

Surface Map Forecast.
Valid At 5 AM MST Monday, Nov 11th, 2019.
A bitterly cold airmass located across the northern Rockies and northward into southern Canada will work its ways southward today into Monday. This airmass will follow an arctic cold front with its leading edge located in northeastern Colorado at sunrise this morning as it heads south. By sunrise Veteran's Day morning the front is forecast to be entering Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. 
Low temperatures reported this morning across south-central Canada range from -10ºF to -17ºF. With low temperatures across northern Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota in the single digits and teens with wind chill values ranging f…

New Mexico & West Texas 2-Day Rainfall Totals.

Thursday, November 7th, 2019.
Many times our fall weather is not so fall-like. Often it is warm, dry, and windy with the occasional dust storm. So far this isn't the case this year. We had a hard freeze on Oct 25th here in Southeastern New Mexico which has prevented many of the local trees from changing colors. Our non bearing pear tree in our front yard is an exception. With yesterday's rain and gusty northerly winds behind the cold front many of the leaves on the trees have come down...but not all.
Reported 2-Day Storm Total Rainfall Amounts.
New Mexico & West Texas. (As Of 6 AM MST Thursday, November 8th, 2019).

New Mexico MesoWest 2-Day Reported Rainfall Totals. (As Of 6 AM MST Friday, November 8th, 2019).

NWS Albuquerque 24-Hour Reported Rainfal Totals.
 • 6 SE RIO COMMUNITIES - 1.00 in.

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