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Record Setting SE NM Rainfall Totals - Sept 2014.

Blog Updated 10-3-2014.

Rio Penasco Sept 22, 2014.
Fanning Rd 9 Miles SSE Artesia, New Mexico.

National Weather Service.
 Climate Co - Op Station September Totals.

Carlsbad 13.10" 
(New Sept Record - Previous 12.27" In 1980).
(Also The Greatest Monthly Total On Record).

Elk - East Of Mayhill 10.48"
Seminole, TX 9.15"
Hobbs 7.98"
Cloudcroft 7.62"
Artesia - 6 Miles South 7.37"
Tatum 5.28"
Roswell Airport 4.74"

September 2014 Summary.

Remnant moisture from four former Hurricanes pumped incredible amounts of tropical moisture into southeastern New Mexico, and nearby areas beginning the week of September 8th. During the period from Sept 10th through the 23rd, I received one report of 25.50" of rainfall at a farm located one mile east of Malaga. I haven't had any follow information from that location so the total rainfall that fell there, and in other locations in Loving, Malaga, and Otis, in September is unknown at this time.

Heaviest September Totals-

1 Mile East Malaga 25.50+"
Durante Rd 1 Mile East Malaga 22.25+"
Derrick Rd/Old Cavern Hwy 21.50+"

Bowl Raws Located Below Guadalupe Pk 19.13"
Pine Springs GMNP MesoNet 17.85"
Between Kincaid Ranch Rd & Rockin R Red Rd 17.70+"
Kennel Rd 16.70+"
South 6th St Carlsbad 16.50+"
McKittrick Canyon 15.53"
Pine Springs - Pinery Raws 15.41"

Paduca Raws - Near The WIPP Site 13.85"
Queen Raws 13.70"
17.1 NW Carlsbad 13.17"
Carlsbad NWS Climate Co-Op Station 13.10"
Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 12.86"
N5MJ SE Carlsbad 12.79"
Dog Canyon Raws 12.48"
1.2 W Monument 11.67"
Dark Canyon Rd 11.55"
Red Hills Gas Plant - 21 WMW Jal 11.50"
Jal Climate 11.38"
Bonito Lake - Runnels Stable 11.16"
Queen 33.3 WSW Carlsbad 10.95"
1.9 NW Carlsbad 10.80"
6.6 NW Jal 10.07"
0.07 N Sunspot 10.05"

Roswell 0.3 SSW 9.87"
2.1 Miles NNW Downtown Carlsbad 9.86"
Atoka - 5 S Artesia 9.40"
Sacramento Peak Observatory 9.34"
Ocha Climate 9.20"
Hobbs MesoNet 9.01"

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