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Enjoy Today's Weather - Lots of Wind & Dust Sun & Mon.

Maps Are Courtesy Of The Midland NWS Office.
Map Is Courtesy Of NWS Lubbock.

Maps Are Courtesy Of The Albuquerque NWS Office.

Maps Are Courtesy Of The El Paso NWS Office.
Enjoy today's weather because Sunday and Monday are not looking too good for us. Southwesterly winds are forecast to increase tomorrow with gusts generally in the 40 mph range tomorrow, and the 40-60 mph range on Monday. Areas of blowing dust will also plague parts of the area, and on Monday also. 
Today and Sunday is going to be downright hot with afternoon highs in the low-mid 90's. So blast furnace weather has returned to SE NM. A cold front will sweep eastward through the state Sunday night and Monday morning. Monday and Tuesday will be cooler with highs generally in the upper 60's to the low 70's. 
Rainfall/Drought Status Update.

Maps Are Courtesy Of The Climate Prediction Center. 
No rain is expected to fall today as we end the month of March. Typically March is one of the driest months of the year and …

Sunday Looks Nasty - Hot Dry & Windy.

Severe Weather In South Texas Last Night.

Golf Ball - Baseball Size Hail Bombs McAllen, TX Last Night.
Photos Are Courtesy Of The NWS Southern Region Headquarters FB Page.
Southeastern New Mexico Weather.
Map Is Courtesy Of The Midland NWS Office.
Map Is Courtesy Of The Lubbock NWS Office.

Maps Are Courtesy Of The Albuquerque NWS Office.
Map Is Courtesy Of The El Paso NWS Office.
Today's New MexicoSevere Weather Awareness Weektopic is "Staying Informed." Here  is the new National Weather Service Mobile App for your phones. You can get the very latest local weather info, along with the up to date warnings and watches for anywhere in the U.S.
Continued hot and dry...I'm starting to sound like a broken record already. I hope that this recent trend of high temperatures near 90-degrees for the past week isn't an indicator of what our summer is going to be like. Most of southeastern New Mexico will see afternoon high temps near 90 today, and the low 90's on Saturday and Sun…

2012 Eddy County NM Skywarn Operations.

2012 Midland NWS Spotter Training Class Schedule.
EddyCounty Skywarn Spotters.
On behalf of theMidland National Weather Service Office, Pat Vesper the Midland National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist, and Joel Arnwine the Eddy County Emergency Manager, I would like to thank each Skywarn Storm Spotter here in EddyCounty for your help and dedication to our localSkywarn Program. Your spotter reports are invaluable to the National Weather Service, and are very much needed and appreciated. Thank you for your time and contributions to the program. I am looking forward to working with you again this year. Good luck out there and please stay safe.
It has been awhile since we have experienced a severe thunderstorm here inEddyCounty. This can be directly attributed to the ongoing historical drought that continues to grip the local area. Last year was uneventful severe weather-wise in EddyCounty. My personal feeling is that this year will be different. I believe th…

Uneventful Weather Until Sunday.

Maps Are Courtesy Of The Midland NWS Office.
Map Is Courtesy Of The Lubbock NWS Office.
Map Is Courtesy Of The Albuquerque NWS Office.
This week (March 25-30) has been designated by the Albuquerque National Weather Service Officeas "Severe Weather Awareness Week In New Mexico." Today's special video presentation covers "Hail and Thunderstorm Winds."
Unusually warm temperatures will continue to dominate our local weather right on into the weekend. We will continue to see our afternoon high temperatures climb up into the upper 80's to near 90 today and Friday. Saturday looks to be downright hot with highs ranging from near 90 to the low 90's. A few mid 90-degree readings will also be possible.
As a potent mid-upper trough of low pressure swings into New Mexico Sunday, the surface pressure gradient across the eastern and southeastern plains will tighten up. Very strong winds aloft will mix downward to the surface Sunday afternoon. Another high wind and blowing …

Very Warm Weather To Continue - Windy Wx Returns By Sunday.

Map Is Courtesy Of The Midland NWS Office.
GFS 500 MB Forecast At 6 PM MDT Sun April 1, 2012.
Our current stretch of unusually warm and tranquil late March weather will continue into the weekend. Our afternoon high temperatures are forecast to hover in the upper 80's to near 90 across the southeastern plains into the weekend. A few isolated t-storms may fire along the dryline near the NM/TX state line this afternoon, and perhaps again tomorrow, but overall rain remains an elussive commodity for most of us. 
Our next weather maker looks like it will arrive by Sunday in the form of a mid-upper level trough of low pressure, that is forecast to swing eastward across the state. This mornings 12Z/6 AM MDT GFS computer model forecast depicts a 90-100 knot jet at the 500 millibar level, and a 50-75 knot jet at the 700 millibar level, nosing into the area Sunday afternoon. 
When you combine these strong mid-upper level winds with a tightening surface pressure gradient, an approaching Pacific c…

Severe Weather Awareness Week - Today's Topic "Severe T-Storms & Tornadoes."

Today's NWS Video Clip - New Mexico Tornadoes.
Awareness WeekLocal SKYWARNNM HazardsWeather SafetyThunderstormsTornadoesLightningStorm Report Severe thunderstorms are defined by the National Weather Service as downdraft winds in excess of 58 miles an hour and/or hail 1 inch in diameter or greater.

Severe thunderstorms are reported each year in all New Mexico counties. Severe thunderstorms peak in the east during April through June and statewide July through August.

Photo Archive

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma issues a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCHto give you advance notice that severe thunderstorms are possible in your area. This gives you time to make preliminary plans for moving to a safe location if a severe thunderstorm warning is issued. The SPC also issues convective outlooks (see below) for days 1 through 3. A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNINGis an urgent announcement that a severe thunderstorm has been reported or is imminent and warns you to take cover. Severe thunders…

Severe Weather Awareness Week - Today's Topic "NM Hazards."

Awareness WeekLocal SKYWARNNM HazardsWeather SafetyThunderstormsTornadoesLightningStorm Report Special Web Briefing - Watches & Warnings.

What Types of Severe Weather Can I Expect in New Mexico?
All 32 counties in New Mexico experience severe thunderstorms producing high winds, large hail, deadly lightning, and heavy rains at some time during the year.
During the spring, from April through June, storms are at a peak mainly in the eastern areas of the state. Storms become more numerous statewide from July through August.
Tornadoes have been verified in most New Mexico counties. The highest risk of tornadoes is in the east during April through July, but tornadoes are possible with any thunderstorm. New Mexico averages about 10 tornadoes in a year. For example, on October 21, 2010, a tornado tracked just north of Roswell. A significant tornado outbreak occurred on May 23, 2010 across eastern Union County.
New Mexico experiences most…

Severe Weather Awareness Week - Today's Topic "Skywarn".

Today's Special Web Briefing - 2011 Severe Weather Review.
Awareness WeekLocal SKYWARNNM HazardsWeather SafetyThunderstormsTornadoesLightningStorm Report The SKYWARN ProgramSKYWARNis a public safety partnership between the National Weather Service (NWS), local emergency managers (EMs) and the general public. The NWS provides training to storm spotters while the EMs are more involved with the organization and logistical end of scheduling training and organizing the groups. The NWS works closely with emergency managers and officials across New Mexico to organize and schedule spotter training classes each year. For a listing of presentations, please visit the SKYWARN Schedule page.
Typically, the NWS calls the local EM to activate area spotters when significant or widespread severe weather is expected. Once activated, spotter groups relay their reports through the EM or his designee to the NWS. This implies that spotters will have rapid two-way field communications (e.g. law enforcemen…

Severe Weather Awareness Week In NM. March 25-30, 2012.

Introduction Video Courtesy Of The Albuquerque NWS Office.
Awareness WeekLocal SKYWARNNM HazardsWeather SafetyThunderstormsTornadoesLightningStorm Report The National Weather Service (NWS) has designated March 25 - 30, 2012 as New Mexico Severe Weather Awareness Week. This marks the annual campaign to promote severe thunderstorm, tornado and safety awareness across New Mexico. Short multimedia video clips will be presented each day of the week highlighting a new topic related to severe weather in New Mexico. Special Multimedia Clips: Sunday, March 25:IntroductionMonday, March 26: Review of 2011 Severe Weather SeasonTuesday, March 27: Outlooks, Watches and WarningsWednesday, March 28: Tornadoes and Tornado SafetyThursday, March 29: Hail and Thunderstorm WindsFriday, March 30: Staying InformedThe key to avoiding serious injury or death during a severe thunderstorm or tornado is to start well before severe weather strikes. Develop personal and community severe weather action plans, conduct d…

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