Cat 4 Hurricane Irma Wobbles West Making Millions Nervous.

Blog Updated At 5:27 PM MDT.

Category 4 Hurricane Irma Satellite Images.

Infrared (IR) Images.

Captured At 5:37 PM EDT/3:37 PM MDT This Friday Afternoon.

Visible Satellite Image.

Captured At 5:37 PM EDT/3:37 PM MDT This Friday Afternoon.

5.6 Million Asked To Evacuate In Florida So Far.

Category 4 Hurricane Irma is only one mph away from being a Category 5 Hurricane as of 5 PM EDT or 3 PM MDT this Friday afternoon. She has sustained winds of 155 mph gusting to 190 mph. Her central pressure is 925 millibars or 27.32 inches of mercury. Irma is moving to the west at 12 mph and is forecast to slow down in her forward speed somewhat over the next roughly 24 hours before she makes a turn back towards the west-northwest and eventually north. 

This westward shift in Irma's forecast track is troubling because it means that more of Florida's real estate will suffer her hammering blows as she bulldozes her way northward through the heart of the state. Many are hoping that she will not head far enough west to get into the Western Gulf of Mexico and then track northward up Florida's western coastline. 

Water temperatures ahead of Irma and close to 90ºF which will only add to her strength as she approaches southern Florida Saturday. Conditions remain favorable for additional strengthening and she very well make landfall in southern Florida on Sunday as a Category 5 Hurricane. 

Thousands continue to jam Florida's highways trying to flee north out of harms way as told by local authorities. Many more are choosing to stay harms way. Irma is being fickle with her track changes and this has millions worried. Rightly so. 

Time is running out for those trying to get to a safer place out of harms way. So is gasoline in some areas of the state. A monster is coming which if forecast models are correct will have the potential to cause destruction that could run in the multi-billions if not more. The human death toll could be very high also depending upon Irma's eventual exact track. This Hurricane like Harvey has the potential to be historic and not in a good way.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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