Current Conditions 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM

2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 30-Day Temperature Graph

Polar Jet Takes Our Storm Way South Into Mexico.

Current Sentiments In New Mexico Concerning El Niño's Behavior For The Past 11/2 Months.

18Z/11 AM MST GFS 250 MB/34,000' MSL Polar Jet Stream.

18Z/11 AM MST GFS 500 MB Analysis.

Well isn't that special? Mother Nature just did not want to play nice with New Mexico concerning this storm that has gone to Mexico on vacation. Its simply remarkable how far south that this cutoff upper level low has sunk. Its not often that you see the Polar Jet dig this far south into Mexico!

What a missed opportunity for us...sure would have been nice to see the state's mountains get clobbered with some of that heavy snow its laying down over the mountains of Mexico. Ski Apache seems to be the big winner locally concerning new snowfall. They picked up a whopping 1.5". Oh well next time.

24-Hour Rainfall Totals As Of 5 AM MST This Morning.

2-Day Rainfall Totals As Of 5 AM MST This Morning.

2-Day Rainfall Totals As Of 5 AM MST This Morning.

7-Day Rainfall Totals As Of 5 AM MST This Morning.

24-Hour Lightning Strike Summary As Of 2:45 PM MST Today.

Oh Yea Don't Forget To "Spring Forward Sunday". 

Didn't Get A Chance To See Yesterday's Solar Eclipse?

Goodbye Old Friend - Hello New!
(Installed Today).

My 12-Year Old Davis Vantage Pro2 Home Weather Station.

Well sweetheart after 12 years together its time to tell you goodbye. I've fallen in love with another. I must say too that she is really shiny and flashy and I fell in love with her at first sight. She even has spiked hair to keep the birds away I'm told. And yes she has a fan to keep her temperature just right but not at night.
My old love you served me well and I will miss you. We've been through a lot over the past 12 years. On 2-4-2011 you caught a really bad cold and dropped down to -4°F after a high of only 11°F. Later that year you ran a really bad fever when your temp shot up to 112°F on 8-26-2011. Numerous times have you clocked gusts of over 50 mph...yes we know that they were really much stronger but all of those darn neighbors trees just got in the way.
In September 2014 you clicked off 9.86" of rain for the month. And for 2015 you totaled up 20.85". This after barley counting 5.84" in 2011. Yea I know 2011 was a hard year on you with lots of extremes. 2012 wasn't much better when you choked on lots of smoke and dust.
When I pulled your top off today I was surprised at the wear and tear that time has taken on you. Your skin has faded, its dimpled up with several really bad hail storms (twice you got beat up with tennis ball size hail). You even lost one of you cups during that last hail...just beat it right off.
Don't worry I'll keep you in the closet hid away just in case my new toy fails to come out and play some day. :)
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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