Mtn Snows In NM & Lowland Blowing Dust. Severe T-Storms In TX.

A strong upper level storm located over southwestern New Mexico near the noon hour today is responsible for lowland rain showers and high mountains snows across the state. Cloudcroft is down to 32°F with light to moderate snow falling while rain is falling in Ruidoso (1,750' lower) with a temp of 38°F. Meanwhile here in Carlsbad (3,158') we have a temp of 75°F.

Heavy Snow For Northern NM Mtn's.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for parts of the northern New Mexico Mtn's and northeastern plains for this evening through 6 PM MDT Monday. Snowfall totals of 5" - 10" with locally higher totals of around 15" will be possible in these areas. 

Windy Today In SE NM & W TX.

Snow may be falling in the Sacramento Mtn's today but the dust will be flying across the southeastern plains this afternoon. A High Wind Warning remains in effect for the Guadalupe Mtn's for southwesterly winds gusting up to around 70 mph. Wind Advisories continue in effect for the southeastern plains and parts of southern New Mexico and West Texas for southwesterly winds gusting up to around 50-55 mph this afternoon.  

Localized areas of blowing dust will likely develop this afternoon especially over and near open or exposed lots, fields, construction sites, and in or around freshly plowed farmlands. Watch for sudden drops in the visibility down to near zero at times in these areas.

Widely scattered high based rain showers, thunderstorms, and virga bombs may also add to the blowing dust problem at times. These will be highly localized but you can expect very gusty winds and reduced visibility in the blowing dust near these when they happen.

Severe Weather Outbreak In Texas Today.

Severe thunderstorms are expected to develop today across much of the Lone Star State. The highest risk for severe weather will occur this afternoon and evening in and near the light brown shaded areas (Enhanced Risk Area) and the red shaded area (Moderate Risk Area). Large hail, damaging thunderstorm wind gusts in excess of 58 mph, deadly cloud to ground lighting, flash flooding, and tornadoes will all be possible in these areas today. 

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More Heavy Snow For New Mexico's Northern Mtn's.

Snow fell across the higher elevations of the Sacramento Mountains Thursday night into early Friday morning. The Sierra Blanca Snotel reported 5" while Cloudcroft reported 2". Cloudcroft saw 8" of snow fall on April 24, 1966.

Windy Friday In New Mexico & West Texas.

Severe T-Storms Rake Fort Worth With High Winds Friday.

NWS Fort Worth, TX Dual Pol Doppler Radar SRV Snapshot
@ 6:16 PM CDT, Friday, April 24, 2015.

As the upper level storm responsible for the snow in New Mexico begin to lift northeastward yesterday afternoon severe thunderstorms broke out in Texas. A line of severe thunderstorms approaching the Fort Worth area from the southwest and west "bowed out" and produced at least 80 mph wind gusts in parts of Parker, Johnson, and Tarrant Counties. This line of storms was moving to the east at 60 mph. The Fort Worth NWS Office warned on this storm for 90 mph wind gusts! 

Severe Thunderstorms Return Sunday & Monday.

Next Storm Arrives Sunday & Monday.

Our Next Storm Located Over The Pacific Northwest.

Valid @ 6 PM MDT Monday.

Valid @ 6 PM MDT Tuesday.

Valid @ 6 PM MDT Tuesday.

New Mexico's latest storm was located over northeastern Kansas at sunrise this morning while our next storm was just entering the Pacific Northwest. This next storm will stay north of us so more wind on Sunday. A High Wind Watch has been issued for the Guadalupe Mtn's for Sunday afternoon where southwesterly to westerly winds are forecast to gusts up to around 60 mph.

Highs today and Sunday in SE NM will range from the mid 70's to near 80. A cold front will sweep across the area Sunday night into Monday dropping our highs back down to near 70 on Monday. A few widely scattered thunderstorms may form Sunday afternoon into Monday night but overall the heaviest rains are forecast to remain north of us over northeastern New Mexico. Heavy snows will once again be possible of the mountains of northern New Mexico where a Winter Storm Watch is in effect for up to a foot of new snow.

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Overnight Snowfall In The Sac's - High Winds & Blowing Dust This Afternoon.

Snow Overnight In The Sacramento Mtn's.

Not that its all that unusual but a couple of inches of fresh powder fell overnight across the higher elevations of the Sacramento Mountains. Some fairly decent rains also fell in the Sac's thanks to the approaching upper level low to our southwest. Yea its April in New Mexico.

Sand Blasting Time - Oh Joy (Not).

Its always a nice treat to pick up rain or snow in New Mexico in the spring but sadly this won't be the case for most of eastern and southeastern New Mexico and parts of West Texas today. As the upper level low moves overhead today strong dry down slopping southwesterly winds will kick up. These winds will be sustained at around 25-35 mph with gusts in the 50 mph range across the lower elevations and across the Guadalupe's some guts will approach or exceed 65 mph.

 Critically Dangerous Fire Weather Conditions will prevail today so please avoid any outdoor activity that will involve the use of fire or sparks. Any fire will have the ability to rapidly spread and grow in the high winds. 

Naturally there will be areas of blowing dust this afternoon so be careful on the local roadways...especially near open fields, construction sites, open or freshly plowed farmlands and fields. Sudden drops in the visibility in these areas could easily be near zero at times. High temperatures today in SE NM will be in the mid-upper 70's. 

Severe thunderstorms are expected today from Kansas south into Texas. Large hail, damaging thunderstorm wind gusts, and a few tornadoes will be possible in the highlighted areas above. Especially across parts of north Texas eastward into northern Louisiana and southeastern Arkansas. 

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Stormy Weather Friday Into Monday For New Mexico & Texas.

Severe Weather Continues Today Into Friday.

Weather more typical of late April will impact the region today into the first of next week. Severe thunderstorms broke out over parts of western and northern Texas yesterday afternoon and evening and another round is expected today into this evening, and again on Friday. Much of Texas will have experienced some type of severe weather by Friday night. 

Windy & Dusty In SE NM & W TX Friday.

Valid @ 6 AM MDT Friday.

Valid @ 6 PM MDT Friday.

Back in the Land of Enchantment a more typical spring-like day is expected across the southeastern plains on Friday. A another upper level storm is forecast to zip overhead on its northeastward journey into the Texas Panhandle by tomorrow afternoon. As it does it will kick up strong southwesterly to westerly winds over the local area along with patchy areas of blowing dust. These winds will gust up to around 40 - 50 mph across the lower plains of SE NM & parts of W TX with gusts of up to around 60 mph or higher across the Davis and Guadalupe Mountains where a High Wind Watch is in effect. 

Notice the fairly sharp dryline that will set up roughly from Wichita Falls southward to near Abilene and Del Rio late Friday afternoon. Dew point temps in the teens in SE NM contrasting with near 70 in Dallas. The dryline/Pacific Front will serve as a boundary for severe thunderstorms to fire up along and east of it Friday afternoon and evening.

Stormy Weekend For New Mexico.

Valid @ 6 PM MDT Sunday.

Valid @ 6 PM MDT Sunday.

Valid @ 6 AM MDT Monday.

Valid @ 6 AM MDT Monday.

The next upper level storm to impact the state Sunday and Monday will bring lowland rains and high mountains snows...including the Ski Apace area west of Ruidoso Sunday into Monday. A foot or more of snow looks possible across some of the higher mountains of northern New Mexico. It appears that at least one more blast of winter is in store for these areas. A few thunderstorms may break out over the southeastern plains on Monday.

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Dry Line Season In New Mexico & West Texas.

Valid @ 10 AM MDT Wednesday.

Valid @ 1 PM MDT Wednesday.

Valid @ 6 PM MDT Wednesday.

Valid @ 6 PM MDT Wednesday.

From mid April through roughly about the first of July the dryline wobbles east and west in and out of West Texas and eastern New Mexico. This is clearly shown by the WRF's dew point temperature forecast tomorrow. 

More often than not the dry line mixes/moves out of eastern New Mexico and sets up across West Texas this time of the year. Early in the spring its more often found in Texas than here in New Mexico. By the time we move into late May and June the dryline backs/sloshes or moves westward overnight and parks itself along the east slopes of the states northern, central, and southern mountain chains. As the day progresses the dryline (easpecially early in the spring) will mix out or move eastward into West Texas. And often will return again overnight to repeat the process the next day.

The dryline is a sharp dividing line separating the hot dry desert air to the west from the slightly cooler and far more moist subtropical air to the east. This is measured by the dew point temperature. Here at the surface hot dry down slopping southwesterly/westerly winds will be found west of the dryline. East of the dryline southeasterly winds prevail usually bringing a more muggy airmass into the local area from the Gulf of Mexico.

Notice that by sunrise tomorrow morning the WRF model is forecasting the dryline to be located in the Pecos Valley of southeastern New Mexico with the dew point temps in the 40's and 50's. As it quickly mixes eastward tomorrow morning our dew point temps quickly drop into the teens. By 6 PM MDT Artesia is forecast to have a dew point temp of 15°F while Dallas is forecast to have a dew point temp of 71°F.

During the spring and late fall severe thunderstorms often form along and east of the dryline. Dew point temperatures in the 50's and higher are usually a good indicator that there is enough moisture in the atmosphere to generate thunderstorms. Many times these thunderstorms will be severe along and east of the dryline. Such will be the case tomorrow afternoon across far eastern West Texas into northern Texas as indicated by the WRF's simulated radar forecast above.

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