AGW Climate Change Crowd & Mainstream Media Versus What Really Is Coming With A Grand Solar Minimum & Global Cooling!

My Beliefs About Climate Change Were Formed Early On.

One of the great advantages of having lived on this planet for nearly 60 years is that I've seen a lot of claims and predictions about the planet's climate and weather come and go. Most of them have turned out to either be false or flat out blatant lies. 

Who is the biggest promoter of these lies? The mainstream media of course. This includes the following: CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, and many many more. Sadly in today's world many meteorologists, climatologists, and scientists have joined the bandwagon to promote the false narrative of Climate Change, formerly known as Global Warming. This includes some but not all who work for NOAA, the National Weather Service, and NASA. 

As a teenager in the 1970's I was fascinated about weather and planned to spend my life somehow working in the field of meteorology. Which I managed to accomplish up until the year 2000. I never obtained a degree in meteorology but I did accomplish the following: In my high school years I served as a volunteer weather observer for two years off and on at the New Mexico Agricultural Science Center (SEBS) in Artesia where I helped record daily temperature and precipitation data for the National Weather Service Climate Co-Op Station in Artesia, located 6 miles south of town.

Jump forward to 1976 and after graduating high school I joined the U.S. Navy where I was first stationed at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station then aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69). I was an Aerographer's Mate 2nd class Petty Officer upon my honorable discharge in 1980. Which means that I was a surface weather observer, upper air observer, and also did limited forecasting, and pilot weather briefing for the Navy on the aircraft carrier. 

In February 1985 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hired me under private contract to be the aviation weather observer supervisor at the Carlsbad, New Mexico Municipal Airport Flight Service Station (KCNM FSS). I held this job off and on for the next nearly 15 years working also at the Roswell, New Mexico (KROW) and Wink, Texas (KINK) airports until May of 2000. Thus ended my weather observing days in the professional capacity when the government begin to phase out these contracts nationwide and replaced most observers like me with the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) and the Automated Surface Weather Observing System (ASOS) at airports nationwide. 

For the past 44 years I have been a volunteer National Weather Service Skywarn Storm Spotter as well as a Storm Chaser. Up until May of 2012 I served as the Eddy County New Mexico Skywarn Coordinator (8 years) and the Regional Skywarn Coordinator (2 years) for all 26 of the Midland National Weather Services Counties under their forecast and warning umbrella. 

Today I still keep track of our local weather via this weather web page blog, and my Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus Home Weather Station as well as other instruments like my CoCoRaHS 4" rain gauge. I've been a CoCoRaHS volunteer rainfall and snowfall observer for nearly 11 years now.

For those who will attack me for this post and no doubt (as has already happened many times) call me everything in the book from a "denier" and other names I won't repeat here...go ahead I could care less. I've never claimed to be a meteorologist, or a climatologist, or a scientist. 

I am what I am and that is an avid weather buff, weather observer, storm chaser, spotter, photographer, and blogger. My level of expertise concerning weather and climatology is based upon my professional experiences listed above, and my life long experiences of watching, observing, recording, photographing, and writing about the weather and climate. My view of the world is through common sense using the truth whenever it can be found. I grew up as a farm kid and learned about life the old fashioned way...meaning it wasn't always what you thought it would be, and not everything you hear or see is real or true. This is especially true in today's world of social media.

Today's Political Atmosphere Concerning Climate Change.

We live in interesting times to say the least. Never would I have believed 40 years ago that we would be witnessing some of the times we are living and experiencing now. Most people have very little interest in politics so its hard to capture their attention for very long when this subject comes up. This is very important because slowly over time (especially since the 1970's) the far left political group in this country have been whittling away at the truth and changing it to fit their political agenda. 

Their bombardment of the truth began in the 1970's with the Global Cooling Scare. After coming out of the global cooling pattern during the Dalton Solar Minimum (1790 - 1830) the planet slowly warmed up again from roughly 1880 through 1940. Right around the start of World War II the Pacific Ocean entered into a 40 year cooling phase (Cold PDO) which lasted until about the mid 1970's. From then until 1995 we have been in a warm phase of the Pacific Ocean (Warm PDO). Today we seem to have entered into a "pause" in global temperature warming that has occurred since the 1940's. 

Courtesy Of Dr. Ryan M. Maue - WeatherBell Analytics LLC. 

So there is no warming as we are being told over and over and over again. We have "paused" as far as Global temperatures are concerned. Global warming ceased in about 1997. Not to leave out the very important role of how the world's oceans control our planet's weather and climate either. Once you heat up the ocean it takes years to cool it down. So this is also a very important link that needs to be looked at. If anything the subject of Climate Change is not a settled issue. 

Debating The Left On Climate Change Is Difficult To Say The Least!

Spending a lot of time debating the facts concerning this subject with these people who are promoting and pushing this Climate Change Agenda is almost pointless because they don't care about the facts. They only care about obtaining their goal and winning. To the rest of the world the facts still matter as does the truth. Never ever would I have believed that there would come a time in America that our Mainstream Media would resort to "Fake News" in order to promote their agendas...but here we are.

Think about this. If today's political leftists are willing to character assassinate the President of the United States (Donald J. Trump) with blatant lies such as the so called "Russia Collusion Allegation" then how far are they willing to go concerning the Climate Change argument?

 For over 100 years (since 1913 under President Wilson) the Progressive Leftists have been slowly changing America. They have successfully hijacked the Democratic Party all the while slowly incorporating their Socialists Marxists Agenda. These people have taken over our College Universities who are nothing more for the most part today but Socialists propaganda machines.

Deny AGW Climate Change & You Are A Horrible Person.

What does this have to do with Climate Change? The very same people who are attacking our current president, our Constitution, and our Founding Fathers guidelines for this nation are the very same ones who are promoting this false climatological agenda. How so? Convince the average American that his or her usage of fossil fuels is going to destroy the planet and its climate therefore mankind is the real threat to the planet. They then portray themselves as the saviors of the world who want to usher in a New World Order and a New World Government to save mankind. You can't do this with a powerful free Constitutional American Republic in control. Therefore attack its economy, its base, its source of strength while whittling away at her politically, intellectually, and socially. 

And the simple truth is that mankind is incapable of changing the climate of this planet with its usage of fossil fuels. Remember that its the very same people who claimed in the 1970's and early 1980's that we were all going to freeze to death with a coming ice age because we were destroying the planet and altering its climate through our fossil fuel usages. 

That argument didn't go over very well so they had to change it in order to sway more people onto their side of the aisle. Thus in the mid 1980's they came up with the Global Warming Scare and when that argument didn't hold water they changed it to Climate Change a few years ago. Since this isn't winning the American public over either then they have resorted to changing the historical climate data in order to support their arguments.

Even more bizarre tactics are being used by these people. If all else fails appear to the populations emotions as this Scientist (Dr. Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick) in Australia did recently. She fears her newborn daughter may die of heatstroke while walking to school in the future.

The Ministry Of Climate Truth - Erasing The World Record Heat Of 1913. 

See more of Tony Heller's (aka Steve Goddard) posts about this and more via his twitter page- The Deplorable Science Blog.

When Was The Lie Exposed

On November 9th, 2009 Anthony Watts published this article on Watts Up With That? CRU Has Apparently Been Hacked - Hundreds Of Files Released. It was all downhill from here. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) was exposed as a fradungelant organization who was and continues to lie to the world about Climate Change. Read more on this via this link- Climategate

NOAA and NASA both are guilty of altering the historical climate data from around the country and the world in order to make their data fit the political agenda of the Climate Change/Global Warming crowd. The have and are continuing to adjust the raw data upwards because the reality is that without doing this their argument does not hold water.

On February 5th of this year this article made headlines around the world when Dr. John Bates who was formerly in charge of NOAA's Climate Data Archives before he recently retired blew the whistle and exposed NOAA's fraud. His original blog can be found here via the Climate Etc web page. So you know its bad when one of NOAA's top scienents comes out and says essentially "hey the data is being manipulated."

Not everyone who works for NOAA is wrong and the same holds true for those who are employed by the National Weather Service. As is usually the case its the few who have managed to manipulate the system to to their viewpoint. Both organizations have many dedicated meteorologists and climatologists who endeavor to do what is right and this should not be overlooked.

Another great web site trying to combat their lies is the NoTricksZone. Other interesting sites to follow can be found on my "Climate Change Or Man Made (AGW) Global Warming - Its A Lie" page on my web site. Additional sites countering this argument can be found via this link- C3 Headlines

Local Historical Climate Records Have Been Altered.

One of the best examples of this (locally) can be found in two of our local historical climatological records. One in Roswell's historical data and the other in Artesia's. On February 12th, 1905 the Roswell National Weather Service Climate Co-Op Station officially recorded a low temperature of -29ºF. This all-time record low temperature stood for some 100+ years up until a few years ago when the NCDC changed that record low temperature to -20ºF. 

Artesia officially recorded an all-time low temperature of -35ºF on February 8th, 1933 at the National Weather Service Climate Co-Op Station on Main St. This has now been changed to -3ºF. See my blog I posted concerning these and other record low temperatures recorded locally via this link- All Time Low Temp Records Still Stand- Feb 8, 1933

This is important for a number of reasons. One being that at the time of these all-time record low temperatures were being established here in the Pecos Valley of Southeastern New Mexico we were in the Centennial Solar Minimum (1875 - 1935).  During this time one of the worst arctic outbreaks in American history occurred during February, 1899. See more on this outbreak via this link. February of 1894 and 1903 were also very cold months in New Mexico as was December, 1924. All during this Solar Minimum. There isn't enough time or space here for me to list all of the examples and articles that show how the climatological data is being manipulated. 

Fast Forward To Today & The Near Future.

Obtaining the truth in today's world via the Mainstream Media is difficult if not impossible in many cases. Constantly and daily the American people are being bombarded with story after story of doom and gloom on how we are destroying the planet's environment and climate with our usage of fossil fuels. Many just simply accept this as truth and go on about their business. They make little to no effort to research or question this propaganda of lies. If its on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or any other Social Media outlets then it has to be true right? That's the mindset of many. Many but not all people are just too gullible, intellectually lazy, and are easily persuaded by whatever they are told or hear. Billions of dollars have been poured into this idea for over 40 years so in a way you can't blame them.   

Many Americans are also tired of politics and the last thing they want to hear about is how corrupt our government is and has become, even if it is true. So changing their minds about this is extremely difficult. Why worry about Climate Change when you don't have a job or need a better one, or your child is sick and you don't have the proper insurance, etc. 

Much of my free time I spend reading...not just on the web either. As stated above I make no claim to be an expert by any means on the subject of Climate Change. By the way the planet's climate has always been a state of change and always will as long as we have an atmosphere. The real argument is are we changing or altering it via our usage of fossil fuels and emissions. No we are not!

What if we are headed in fact towards a period of Global Cooling that comes around every 200 years or so? Most people have no idea what this means and how important it will be and how it will impact their lives in the coming years, but more so their children and their grandchildrens lives from now until 50 to 100 years from now. 

A Grand Solar Minimum Is Coming - So Is Global Cooling.

Currently I am in the middle of reading "Upheaval" by John L. Casey. Mr. Casey also published "Cold Sun" and "Dark Winter". Mr. Casey like many others (Meteorologists, Climatologists, and other Scientists) who do not buy into the AGW Climate Change Agenda has come under fire for being a "Climate Change Denier". Add me to the list also. 

Back to Mr. Caseys book...its shocking! For years I've wanted to find a way to link historical catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to Solar Minimums. He has done this with his three books mentioned above...especially with Upheaval. Mr. Casey is not alone in his beliefs that catastrophe is coming to America and the world in the near future as the sun slowly drifts into its cyclic slumber. 

Those who forget to remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. This is where we are headed because we've been sold a lie and have forgotten how dangerous this planet becomes when the sun undergoes changes in its behavior. One of the best documentaries online concerning this is the History Channels Documentary-

The Profound Changes In The Weather During This Time Was Phenomenal!

Will History Repeat Itself?

Right in the middle of the Dalton Solar Minimum (1790-1830) early in the morning (2:15 AM) on December 16th, 1811 the New Madrid earthquake struck with a magnitude of 7.5 to 7.9 near New Madrid, Missouri. Two more powerful quakes of magnitude of 7.3 to 7.6 and 7.5 to 8.0 followed on January 23rd, 1812 and February 7, 1812. Now think about this for a minute. Three earthquakes in the heart of the nation all with a magnitude of 7.0 to 8.0. Imagine the devastation in today's world should this happen again (and many believe it will). For a more detailed summary of the New Madrid earthquakes (1811-1812) please click on this link via the USGS.

California was rocked by two powerful quakes during this time also. The first occurred on December 8th, 1812 which was a magnitude of 7.1, and the second on December 21st, 1812 with a magnitude of 6.9. 
More importantly during the deep sleep of the Maunder Solar Minimum (1615-1745) during the last Little Ice Age (1350-1830) on January 26th, 1700 the Cascadia earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 8.7 to 9.2. The length of the fault was 620 miles long and generated a tsunami that struck Japan and stipped the West Coastline of its forest. 

Mount Tambora documented as one of the most powerful eruptions in history occurred on April 5th -15th, 1815. It is estimated to have killed some 71,000 people (some estimates put the death toll at 92,000). This eruption also caused some of the coldest known temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere in 1816 since 1400 and was known as the year without a summer. 

On August 25th, 1883 during the Centennial Solar Minimum Krakatoa erupted killing 120,000 by some estimates. Krakatoa was one of the most powerful eruptions in modern history. From June of 1883 through July 1884 Las Angles received 38.14" of rainfall which some believe was related to this event.

In 1600 the Huaynaputina, Peru Volcano erupted producing severe winters across Europe and Russia during 1601 - 1603 (also during the Little Ice Age (1350 - 1830) killing an estimated 2,000,000 Russians or one third of the Russian population. Widespread starvation due to famine and the brutal winters are the likely cause of these loses.

On June 8th, 1783 the Laki Volcano in Iceland erupted. Also during the Last Little Ice Age and just before the beginning of the Dalton Minimum. This eruption killed some 5,000,000 people in Northern Europe and Egypt. The weather across the area was wildly disrupted with brutally hot summers followed by equally brutally cold winters. The winter of 1784 was one of the longest and coldest on record in North America. The Mississippi River froze at New Orleans and Ice Flows were reported in the Gulf of Mexico. More on that eruption here.

Mt. Pelee, West Indies April 25th - May 8th, 1902 erupted during the Centennial Minimum and killed 40,000 people.

Recent Historic Catastrophics. 

I've continue to wonder and question whether or not the two events listed below are connected with our current Grand Solar Minimum (the Eddy Minimum). If so then they are harbingers or much worse things to come. Consider the horrific damage that another New Madrid type earthquake will do the heart of the nation and its economy when it happens. Think about all of the underground pipelines and utilities that are buried there. Think also about the horrific damage and mayhem that would occur along the West Coast if another Cascadia type event happens! Mr. Casey covers this in his book that I have referenced above. Not only will the center of the nation be severely impacted but so will the East and West Coasts.

On December 26th, 2004 the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia was struck by a 9.1 to 9.3 magnitude underwater earthquake that devastated the region. The resultant tsunami reached a height of 100' and drowned/killed an estimated 230,000 to 280,000 people. 

March 11, 2011 the Tohoku or Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. Measuring 9.0 to 9.1 in magnitude it and its associated tsunami that reached heights of up to 133' killed some 15,894 Japanese, and displaced 228,863 of them.

Just for the record take a look at this article recently published concerning the June frosts that have wiped out the wheat and other crops in southern Canada and the northern US Plains. "Thus It Begins" Is this a precursor of our near future and the wild weather swings to come or is this just weather that is occurring on a natural cycle.

There Is A Correlation With These Events.

I'm making an important point here. There is strong evidence that catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur during these Grand Solar Minimums, which in turn play a key role in disrupting the planet's climate, which consequently causes life changing events to fall upon humanity.  I have barely scratched the surface here in listing the effects of the sun upon the planet when it goes into a deep slumber. 

I don't have the time nor the page space to cover the potential of what the future holds. More than likely we will witness things we never dreamed possible in our weather and within the geological structure of the planet. Meanwhile instead of preparing the nation for these incredible events the Mainstream Media and Leftist Politicians continue to drone out their lies while ignoring the reality of what's coming. They don't care about you and I, they never have, and they never will. All they want is control over us.

In reality the changes coming to our world associated with the next Grand Solar Minimum (known as the Eddy Minimum) which some believe may have already started in 2015, will be both fascinating and horrifying. Hopefully I will live long enough to witness some of these changes in our weather. More importantly my children and grandchildren will see and feel the brunt of these changes. This is one of the reasons I write posts like this. I want them and you to know the truth about what is coming. 

Some 31,487 meteorologists, climatologists, and scientists have signed a petition stating that they reject the AGW Climate Change Agenda. 9,029 of these have PhD's. Important meteorologists and climatologists have been slandered and defamed by the supporters of the AGW Climate Change Agenda. Their careers have been ruined as well as their reputations. 

Thankfully we have a president in office who is open to discussion concerning this subject unlike Barack Obama who declared that this was a settled science and a massive supporter of this agenda. Maybe in time we will finally see the truth for what it is and start preparing for a very rocky and hard future ahead.

Remember that the truth is stranger than fiction and as Jesus said in the Gospel of John 8:32- Then You Will Know The Truth, And The Truth Will Set You Free."

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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