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Jack Frost Rings In The New Year!

Visible Satellite Image. Snapshot Taken At 9:57 AM MST This New Years Eve. Arctic air surged back westward into the Pecos Valley and the rest of Southeastern New Mexico overnight into this morning. Low clouds and freezing fog with pockets of freezing drizzle also covering the area as indicated above in this visible satellite image. Much Of The Nation East Of The Rockies In The Deep Freeze. Notice how many states and counties that are under a Wind Chill Advisory (light blue shades) and Wind Chill Warnings (light purple shades) as of 9 AM MST this morning. Parts of Southeastern New Mexico including Eddy and Lea Counties are under a Winter Weather Advisory this afternoon into New Years Day morning. This also includes much of West Texas eastward to the Northeastern Texas. Areas of freezing fog, light freezing drizzle, light freezing rain, light sleet, and light snow will be possible here in Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. NWS MesoWest Reported Low Temper

Warming Up Saturday But Turning Much Colder Sunday.

Current Temperatures At 3 PM MST. U.S. Temps & Wind Chill At 3 PM MST. Temperatures across the Yukon of far Northwestern Canada as of 3 PM MST this Friday afternoon and ranging from -30ºF to -42ºF . Wind chill values across Northwestern Canada from the U.S. border northward are ranging from -30ºF to -51ºF . This is the long awaited arctic air mass that is already moving into the northern plains this afternoon. This will be the source of our cold New Years weather locally. Fear not this air mass will not be anywhere near that cold by the time it arrives here.  Cities Circled Are In Danger Of Breaking Their Daily Low Maximum Temperatures. Saturday. Sunday. New Years Day. Arctic Front Arrives Saturday Afternoon. NWS NDFD Forecast High Temperatures & Temperature Anamolies. Saturday. Saturday afternoon will be interesting as the first surge of the modified arctic air mass arrives locally. Current forecast

Colder Tonight Into Wednesday With A Chance Of Light Freezing Drizzle.

10 AM MST Temps & Wind Chills. Surface Cold Front At 5 AM MST This Morning. Arctic air has moved into Northeastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle this morning. The cold front had sagged south into Southeastern New Mexico as of sunrise. As of 10 AM MST the temperature in Clayton was 10ºF with a wind chill of -3ºF. Amarillo was reporting a temp of 13ºF with a wind chill of -3ºF. Cannon Air Force Base at Clovis was reporting a temp of 26ºF and a wind chill of 15ºF. Low clouds were reported at all three locations. Meanwhile it was 36ºF in Roswell and Hobbs and 47ºF in Carlsbad .   NWS NDFD Forecast High Temperatures & Temperature Anomalies. Today. The colder air associated with the front is forecast to mix out of Southeastern New Mexico this afternoon with forecast highs in the low 60's. This colder airmass will then work its way back into the area tonight sticking around through Thursday morning. Wednesday. With

Cold Front Approaching - No White Christmas For SE NM This Year!

RAMMB/CIRA Lower Level Water Vapor Satellite Image. Valid At 11:07 AM MST This Morning. At noon today our next winter storm was located over far northwestern Arizona and continues sinking slowly southward.  Surface Map Forecast. Valid At 5 PM MST This Afternoon. Meanwhile at the surface a Pacific cold front was moving eastward through the western part of New Mexico while a modified arctic cold front was entering northeastern New Mexico headed south. These two cold fronts will merge and sweep eastward and southward out of southeastern New Mexico late tonight into early Friday morning. Temperatures & Wind Chill Values At Noon MST Today. Courtesy Of NWS MesoWest. Courtesy Of Oklahoma MesoNet. Courtesy Of Oklahoma MesoNet. Our long awaited change to colder weather will commence locally tonight with a second cold front invading the Eastern Plains Sunday.   Canadian (GEM) 500 MB Forecasts. Valid At 5 AM MST This Morning. Val

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