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Hope & Carlsbad, NM Supercell T-Storms 5-29-2016.

Blog Updated @ 8:07 AM MDT Monday, May 30, 2016.

We Are 4.5 Miles South Of Hope, NM In Eddy County Looking NW At 2:17 PM MDT. We Notice That A Blue-Green Tent is Showing Up In The Storm As It Begins Producing Hail...Possibly Large.
The Storm Started Out Moving To The Northeast But Quickly Turned To The Southeast Making It A Right Mover Or Right Moving Supercell Thunderstorm.

This Is A GR2Analyst Radar Snapshot Of The Storm At 2:17 PM MDT. Using The Midland NWS Dual Pol Radar. Maximum Radar Reflectivity Is 69 DBZ At This Time. 

Meanwhile To Our Southeast This LP Supercell Thunderstorm Was Getting Its Act Together West Of Carlsbad At 2:17 PM MDT. This Storm Was Moving Generally To The East Towards Carlsbad. Note The White Streak Coming Out Of The Middle Of The Storm...A Hail Shaft Has Developed.

Heading South Out Of Hope On Armstrong Road We Turned Back To The East On Rockin R Red Rd (Eddy County Rd #21). And I Snapped This Shot At 2:49 PM MDT. 

Radar Shows A Healthy Storm With Somewhat Of A Classic "Bird" Shape - Indicating Good Inflow At The Low And Mid Levels And Good Ventilation At The Upper Levels. The Storm Is Still Moving To The Southeast At This Time. 

At 3:11 PM MDT When I Shot This Photo The Storm Is Fully Developed. A Hail Shaft Is Visible To Our South On The Western End Of The Storm.

At 3:13 PM MDT Midland NWS Radar Indicates That This LP Supercell Thunderstorm May Be Getting Close To Becoming Severe. Hail Just A Little Over An Inch Is Being Indicated By The Radar 5 Miles West Of The Junction Of US Hwy 285 And State Hwy 137 (Queens Highway). 

Twin Funnel Clouds (You Won't See This Very Often) Pop Out Of The Backside Of A Small Wall Cloud West 2 Miles West Of Us At 3:35 PM MDT. I Took This Photo When They Where The Most Developed And Did Not Drop Down Any Closer To The Ground Than This. Mid Level Funnels. 

My Spotter Report Submitted To The Midland National Weather Service Office-

(5/29/2016 3:41:52 PM) nwsbot: MAF: NOT CONFIRMED/NOT FOR MEDIA RELEASE -- from Wendell Malone (via @ 21:39 UTC -- (S) Funnel -- -- Event is 11 miles NW of SEVEN RIVERS, NM (Eddy county) [32.688/-104.578]-- A small mid level funnel cloud was observed for two minutes which dissipated at 3:39 PM MDT 2 miles to my west. (SN#23750).

Looking At The Midland NWS Radar Snapshot At 3:37 PM MDT We See That Our Storm Has Continued Moving To The Southeast But Has Moved About As Far South As It Is Going To Go. The Storm West Of Carlsbad Has Fallen Apart And It Was The Outflow Winds From Its Collapse (Which Where Gusting Up To 40-50 MPH From The Southeast) That Fed Our Storm And Caused It To Rotate Thus The Twin Funnel Clouds. Notice Also That The Outflow Winds From Our Storm Has Kicked Up Another Storm Over Lake Arthur Which Would Become Severe And Warned On.

Same Storms At The Same Time But Looking At Them With The Cannon AFB Radar At 3:34 PM MDT. Cannon Indicates That Hail Possibly Up To 2" In Diameter Is Falling From Our Storm.

A Few Minutes Later At 3:44 PM MDT Another Funnel Cloud Forms Rapidly In Front Of Us About Two Miles North Of Our Position. I Tried Shooting Video Of It With My Busted Lens And That Didn't Work. So I Wasted Time And A Good Shot Doing That. I Switched Lens And Got This One Photo Before The Funnel Cloud Dissipated. It Formed Out Of A Small Wall Cloud And Lasted A Couple Of Minutes. 

My Spotter Report Submitted To The Midland National Weather Service Office-

(5/29/2016 3:47:47 PM) nwsbot: MAF: NOT CONFIRMED/NOT FOR MEDIA RELEASE -- from Wendell Malone (via @ 21:45 UTC -- (S) Funnel -- -- Event is 9 miles W of DAYTON, NM (Eddy county) [32.709/-104.544]-- Second funnel cloud formed 3 miles to my north and lasted two mts before dissipating. Brief rotating wall cloud coming and going. (SN#23752).

Midland NWS Radar Shows That Our Storm Is Quickly Collapsing On Us At 3:42 PM MDT As Its Inflow Is Being Cutoff From The Storms Near Carlsbad To The South. As Our Storm Dies Its Outflow Winds Hep The Storm Over Lake Arthur To The Northeast Blow Up And Become Severe.

(4:15 - 4:30 PM MDT.)

NWS Midland Radar Snapshot Of The Storm That Produced Quarter To Golf Ball Size Hail In Carlsbad And Otis As Its Rolling Into Town At 4:14 PM MDT Sunday Afternoon.

Courtesy Of Chris Atwood In Carlsbad.

My Time Lapse Video Of Our Chase.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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