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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Year-To-Date Average Temperatures & Rainfall.

(As Of Sept 29th, 2016).

(As Of Sept 29th, 2016).

(As Of Sept 29, 2016).

Most of the southern one half of New Mexico has averaged above normal this September as far as rainfall is concerned. Across the Sacramento and Guadalupe Mountains eastward out onto the southeastern plains most of us are averaging 1" to 5" above normal for the month. Except for our home in Carlsbad where I've recorded an even 2.00" for the month...which is not far below normal which is 2.11".  

(As Of Sept 29th, 2016).

Overall temperatures across New Mexico have been running close to normal or slightly below normal for this month. This is also true for much of the Western and Southwestern U.S. 

Temperatures so far for the year are close to normal in New Mexico and parts of Texas.

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