Headed Back To Record High Temps.

Our Quick Shot Of Winter Weather Is Gone.

A few light snow flurries were reported in Roswell, Artesia, and across parts of Lea County yesterday morning. And this being the closet thing to winter weather that we've had so far this year, and it already over with.

Say hello to a return to near record to record high temperatures once again Monday and Tuesday. High temps are once again forecast to range from near 80 to the low 80's. December 2010 will be remember for it's string of new daily record high temps if nothing else.

Today marks the 56th day in a row since I have recorded any measurable rainfall here at my home in Carlsbad. My last measurable rainfall occurred on Oct 23rd with .03". This is pretty typical for most other locations across SE NM. Maybe if Santa brings me a new CoCoRaHS rain gauge, perhaps mother nature would be kind enough to deposit something measurable into it on Christmas. I doubt it folks, so don't get your hopes up.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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