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Arizona Gets 8+ Inches Of Rain In Past 2-Days - Sacramento Mtn's Of NM 2+ Inches.

Storm Clouds Gathering Thursday.

Looking West-Southwest Towards Guadalupe Peak Thursday Afternoon.

Looking Northwest Towards Whites City Thursday Afternoon.

(As Of 5 AM MST Friday Morning).

Month-To-Date Rainfall Totals.
(February 1st - February 16th, 2018 At 5 AM MST).

Most of this has fallen in the past two days!

(Valid As Of 7 AM MST Friday Morning).

(As Of 8 AM MST Friday Morning).

Lincoln County.

Otero County.

(As Of 9 AM MST Friday Morning).

Lincoln County.

Otero County.

Heavy rain have fallen over the Sacramento Mountains since Wednesday. As of 9 AM MST this Friday morning. Totals of this magnitude are defiantly drought busters in some of these locations. some of the heavier storm totals (48-Hour Totals) include the following:

2.3 Miles South Of Cloudcroft 2.09"

1.8 Miles Southwest Of Cloudcroft 1.65"
Smokey Bear Raws In Ruidoso 1.65"
Bonito Lake Northwest Of Ruidoso 1.58"
12.1 Miles Northwest Of Capitan 1.32"
13.4 Miles West-Northwest Of Capitan 1.24"

Radar estimated that around 2.20" of rain may have fallen west of Ruidoso on Sierra Blanca Peak. The remote Snotel Station near Ski Apace reported 4.00" of rain this morning but I have my doubts that this is correct. Too bad this didn't fall in the form of snow. Not to complain however because this rain will go a long ways to knocking down the high fire danger in the Sac's at least for the short term anyway.

(48-Hour Totals As Of Thursday Evening).

Some VERY impressive rain totals across SE AZ in the past 48 hours. Mt. Lemmon and Mt. Graham both over 8 inches. Shown here are both observed totals and radar estimated totals.

Mount Lemon near Tuscon (with 8.62") and Mount Graham (with 8.70") northeast of Tuscon both have had more rain than they normally get any month of the two days. 

More Rain To Come To The Area Today Into Tonight.

Valid At 9:32 AM MST This Friday Morning.

Valid At 5 AM MST This Friday Morning.

Valid At 9:45 AM MST This Friday Morning.

A cold front moved southward into Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas overnight. A colder and more moist air mass at the low levels of the atmosphere now resides over the area.

After seeing our afternoon high temperatures climb up into the low 80's yesterday we will only reach the low 50's today. Some 25 to 30-degrees colder than yesterday.

(Valid Today Through 5 PM MST Sunday).

Regional radar and the latest satellite images continue to show deep sub tropical moisture streaming northeastward from southwest of the Baja Region into New Mexico this morning. A weak upper low located southwest of San Diego was aiding in this process. Additional heavy rains are forecast for the Sacramento Mountains today into tonight. Storm totals in a few locations may exceed 3". Locally our best chances for rain will come this afternoon into tonight. See my forecast page link for additional details. 

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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