Current Conditions 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM

2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 30-Day Temperature Graph

Winter Is Back.

January 11, 2020.
South Of Cloudcroft, New Mexico.
Nothing compares to the peaceful serenity of a winter-time snowscape. 

Winter Is Back. 

Analysis At 11 AM MST This Wednesday Morning.

A short wave trough of low pressure at 18,000' up in the atmosphere will swing southeast tonight into Thursday and then lift northeast out of the area by Friday morning. As it does it "kick" a strong cold front south into the area by sunrise Thursday morning. See the surface map forecast below. Much colder air will then overspread the state and local area into Friday.

Forecast For 5 PM MST Thursday.

Forecast For 5 PM MST Friday.

Forecast For 5 PM Saturday.

Forecast For 5 AM MST Sunday.

Should the "next little bowling ball", that's what I call them, storm roll a tad further south than the models think then we could have a wetter and stormier weekend than indicated. 

Rain-Sleet-Snow Along & Behind The Southward Moving Cold Front.

Precipitation Type Forecast At 9 AM MST Thursday.

Precipitation Type Forecast At 3 PM MST Thursday.

Precipitation Type Forecast At 6 PM MST Thursday.

NAM 3K Sleet Accumulation Forecast.

NAM 3K Freezing Rain Accumulation Forecast.

Light rain is forecast to change over to a wintry mix very late tonight or early Thursday morning. This wintry mix will include light rain (green shades on the maps above), light sleet (orange shades on the maps above), light freezing rain (purple shades on the maps above), and light to moderate snow (blue shades on the maps above). 

This light mix will continue off and on throughout the day on Thursday and is currently forecast to end by around sunset.

Notice where the cold front will set up shop and park itself. Along the central mountain chain bisecting the state from north to south. High temperatures over the eastern one-third of New Mexico aren't forecast to get out of the 30's to near 40. Meanwhile, highs over parts of southern and southwestern New Mexico will be in the 50's and 60's. Friday is forecast to be a tad warmer (relative term) in Southeastern New Mexico with the 40's expected. 

NWS Storm Total Rainfall Forecasts.

Current thinking is that rainfall totals will be on the light side locally with the heaviest rains falling over southwestern New Mexico into this weekend.

NWS Storm Total Snowfall Forecasts.

Snowfall totals from this latest incoming Winter Storm currently don't look impressive locally, even for the mountains. Trace amounts to maybe a quarter to a half of inch at most? Wouldn't it be nice if this storm steps up and drops more than this on us?

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - And Sometimes It Hurts!


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NWS Storm Prediction Center (SPC)
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