New Mexico's New Daily High Temp Records For July, 2019.

(January 1st - July 26th, 2019).

In spite of all of the media hype and craziness concerning Climate Change aka Global Warming, the data tells a different story. For much of the U.S. the average year-to-date temperature is running below normal (blue and green shaded areas). 

July so far has been a tad toasty for parts of New Mexico with numerous daily record high temperatures established. However when you step back and look at the big picture, you see that even with a hotter than normal July, the overall trend for the year so far  is our average temps are close to normal, and even below normal in a few areas.

North America Temperature Anomalies.
(July 1st - July 26th, 2019).

New Mexico's average temperature so far this July shows a mixed bag of variables. Its been warmer than normal across the eastern and southeastern plains, as well as the south central mountains, while much of the rest of the state is close to normal.

(July 1st - July 24th, 2019).

This July has been hot that's for sure for much of the local area. There have been some impressive new daily high temperature records broken so far this month too. 

The Roswell Industrial Air Center ASOS broke several daily records with two days of readings of 108ºF on the 19th, and 20th. The old records for these dates were last set in 2018 (107ºF) and 2009 (105ºF) respectively. On the 18th that station reached 107ºF breaking the old daily record of 105ºF set in 2018.

Jal reached 108ºF on the 11th breaking their previous daily record of 107ºF set in 1998.

Carlsbad reached 107ºF on the 21st breaking their previous daily record of 105ºF set in 1949.

Artesia reached 106ºF on the 21st breaking their previous daily record of 105ºF set in 2011.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - And Sometimes It Hurts!

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