The Drought - It Just Keeps Getting Worse With Time!

According To The Latest US Drought Monitor Map Above,
Southeastern New Mexico Is Now Experiencing Extreme
Drought Conditions. Our Neighbors In Southwest Texas
Are Experiencing Exceptional Drought Conditions.

According To This Outlook Map We Will Continue To Experience 
Drought Conditions Right On Into July Across The Area.

How Dry Is It?

There have been several reports recently that we haven't received any rainfall here in SE NM since last September. I agree that it is really dry but these statements are not true. Since October 1st of last year I have only recorded .36" of rainfall here at my home in Carlsbad. Take a look at the he long term averages (1900-2010) for the Carlsbad Climate Coop Station-

Average Oct - Apr 4.41" (My Total .36")
Average Jan - Apr 1.98" (My Total .23")
Average Apr .66" (My Total 0")

My last measurable rainfall here at the house occurred on Feb 3rd with .02". So far for this month I have failed to record any measurable precipitation, March was also rainless. I recorded .22" of rain for February and only .01" for January. I recorded .03" for December and November was also rainless. October of last year saw only .10" of rainfall. My station here at the house is typical of other reporting stations across southeastern New Mexico. Most of them have recorded less than .50" of rainfall since last October.

What is the most yearly rainfall recorded in SE NM?
 (1941 was the wettest year on record when the following totals were recorded)-

White Tail Climate (SE of Ruidoso) 62.45"
Cloudcroft Climate 48.10"
Carlsbad Caverns Climate 43.23"
Tatum Climate 36.49"
Artesia Climate 36.31"
Lake Avalon Climate 36.27"
Lake Mc Millan Climate 36.19"
Lovington Climate 34.81"
Carlsbad Climate 33.94"
Elk Climate 33.17"
Roswell Climate 32.90"
Hagerman Climate 32.61"
Hobbs Climate 32.19"
Loving Climate 31.94"
Capitan Climate 30.74"
Hope Climate 29.09"

Contrast these wet yearly totals with 2003 in Roswell when the Airport only recorded 2.90" for the entire year. The Artesia Climate Coop Station only recorded 5.57" in 2003, and the Carlsbad Climate Coop Station only recorded 5.61" of rain for the entire year. There have been numerous years in SE NM in which our yearly rainfall totals have been under 8.00" of rain.

 A wet year is when any one station receives 15" or more of rain in a year.
 Last year the following selected totals were noted across SE NM-

4.9 NE Cloudcroft 38.95"
Cloudcroft Climate 37.34"
33.3 WSW Carlsbad - Queen 32.09"
16 ESE Cloudcroft - Mayhill 27.06"
Ruidoso Cllimate 23.09"
Jal Climate 20.47"
0.9 NE Lakewood 19.02"
Hope Climate 19.03"
3.1 SSE Carlsbad 19.02"
Hobbs Climate 18.14"
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 17.38"
Carlsbad Climate 17.32"
3.5 WNW Roswell 16.07"
Carlsbad Airport 15.92"
8.0 SSE Hobbs 15.52"
0.9 NNW Lovington 15.45"
0.3 SSW Roswell 15.21"
Roswell Airport 15.18"
Capitan Climate 15.06"
Roswell Climate 14.58"
WIPP Climate 12.86"
Artesia Climate 12.68"
Tatum Climate 12.36"

Additional Rainfall Information Can Be Found Here-

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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