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Happy Easter - Colder & Maybe Wet By Tuesday.

This Mornings 12Z/6 AM MDT NAM Simulated Radar Forecast. Valid @ Noon MDT Tuesday, April 2, 2013. This Mornings 12Z/6 AM MDT NAM 60-Hour Precipitation Total Forecast. Valid @ 6 PM MDT Wednesday, April 3, 2013. This Mornings 12Z/6 AM MDT NAM Temperature Forecast. Valid @ 6 PM MDT Tuesday, April 2, 2013. Timing differences are showing up in the models concerning the arrival time of a strong cold front and associated upper-level storm in the area Monday night into Wednesday. The latest trends are heading towards a slower arrival time of the front, by sometime Tuesday, maybe even early Tuesday evening. Should the upper-level storm that will be approaching from the west slow down, and dig further south, then the front will be delayed. But if this happens more moisture may get pulled further westward into the local area. Lots of unknowns yet on all of this. At this time only light precipitation is expected. But make no mistake a big change is coming by Tue

Russian Scientist Warns Earth Is Heading For Another Little Ice Age!

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover. Leading Scientist Warns Of Another Ice Age! " Incredibly, British Summer Time officially starts tomorrow but millions of brassed off Brits pining for warmth will have to endure freezing temperatures and biting winds until May.The misery will continue with daytime temperatures struggling to reach a bracing 5C (41F). The only ray of sunshine, forecasters said, is that it will stay dry. As if the outlook wasn’t bleak enough already, meteorologists believe the shivering start to 2013 has been the coldest in more than 200 years. More worryingly, the combination of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow experienced across much of the country recently could be the prelude to a new Ice Age that will begin next year and last for 200 years. Russian scientist Dr Habibullo Abdussamatov, of the St Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, painted the Doomsday scenario saying the recent inclement weather simply proved we were

90 For Today - 40's On Tuesday!

GFS Temperature Anomaly Forecast  @ Noon MDT Today. This Easter is going to be a warm one. Carlsbad's forecast high temp today is 90F . Easter Sunday's high temps across SE NM will range from the upper 70's to the low 80's. Monday will be hot again with highs in the mid 80's to near 90. Then the bottom falls out...

Lea County, NM Sunrise.

No filters were used, all nature colors. Shot on Hwy 128 in Lea County, New Mexico. The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!  My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

Snow For The First Week Of April - Say What?

 GFS 500 MB Forecast. Vaqlid @ 6 AM MDT Wednesday April 3, 2013. GFS Max Temperature Anomaly Forecast. Valid @ 6 PM MDT Tuesday, April 2, 2013. So you thought winter was over hum? Well maybe not...

Low Temps Saturday Morning Set New Daily Records.

Courtesy of the NCDC. The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!   My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

Yesterday's Winds & This Mornings Lows.

High winds raked southeastern New Mexico and nearby locals yesterday. Some of the peak wind gusts reported are listed above. Guadalupe Pass peaked out at 72 mph. Blinding clouds of blowing dust knocked the visibility down to a 1/2 of a mile less at times in some locals. Additional peak wind gusts can viewed here .  As was expected our overnight low temps cratered this morning. Check these out...

March Will Live Up To Its Ugly Reputation Today.

 Visible Satellite Image @ 7:45 AM MDT. NWS Fort Worth, TX Radar Snapshot @ 8:16 MDT. GRLevel3 2.00 Dual Pol Image. So close but oh so far away. Thunderstorms are breaking out across north Texas this morning. They are being fueled by a supply of low-level moisture from off the Gulf of Mexico. This is indicated by the low clouds on the visible satellite image above. Severe thunderstorms will be possible across northern and eastern Texas eastward to northern Florida today. I'll give you three guesses what our weather in southeastern New Mexico will be like today...

A Little Less Wind Today...But Saturday Will Make Up For It.

ECMWF 500 MB Forecast @ 6 PM MST Saturday. GFS 500 MB Forecast @ 6 PM MDT Saturday. Most peak wind gusts across southeastern New Mexico were measured in the 40-50 mph range yesterday. Today is expected to be less windy but this won't last long. Saturday's will be another very windy and dusty day.

Lubbock, TX Haboob. 3-17-2013.

6:07 PM CDT. 6:07 PM CDT. 6:08 PM CDT. 6:10 PM CDT. 6:11 PM CDT. 6:11 PM CDT. 6:11 PM CDT. 6:12 PM CDT. Radar at 5:58 PM CDT. A line of  very light rain showers and a few isolated thunderstorms moved southeastward out of eastern New Mexico and into west Texas Sunday afternoon, ahead of an approaching weak upper-level disturbance. Most of this activity (show above on the radar snapshot) was virga . As this line of showers and virga moved into the Lubbock, Texas area Sunday evening, it formed a haboob that rolled across the city. My wife and I had just arrived at our hotel as the haboob rolled into Lubbock. I shot the photos above from out hotel on the south 289 Loop, looking back west towards the Marsha Sharp Freeway. In five minutes time the visibility dropped down to less than one quarter of a mile in blowing dust and sand. Please click on this link to view more photos of the haboob courtesy of the Lubbock, Texas Nati

Dust At Sunrise.

No its not fog but it sure looks like it. I was headed to work down Hwy 128 Friday morning when I snapped this. Dust is trapped in the small valley by an inversion. Oilfield traffic on the dirt roads near the highway created this cloud of dust. This happens quiet often out here during calm stable conditions.    The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!  My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

new Daily Record High Temps - Friday, March 15, 2013.

My High/Low Temps @ My Home In Carlsbad, NM Yesterday. Its not all that uncommon to see some pretty wild temperature spreads this time of the year. This is a result of  our dry climate with very low humidity values, high altitudes (3,158' MSL at my home), and usually clear skies. I started the day out with a low of 39 and ended up with a high of 92 yesterday Today's forecast high temps are expected to be near or a couple of degrees above yesterday's readings, so we may once again see some additional daily record high temp records fall by the way side.   New daily record high temps were set across the state yesterday. See this by clicking on the "Read more" link.

New Daily Record High Temps Possible Today & Saturday.

 ECMWF Temperature Anomalies @ 6 PM MDT Today. GFS Temperature Anomalies @ 6 PM MDT Today. Apparently we are going to skip spring today and tomorrow, and head straight into summer-like temps.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Temps Will Be More Summer-Like Than Spring-Like.

ECMWF Temperature Anomalies For Friday. ECMWF Temperature Anomalies For Saturday. Midland NWS Forecast For Carlsbad, NM. Albuquerque NWS Forecast For Roswell, NM.  Lets have some summer-like temps Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, shall we? The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!  My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

Comet PanSARRS.

Courtesy Of The Albuquerque NWS Office. Courtesy Of The Lubbock NWS Office. More info here , and here . The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!  My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

Mother Nature Takes A Chill Pill This Week.

 GFS 500 MB Forecast @ Noon MDT Thursday. All winter long I've been talking about upper-level troughs of low pressure, closed lows, and occasionally cut off lows. These systems are what help produce our winter weather across the state. Mother nature is taking a chill pill this week. None of these for awhile.  A ridge of high pressure is forecast to gradually build eastward into northern Mexico and the Desert Southwest this week. This ridge will shove the jet stream as well as the storm track well to the north of our area, and the result will be sunny skies with highs mostly in the 70's all week long. By the end of the week we will be back in the 80's, and its possible that some of us may be flirting with the 90-degree mark by next weekend.

Fires & Our Spring Winds Are A Bad Mix.

 Peak Wind Gusts Reported Yesterday. Fires, of any kind, when occurring during our spring winds are always a bad combination. I shot the se photos ( see more photos by click ing on the Read more link b elow ) of a M obile H ome Trailer P ark fire on south National Parks Highway in Carlsbad yesterday afternoon.

Snowy March Afternoon In Cloudcroft, NM.

Cloudcroft, New Mexico  @ 3:15 PM MST This Afternoon. The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!  My Web Page Is Best Viewed With Google Chrome.

Typical March Weather Today - Windy & Dusty.

  Photo Courtesy Of @KRQEMark     Photo Courtesy Of @KRQEMark GRLevel3 2.00 Doppler Radar Composite Reflectivity. Holloman AFB Doppler Radar @ 5:07 PM MST.  S outhern New Mexico's first Severe Thunderstorm Warning of the year was issued by the El Paso National Weather Service Office at 5:04 PM MST yesterday. A cl uster of thunderstorms moved northeastward through the Tul a rosa Basin at around 50 mph while producing damaging winds. The highest wind gust noted was at San Augustin Pass, where a gust to 78 mph was recorded. The Warning was allowed to expire at 5:45 PM . A s this cluster of thunderstorms moved through the Carrizozo area at 5:45 PM MST, damage to the Carri zozo Market (pictures above) occurred from high winds. Additional wind, rain, and snow reports across the state can be view ed by visiting this link .   This proves that severe weather can occur just about anywhere in New Mexico, at any time, and not necessarily across the easte

Slight Chance For T-Storms This Evening - A Few May Be Severe.

 Today's Midland NWS Outlook.  NWS Albuquerque's Snowfall Outlook. Today's Lubbock NWS Outlook. Today's El Paso/Santa Teressa NWS Outlook.   Wind Advisory For Lincoln County.   Wind Advisory For Southern New Mexico. High Wind Watch For The Guadalupe Mountains.   Cloudy skies blanket most of southeastern New Mexico early this morning as mid-level moisture is funneled northeastward ahead of an approaching upper-level storm to our west. Radar has been showing an area of light rain showers over the area for the last couple of hours, although most of this activity is more than likely virga, and not reaching the ground. I had a few sprinkles here at my home in Carlsbad at 5:20 AM. 

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