Yesterday's Winds & This Mornings Lows.

High winds raked southeastern New Mexico and nearby locals yesterday. Some of the peak wind gusts reported are listed above. Guadalupe Pass peaked out at 72 mph. Blinding clouds of blowing dust knocked the visibility down to a 1/2 of a mile less at times in some locals. Additional peak wind gusts can viewed here.

 As was expected our overnight low temps cratered this morning. Check these out...

My low temp here in Carlsbad was 27F. The Netherland farm located in Atoka dropped down to 25F, Cottonwood north of Artesia reached 18F, and the "Office" southeast of Roswell reported 21F. The Roswell Climate Co-Op Station reported a low of 22F this morning.

KEDU Radio on Mechem Drive in Ruidoso recorded a low this morning of 13F. Additional low temps can be viewed by visiting the Davis WeatherLink Network Map. A weather station in Mayhill reported a low this morning of 12F. You can also view additional low temps as reported on the WunderMap this morning.

Today's highs as well as Monday's highs are forecast to range from the upper 40's to the mid 50's across southeastern New Mexico. Tomorrow mornings lows will likely be just as cold as this mornings, if not a few degrees colder in some locals. Bad news for the fruit trees and flowers again.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction! 

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  1. That is amazing that the cold finally reached you, after such a mild Saturday down the cold blasted through about 8 am, and the wind became meaner after 11 or noon.

    I was 26F, but just a mile away, it was 17! Who knows tonight, covering up some plants about to bloom!


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