First Chase Of 2015 - Shelf Cloud.

Blog Updated 5:35 PM MDT Tue June 16, 2015.

Edna Troublefield Washburn posted these two pictures of downed power lines on my FaceBook Page today. The damage occurred Saturday afternoon, June 13, 2015. About 5 miles west of Lakewood on Rock Daisy Rd. This is the same severe t-storm that I shot my photos of on White Pine Rd, south of this location.

My Time Lapse Video Of The Shelf Cloud.

Finally I got to go out and chase a storm this past Saturday, June 13, 2015. I only had to go 20 miles to the northwest of Carlsbad, NM and ended up on White Pine Rd. I shot the five shelf cloud photos in "Raw Format" using my Cannon EOS Rebel T3i camera. But using this mode I was unable to edit the photos and time stamp them with paint on my computer. Much sharper and better quality images than when using the auto modes. I'm still learning new tricks with this camera. 

On my way back home after my encounter with the shelf cloud and the 60 mph downdraft winds and blowing dust it produced I came upon these three poles that had been blown down about 1/2 of a mile north of the Ford Dealership on the north side of Carlsbad. There were actually two of these road signs that were also blown over by an apparent wet microburst. I'll post a time lapse video to YouTube of this event in a couple of days.

As a line of thunderstorms was exiting southeastern New Mexico into West Texas yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to get a shot of this double rainbow. I was at work at the Gas Plant where I am employed and saw this beauty popping up to my east. 

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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