Oklahoma & Kansas Tornado Outbreak May 19, 2013.

Blog updated @ 5:50 AM MDT, Monday, May 20, 1013.

Courtesy Of Brent Wright & Tornado Titans. 
Destructive Tornado Outside Of Shawnee, Oklahoma. Note The Tree At The Top Of The Tornado.

Carney, Oklahoma.

Carney, Oklahoma.

Update- At least one person has been killed and 21 injured during yesterdays tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Violent tornadoes ripped across Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois today. I missed this outbreak since I was working, and this is just a taste of the results. Piles of rubble are everywhere in more than one community tonight as search and rescue efforts are underway. Preliminary storms reports from the Storm Prediction Center indicate at least two dozen tornadoes today. Monday looks to potentially just as bad if not worse than today. More today's outbreak later.

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