Super Blood Moon As Seen From The High Desert Plains Of SE NM 9-27-2015.

As tonight's Super Blood Moon was rising over southeastern New Mexico my wife and I were headed home after a day trip to the southern Sacramento Mountains in south Central New Mexico.

 We had just passed the Penasco Valley River Ranch located just northeast of the Penasco School on US Hwy 82 when we first encountered tonight's rising Super Blood Moon. As we headed east towards Artesia we pulled over and I was able to snap the following photos. 

Sadly me and my camera were not on the same operating page tonight and I blew some really good shots because I was either out of focus or had the flash turned on. The good side of this was that my wife was able to experience the full sequence of events since it wasn't occurring in the wee hours of the morning. She also marveled at how bright the Milky Way was to our west so all was not lost.

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