Test Drive Of My New Nikon D5600 Camera.

Thunderstorm Outflow Winds Kick Up Blowing Dust At Lakewood.

 Mist Trails From A Passing Vehicle.

  Even Though Its Rained Its Not Enough - Keep Those Irrigation Sprinklers Going Day And Night On The Cotton Fields. 

Rained On Alfalfa. Raked And Almost Ready To Bail.

While Rain Threatens In The Background At Least This Cutting Of Alfalfa Got Bailed Up Green. Now To Haul It To The Barn Before It Gets Rained On.

Thunderstorms once again popped up across Southeastern New Mexico this afternoon. So my wife and I took off towards Artesia to try out my new Nikon D5600 camera. My early Christmas present from my beautiful wife...I've waited years for a Nikon. I've a lot to learn about this camera and that was quickly realized. Overall although I'm somewhat overwhelmed with its many functions I'm extremely pleased with it. Now to work on my manual raw shots verses jpeg auto shots. Let the fun begin!

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


  1. Wendell, those are awesome photos! Which lens did you use to capture those? I have a guide on Nikon D5600 lenses feel free to check it out and let me know how you like it https://lensespro.org/best-lenses-for-nikon-d5600/

  2. Those are some photos if I can say so myself. Which lens you used to capture them? I may recommend you to read Nikon D5600 lenses article which contains a lot of useful information and tips on which lens is best for your type of photography and which ones you should avoid. In my opinion it is one of the best lens reviews sites that even beginners like myself can understand and enjoy in!


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