Current Weather 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM

Wind Advisory Today!

Warm - Windy - Dusty Today!

Peak Wind Gusts Reported Today-
(Update At 6:30 PM MST)

Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 66 mph
Bowl Raws North of Guadalupe Pk 64 mph
Guadalupe Pass 59 mph
Dunken Raws 55 mph
Pinery Raws 53 mph
High Rolls 50 mph
Queen Raws 46 mph
McKittrick Canyon Raws 46 mph
Mayhill Raws 44 mph
Artesia Airport 44 mph
South Hobbs (DW3455) 44 mph
Sacramento Peak 43 mph
Tatum (CW0386) 43 mph
Paduca Raws 41 mph

Peak Wind Data Courtesy Of-

MesoWest Weather

Once again early this morning low clouds and fog are blanketing parts of SE NM. These will burn off shortly after sunrise this morning. Our overnight low temperatures have been very warm in part due to these low clouds and areas of fog the past couple of mornings. My low temp at my home in Carlsbad yesterday morning was 52, and as of 6 AM this morning 48.

Strong southwesterly winds are already kicking up across the Guadalupe and the east slopes of the Sacramento Mountains as of 6 AM this morning. The Bowl Raws which is located just north of Guadalupe Peak, has already recorded a gust to 64 mph. The Sierra Blanca Regional Airport which is located northeast of Ruidoso has recorded a gust to 61 mph. The Pine Springs Raws has recorded a gust to 48 mph, the Dunken Raws 45 mph, High Rolls 45 mph, the Queen Raws 42 mph, the Mayhill Raws 40 mph.

An upper level storm located over Southern California will swing across northern New Mexico today. As it approaches strong downsloping southwesterly winds are forecast to develop over the local area.

A Wind Advisory is in effect until 8 PM tonight for Eddy-Lea-Culberson Counties. SW winds of around 25-35G55 mph can be expected. A few stronger gusts may occur especially near the foothills and mountains.

A Wind Advisory is in effect for the Sacramento Mountains until this evening. This includes the Cloudcroft and Ruidoso areas. SW winds of around 25-35G50-55 mph can be expected.

A High Wind Warning is in effect for the Guadalupe Mountains until 11 PM tonight. SW winds of around 30-40G60 mph can be expected.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect for SE NM and parts of W TX until 5 PM this afternoon. Critically Dangerous Fire Weather Conditions can be expected. Please avoid any type of outdoor activity that involves the use of sparks or flame today. Any wildland, rangeland, grass, or forest fire that may develop will have the ability to rapidly spread in grow in the high winds and dry conditions.

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