Current Weather 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM

Warm Today - Turning Much Colder/Windy Tonight!

Update 8:40 PM MST-

Wind Chill Advisory & Wind Chill Warning
SE NM Late Tonight Into Noon Tomorrow
Wind Chill Values Dropping Down To
-5F To -20F

Update 7:00 PM-

I recorded my high temp for the day of 73F at 1:38 PM,
at 6:38 PM I had already dropped down to 23F. That's
a 50-degree temperature drop in five hours.

Local Temps & Wind Chill Values At 7:00 PM-

Clayton 0F WC -25F
Raton 1F WC -21F
Las Vegas 1F WC -13F
Tucumcari 7F WC -12F
Clines Corners 5F WC -12F

Clovis 5F WC -21F
Ruidoso 14F WC 6F
Roswell 17F WC -1F
Artesia 19F WC 1F
Carlsbad 22F WC 4F
Tatum 9F WC -14F
Hobbs 18F WC -3F

Update 2:15 PM-

My high temp at my home here in Carlsbad, NM was 73F today.
Arctic Front arrived a few minutes ago, temp falling like a rock,
currently 64 and going down. We will be lucky to see freezing (32F)
for a high temp tomorrow. We will drop down to below freezing
tonight and stay there until Thursday afternoon. Our lows
Friday morning may be in the single digits.

Update At 1:50 PM MST-

Special Multimedia Web Briefing/Latest Winter Storm.

2" Snow Accumulations Or Less

Wind Advisory Eddy/Lea Co's
5 PM This Afternoon - 5 AM Wednesday Morning
NE Winds 25 - 35G45 MPH
Areas Of Blowing Dust - Reducing The Vsby.

Update At 12:45 PM MST Today:

The arctic cold front has pushed south of a Roswell-Hobbs line as of 12:45 PM MST early this afternoon. Roswell was reporting a temp of 47F which was falling, along with NNE winds of 30G38 mph. Tatum is reporting 31F with a N wind gusting to 36 mph. On the north side of Hobbs, a personal weather station (KM5BS) is reporting 53F, with a N wind gusting to 27 mph. Meanwhile the Carlsbad Airport is reporting a temp of 62F and the Artesia Airport 61F.

Cannon AFB at Clovis is reporting a visibility of 2 miles in blowing snow, a temp of 14F, NNE winds at 36G44 mph, producing a wind chill of -8F. Clayton is reporting light snow, a temp of 3F, NNE winds at 30G40 mph, producing a wind chill of -22F.

Arctic Cold Front Arrives By Sunset!

At 8 AM MST the arctic cold front was located just a little south of Clovis, NM. It will continue to ease southward today, and by around sunset it should have pushed south of a Jal-Carlsbad line.

Very cold arctic air is filtering southward into northeastern-eastern New Mexico behind the front this morning. At 8 AM Clayton was reporting light snow with a temperature of 7F, northeast winds were gusting to 43 mph, which was producing a wind chill of -16F.

Meanwhile, an upper-level trough of low pressure was digging southward through the Great Basin this morning. It is forecast by the models to be centered over Central New Mexico by sunrise tomorrow morning. Since this next upper-level storm to affect the state isn't going to dig further to the south and stall like last weeks storm, our snowfall accumulations here in SE NM should be limited. And the arctic airmass will not linger as long a last weeks outbreak.

Most of SE NM should see high temperatures today in the mid 50's to the mid 60's. As the arctic front enters SE NM later this afternoon, we will see our winds shift around to the north-northeast and will be sustained at around 20-30 mph, with a gusts to 40-45 mph. Temperatures will fall rapidly behind the front. By sunrise tomorrow morning most of SE NM will have temperatures in the teens. Most locations will struggle to get up to the freezing mark tomorrow.

Wind chill values will drop down into the -10F to -20F range across northeastern-eastern New Mexico this afternoon into tomorrow morning. Wind chill values will drop down into the 0F to -10F range across SE NM.

A Winter Storm Watch remains in effect for Chaves and Otero Counties today into tomorrow morning. The Roswell area may see up to 3" of new snow by tomorrow morning. The Cloudcroft area is expecting 3" - 6" of new snow. Areas of blowing and drifting snow, and reduced visibilities reduced may cause some travel problems upon roadways in these areas.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect today into tomorrow for the Ruidoso, Clovis-Portales, and Fort Summer areas. The Ruidoso area can expect to see 3" - 5" of new snow by tomorrow morning. The lower elevations of eastern and southeastern New Mexico from Chaves County northward can expect to see 1" - 3" of new snow by tomorrow morning. Areas of heavy snow, blowing and drifting snow, and reduced visibilities may make travel upon roadways in these areas hazardous or dangerous.

As of 8 AM MST this morning there are no Winter Weather Advisories or Warnings in effect for Eddy or Lea Counties in SE NM. National Weather Service Forecasters are calling for up to an inch of snow across northern Lea County by tomorrow morning. Eddy County may see a dusting.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


Dangerous Sunspot AR3112

Dangerous Sunspot AR3112
WHEN WILL THE NEXT CME ARRIVE? A magnetic filament in the sun's southrn hemisphere erupted on Oct. 4th, hurling part of itself into space. The emerging CME will pass mostly to the south of our planet, but a fraction could graze Earth's magnetic field on Oct. 8th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for minor geomagnetic storms and auroras on that date.

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