Hit & Miss Thunderstorms This Morning.

South Carlsbad Gets Dumped On...Again!

Call it the luck of the Irish or whatever but those of us who live on the north end of Carlsbad once again got left out of a toad strangler this morning. The Carlsbad Airport ASOS measured 1.69" from a thunderstorm between 9-11 AM this morning. Radar estimated (this may be a tad too high too) that as much as 2.40" fell just a short distance south and west of the airport. 

This brings the Carlsbad Airports July rainfall total to date up to 2.85" compared to a long term average of 1.55". And their year-to-date total to 4.28" compared to a long term average of 6.73. 

Our home on the northwest side of town now stands at .89" for the month and 1.77" for the year. 

(As Of 4 PM MDT Thursday Afternoon).

Meanwhile only .03" was recorded at the Artesia Airport and .11" at the NMSU SEBS Automated Weather Station located 6 miles south of Artesia. The Caprock Raws northeast of Artesia measured .28" while a PWS in north Hobbs measured .37". We managed to squeeze out .04" here at our home in northwest Carlsbad. Carlsbad Caverns only had .05" while .02" fell in Pine Springs in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Dog Canyon measured .14" while below in the Salt Flat the PX Well Raws measured 1.47".

(As Of 4 PM MDT Thursday Afternoon).

Just a short distance up the highway from the airport a PWS measured .54" and a little further north another .32". Once again a few folks got clobbered this morning with heavy rain while just a short distance away others didn't. While most of the local area west of the Pecos River missed out completely. A PWS in High Rolls measured .28" while Cloudcroft measured .03". 

Once again this just proves how highly localized our rainfall can be especially when thunderstorms are involved.  

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


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