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The Edge Of The Rain.

Late this past Sunday afternoon (July 8th) my wife and I were returning home from a quick trip to the Sacramento Mountains...Runyan Ranches. We had turned right at the red light in the photo and were headed south down south 26th Street in Artesia. I noticed that a small rain shower was dumping very brief but heavy rain north of our location at the stop sign on West Grand and south 26th Street. 

I zoomed my Cannon EOS Rebel T3i camera in using the 55-250 mm lens and took the photo above. The distance is distorted and not proportional because I was zooming in. Notice a black pickup truck with his tail lights on making a right hand turn off of north 26th Street. Right about there or about 1/4 of a mile north of us marks the edge of the heavy rain that was falling. From there back to the north. notice that if you zoom in the pavement back south from that point to us was dry. 

I wish that I could have gotten a better shot of this but it was neat to see such an abrupt beginning and ending to a rain shaft as evidenced by the wet pavement. Something different. Weather is never boring. 

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