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Some Folks Are Getting Wet - Many Are Not.

July 7th, 2018.
Looking North From Near Downtown Roswell.

My wife and I took our youngest daughter and grandkids to the UFO Festival in Roswell yesterday. Roswell recorded a high temp of 91º yesterday with dew point temperatures in the upper 50's. Just a tad muggy. With the recent increase in surface moisture our local dew point temperatures have ranged from the mid 50's to near 70º at times here in Southeastern New Mexico. Thankfully our daily high temps have dropped below 100º. Yes it can get quite humid here...its not always a dry heat.

(As Of 10 AM MDT This Sunday Morning).

NWS Midland Radar Estimated 24-Hour Rainfall Totals.
(As Of 10 AM MDT This Sunday Morning).

(As Of 10 AM MDT This Sunday Morning).

Estimated 72-Hour Reported Rainfall Totals.
(As Of 10 AM MDT This Sunday Morning).

Thunderstorms and rain showers have dotted the local landscape for the past several days. As of 10 AM this Sunday morning here are some of the heavier local 24-hour rainfall totals reported.

A Personal Weather Station In Tularosa 1.97"
Midland, Texas Raws 1.17"
Pinery Raws In Pine Springs 1.12"
Midland NWS Office .88"
1.2 Miles West Of Monument .73"
A Personal Weather Station In NW Hobbs .52"
Cosmic Raws Just South Of Sunspot .48"
A Personal Weather Station In Cloudcroft .44"
Sierra Blanca Snotel .40"
Roswell Airport .37"
Atoka - 4 Miles South Of Artesia .35"

Radar estimated that 1.50" may have fallen just northeast of Queen. And over the past three days 2.90" may have fallen just north of the Kermit, Texas area.

July 7th, 2018.
Halfway Between Roswell And Artesia.

Slowly but surely we are chipping away at the drought in places. But not everywhere. As evidenced by the photo above. There still remains lots of countryside that is in Severe Drought Conditions locally. Locations that have been getting some rain are still below their long term averages in many cases. 

Typically our summer months are dominated by airmass type thunderstorms. I've always called these types of summer storms...popcorn thunderstorms. They pop up and then die soon afterwards. Or another way to look at them is the hit and miss storms. Some of us get hit with a storm while most don't. One thunderstorm this time of the year can dump on any given location and bring up that locations rainfall from below normal to above normal in just a matter of a couple of hours or less.  

I've only managed to pick up only .04" so far this month which brings my year-to-date total here in Carlsbad to .92". The long term average year-to-date total using the Carlsbad Climate Co-Op data (1900-2018) is 5.48". So I'm some 4.56" below normal for the year so far.

 The Carlsbad Airport has recorded 1.45" of rainfall so far this year compared to the long term year-to-date average (1930-2018) of 5.70".

The Carlsbad Climate Co-Op Station has recorded 1.70" compared to the long term year-to-date average (1900-2018) of 5.48".

As of Friday the Artesia Climate Co-Op Station had recorded 4.00" for the year so far compared to a year-to-date average (1905-2018) is 5.25". 

The Roswell Airport has recorded 2.94" as of yesterday compared to a year-to-date average )1893-2018) of 5.44".

The Hobbs Climate Co-Op Station really puts the drought into perspective with a year-to-date rainfall total of only .31" compared to an average year-to-date (1912-2018) of 8.17". 

July, August, and September are the three wettest months of the year in Southeastern New Mexico and over the South-Central Mountains. 

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