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Drought Worsens - Looking Back At July's Record Heat.

August 15, 2020.
Thunderstorms Over West Texas.
We Were Descending From 36,000' On Our Approach To Roswell.

(As Of 9 AM MDT Sunday, August 16, 2020).

     Much of Southeastern New Mexico is rated in the severe to extreme drought category with these conditions slowly worsening with time. Severe to extreme drought conditions also covers much of the northern and eastern one halves of the state. Little overall relief is forecast over the next week or so. Monthly (August) rainfall totals locally are close to average in some areas while much below in others. Our hit and miss pattern of thunderstorms will continue off and on over the next 10-days with the mountains having the best chances of getting wet. Drought busting widespread rainfall is not in coming in the near future for most areas of NM.

New Mexico July 2020 Record Heat.

     July was a scorcher across New Mexico this year. On the 13th my Davis Vantage Pro Plus Wireless Home Weather Station recorded a high temperature of 112.2ºF. This established a new all-time record high temp for July and ties my all-time record high temp over the past 131/2 years at our home in northwest Carlsbad, New Mexico.

     Preminliary data shows that there were 33 new all-time July record high temperatures that were either tied or broken in New Mexico. There were 7 all-time new record high temperatures recorded in the state. Overall there were 180 new daily record high temperatures that were either tied or broken in New Mexico during July. As of August 16th, the highest official temperature recorded in the state was 112ºF at the Carlsbad Airport and Climate Co-Op Station on the 10th, 13th, and 14th. 

     There were a total of 8 all-time record high minimum temperatures recorded. 18 new July record high minimum temperatures in New Mexico were either tied or broken including Roswell's 81ºF on the 13th. So far there have been 143 new daily record high minimum temperatures that were tied or broken in July in New Mexico. Quemado had the warmest overnight low temperature on the 10th when they only got down to 83ºF. 

     Although my Davis Vantage Pro Plus Home Weather Station temperatures are considered unofficial there are remarkably close (usually within a couple of degrees of the Carlsbad Climate Co-Op Station and the Carlsbad Airport ASOS) to official readings. My overnight low temperature on the 15th was only 83ºF. 

     To date, I've recorded 56 days that have reached a daily high temperature of 100ºF or higher. Long-range forecasts indicate that we haven't seen the last of our 100º days either. Even though the beginning of the meteorological fall is only two weeks and a day away.

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