New England Hammered Again - New Daily Record High Temps In NM Last Week.

More Snow & Cold For New England.

Seats Behind Home Plate At Fenway Park In Boston, MA,

When all this snow finally melts, cities and towns across the state 
will be faced with a whole new set of problems, including flooding
 from storm water runoff overwhelming drainage systems and river ways.

Valid @ 7 AM EST Monday, Feb 16, 2015.

Obviously I don't live in Boston/Southern New England but my wife's family does thus my fascination with their weather. Boston has already recorded 78.5" (and counting) of snowfall so far this winter, making it the 9th snowiest on record. And its a long ways from being over. Last nights ECMWF model forecasts 80-100 mph winds with two feet of snow along the Maine Coast this weekend. Boston is looking at 6" - 16" of snowfall.

  Mount Washington, NH...home of the worlds worst weather was reporting a temperature of -20°F, NNW winds at 70 mph, with a wind chill of -65°F at 9 AM EST this morning. And we think our winter has been bad here in New Mexico.

 During the winter of 1995-1996 they recorded 107.6" of snow making it the snowiest winter on record-this may be broken this winter. Yet another potential Blizzard will hammer them this weekend followed by the coldest temperatures of the winter...and yet another potential major Winter Storm/Blizzard the middle of next week. 


(Feb 7th -10th, 2015).

Indeed it was a warm one last week. Here at our home in Carlsbad my maximum temperature occurred on Saturday the 7th with a reading of 83°F. Sunday the 8th saw 82°F, Monday the 9th 77°F, and Tuesday the 10th 81°F. Other local high temperatures and records for the date are noted below:

Roswell, NM.

Feb 7th 84°F 
Beats Old Record Of 80°F On 2-7-1963
Feb 8th 80°F
Feb 9th 79°F
Feb 10th 79°F

Artesia, NM.

Feb 7th 74°F
Feb 8th 83°F 
Feb 9th 79°F
Feb 10th 77°F 

Carlsbad (Climate Co-Op Station), NM.

Feb 7th 71°F
Feb 8th 81°F
Feb 9th 81°F
Feb 10th 76°F

Carlsbad Airport, NM.

Feb 7th 82°F 
Beats Old Record Of 81°F On 2-7-1996
Feb 8th 80°F
Feb 9th 78°F
Feb 10th 80°F

Hobbs, NM.

Feb 7th 79°F
Feb 8th 76°F
Feb 9th 75°F
Feb 10th ?

So Just How Hot Has It Been In SE NM In February?

Carlsbad Climate (1900-2015) 100°F 2-24-1904
Carlsbad Airport (1930-2015) 90°F 2-24-2009
Artesia Climate (1905-2015) 89°F 2-11-1916, 2-25-2009
Hobbs Climate (1913-2015) 87°F 2-27-1918, 2-29-1940, 2-12-1962, 2-19-1986 
Tatum Climate (1919-2015) 86°F 2-12-1962, 2-20-1986

Temperature & Climate Data Is Courtesy Of:

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