Up Goes Our Thermometers - Down Goes Our Thermometers.

Plymouth, MA. February 1920.
(Photo via Boston Public Library/Leslie Jones Collection).

Boston, MA has now experienced its second snowiest winter on record (as of yesterday) with a seasonal total of 96.7". For all of the Global Warming Alarmists who are screaming that their winter woes are a result of Global Warming/Climate Change...then how do you explain this photo taken 95 years ago? 

(We Saw This Last Winter Also).

Meanwhile Back In New Mexico.

Currently (3:39 PM) the temp here at our home in Carlsbad is 77°F. Once again we are looking at the possibility of a few daily record highs today and tomorrow across southeastern New Mexico. For those of you who have been keeping up with the pattern this winter you guessed correctly...the roller coaster ride continues. Look what is coming next week.

GFS 500 MB Forecast.
Valid @ 11 AM MST Monday.

Once again a short wave trough of low pressure is forecast to close off over Central California by around noontime Monday according to this mornings run of the GFS model. It is then forecast to slowly sag southeastward in New Mexico and open up by Wednesday. Like always this will have to be watched closely. Any further digging to the south will enhance the chances for more snow over the state.

GFS Surface & Precipitation Type Forecast.
Valid @ 5 PM MST Sunday.

GFS Surface & Precipitation Type Forecast.
Valid @ 5 PM MST Sunday.

GFS Surface & Precipitation Type Forecast.
Valid @ 5 AM MST Monday.

GFS Wind Chill Forecast.
Valid @ 11 AM MST Monday.

GFS Temperature Anomaly Forecast.
Valid @ 11 AM MST Monday.

GFS Snowfall Forecast.
Valid @ 5 PM MST Monday.

Yet another surge of arctic air is forecast to invade the eastern one half of New Mexico on Sunday. Temperatures will plunge some 20 - 40 degrees below normal over the area Monday. Wind chill values will likely be in the single digits and teens across much of the area Monday morning.

 If this GFS model forecast is correct then a mix of snow, light freezing rain, and sleet will spread into southeastern New Mexico and nearby West Texas by late Sunday afternoon or early evening. Conditions will then worsen overnight with the possibility of an ice storm shaping up over the local area into Monday. We've seen this movie a couple of times this winter already and another rerun will not be fun to watch. The models aren't in very good agreement yet concerning this next winter storm to affect the state and local area so I expect to see additional changes in our forecasts by Monday.

 We get somewhat of a break by the middle of next week then round two comes by the end of next week with another blast of arctic air headed our way.

Clayton, NM.

Clovis, NM.

Roswell, NM.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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